Star Sign: PISCES



Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20

Symbol: Two Fishes tied to one another and swimming in opposite directions.
Ruling Planet: Neptune, the planet of glamour, mystery, illusion, and deception.
Glyph: The Pisces glyph is composed of two crescent moons connected by a straight line. This symbolizes emotion and higher consciousness tied to and limited by the material world.
Zodiac Element: (Water signs are emotional and intuitive).
Zodiac Quality: Mutable (Mutable signs are adaptable).
Pisces Lucky Numbers: 2 and 6
Pisces Lucky Colors: Sea blue, pale green and turquoise
Lucky Day: Friday
Countries: Samoa, Egypt, Scandinavia, Mauritius, Morocco, Namibia and Tunisia.
Cities: Casablanca, Alexandria, Lisbon, Seville, and Dublin.
Body Part Ruled by Pisces: The feet
Animals Ruled by Pisces: fish
Flowers: Water Lily, White Poppy, Jonquil
Trees: Fig and Willow
Pisces Birthstones: Aquamarine, and also amethyst, bloodstone, jade, rock crystal, ruby and sapphire.


Pisces Sign

Pisces is a feminine sign, which means, Pisces people are more receptive than active. It is a Water sign, which means, Pisceans are intuitive and emotional. And lastly, Pisces is a Mutable sign, meaning, Pisces is versatile and adaptable.

The Fish

The symbol for Pisces represents two Fishes swimming together in opposite directions.

Two Fishes tied to one another and swimming in opposite directions signifies Pisces' hidden depths, shifting emotional currents, and extremes of temperament. They also represent conflicting desires. Pisceans often feel like they are being pulled in different directions, making it difficult to make concrete decisions. Pisces are very receptive, sensitive and empathetic that they sometimes confuse other people's subtle emotional undertow as their own.

Pisces Personality

The most notable characteristics of Pisces are kindness, idealism, receptivity, and creativity.

Pisces men and women are intuitive, mystical, loving, otherworldly, romantic, intuitive, sympathetic, mysterious, adaptable, and imaginative.

Pisces Astrology

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion, glamour and mystery. They are the sign of dreams and mysticism.  The Pisces glyph symbol also represent two crescent moons connected by a straight line – which symbolizes emotion and higher consciousness tied to and limited by the material world. Pisces trust their intuitions and feelings and tend to seek more spiritual values in life.

Pisces Compatibility

Compatibility with Pisces Chart: Table showing the compatibility rating of a Piscean with other Zodiac Signs.

Zodiac Sign Love with PISCES Friendship with PISCES Working with PISCES PISCES Parenting
Aries 86% 90% 83% 86%
Taurus 87% 90% 80% 84%
Gemini 78% 79% 74% 81%
Cancer 95% 96% 89% 91%
Leo 82% 83% 85% 89%
Virgo 83% 85% 85% 84%
Libra 83% 85% 83% 86%
Scorpio 95% 96% 92% 90%
Sagittarius 81% 85% 86% 86%
Capricorn 86% 88% 81% 83%
Aquarius 80% 85% 84% 84%
another Pisces 92% 84% 82% 90%

Pisces Zodiac

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