15 Interesting Facts about PISCES – VIRGO Relationships

pisces virgo

Pisces Virgo: Zodiac Relationship Compatibility

1. Loving Match

pisces virgo love match

The Pisces – Virgo match is easy as far as opposites go. They make a very good match when communication takes a front seat because these two think very differently. Despite the difference, both get along well due to both being mutable signs. They are also easily jolted by the ups and downs of life. These two understand the pursuit of the other, and when devoted, this is a loving match. Virgo brings realism for Pisces, and Pisces brings a soothing effect on Virgo’s nerves and mindset. As long as there is patience and commitment, this is a great match. This combo is also said to be one of the best – sexually.

2. Compatibility for Pisces and Virgo

Compatibility for Pisces and Virgo

You interest each other because you’re such opposites. Watery Pisces reacts instinctively and has an intuitive attraction to chaos. Virgo may win the arguments, but passive-aggressive Pisces can make the going rough.

3. Pisces + Virgo

Pisces + Virgo

You two get each other in troub le and often end up laughing about it.

4. Difference Between Pisces and Virgo

Virgo thinks with their mind, Pisces thinks with their heart. Virgo is more realistic and mentally grounded than Pisces. Pisces is able to get the bigger picture while Virgo analyzes the smaller details.

Difference and Similarities Between Pisces and Virgo

5. Similarities Between Pisces and Virgo

Both are people pleasers and get joy out of seeing their loved ones happy. Both are also very self critical of themselves and thrive off reassurance. Pisces and Virgo are hesitant at times with expressing their feelings, although Pisces will give hints.

6. Fantastic Couple

pisces virgo pair

The Virgo and Pisces pairing goes along well in a relationship. These two are opposites of each other and yet they complement and are also drawn towards each other. Pisces will help Virgo to calm down when the Virgo turns too nervous or jittery. Virgo on the other hand, will help Pisces to make clear decisions without being too sensitive. They are also very supportive of each other and mostly understand what the other faces. All in all, they are a fantastic couple.

7. Pisceans with Virgoans: Water and Earth

Pisceans with Virgoans

Pisces (water sign) and Virgo (earth sign) will give you mud. These two signs are astrologically opposite signs, and most of the time opposites attract. Pisces and Virgo have different personalities and have very different approaches to life. Virgoans are analytical thinkers, and are not as emotional as Pisces. Pisceans are sensitive, and extremely intuitive. Both signs have flexible moods, and can be happy one minute and upset the next. Although these two signs differ in many ways, they could still get along well and form a strong bond if both signs stand on a common ground.

8. Magnetic Attraction

pisces virgo attraction

Pisces and Virgo together form a strong relationship and they enjoy every minute of being together. There is a magnetic attraction between Pisces and Virgo and both of them connect instantly. Even though there are a lot of differences in their personalities, they turn it to their full advantage by learning as much as possible from each other. They respect and cherish being together. There is a lot of love and compassion in their relationship which makes everything smooth around them. With all the similarities and differences in their personality, they make one unique combination.

9. Pisces Virgo Romance

pisces virgo romance

A Pisces/ Virgo romance is pure sweetness. Together, these two love helping others, doing volunteer work or organizing a study group at school. Pisces’ dreamy nature and Virgo’s practical side are the perfect balance to bring some good to the world. These two know that when they are together, nothing can go wrong – unless they lose respect for each other. No-nonsense Virgo is an earth sign and dreamy Pisces is a water sign. As long as they keep appreciating their differences, they’ll steer clear of the mud.

10. Pisces Virgo Friendship

Pisces Virgo Friendship

Water sign Pisces doesn’t mind it when Earthy Virgo goes into organize mode, which is good for dreamy Pisces. Virgo really enjoys the attention and understanding she gets from Pisces, which really helps her relax after a long day of studying. These two can be great friends if they can stay calm and focused, and learn to be very gentle with each other’s feelings. They are both really helpful people so they work very well together and make sweets friends.

11. Pisces Virgo: Connection and Chemistry

Pisces and Virgo Connection and Chemistry

These two have instant, sweep-you-off-your-feet connection with intense sexual chemistry – at first. Once time starts to set in, Virgo will feel like Pisces is indecisive and frustrating. Pisces will feel like Virgo never wants to adapt to their likes and interests. This is too bad, because Pisces could just be what Virgo needs to come alive, and Virgo could be the knight in shining armour that Pisces dreams of. They need some serious work on themselves, but if they can make the effort, their possibilities are unlimited.

12. Opposites Attract

pisces virgo opposites attract

Pisces and Virgo generally make for a healthy relationship, despite being opposites in the zodiac. Both signs dote on and adore one another. They are both accepting and sympathetic. Virgo will help Pisces with the practical part of fulfilling their dreams, and provides a solid base for the emotional Pisces.

Pisces offers kindness and emotional depth that Virgo appreciates. They make a beautiful spiritual connection. Virgo may have a more stable view of life than the quixotic Pisces. Conflict doesn’t often arise between these two, and if it does, they resolve it quickly. They both know the fine art of compromise. The overall empathy and devotion to one another will keep this relationship strong and long lasting.

13. Success in their Relationship

pisces virgo relationship success

Pisces and Virgo relationships are not always successful as the critical Virgos can find themselves constantly chastising the slow moving Pisces.

14. Powerful Healers

pisces virgo healers

Pisces and Virgo are two of the most powerful healers in the zodiac. Water-sign Pisces has emotional compassion, the ability to empathize and absorb other people’s pain. Virgo is an Earth sign, clinical and data-driven, always there with a practical answer and a helping hand.

15. Pisces and Virgo in the Bedroom

pisces virgo in the bedroom