Zodiac Signs

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Astrology and Personality Traits

The positions of the celestial bodies (eg. sun ,moon, planets) when we were born affect our innate personalities with ourselves, with other people – in Love, Relationships, and Work.

There are 12 astrological signs and each sign has traits that are attached to them. Our zodiac sign influence our behaviour, interests, characteristics and passions. When people say ‘zodiac sign,’ they usually mean ‘sun sign.’

In astrology, a person’s sun sign is determined by the position of the Sun on the day that they were born. For example, a person is a Leo if the constellation Leo was behind the Sun (from the person on earth’s point of view) at the time of their birth.

ARIES Personality

Astro Traits - Aries Zodiac SignAstrological Traits of ARIES zodiac sign:

Aries’ Keywords: I AM.
Aries is a • Masculine Sign • Cardinal Sign • Fire Sign •
Aries is Ruled by Mars and is Symbolized by the Ram.

Main Traits of Aries:

Assertive, adventurous, energetic, sexual, excitable, impulsive, enthusiastic, confident, pioneering, able to climb to great heights, active, optimistic, dynamic, and open to change and new experiences. Negative traits associated with Aries are being quick-tempered, reckless and impatient.

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TAURUS Personality

Astro Traits - Aries Zodiac SignAstrological Traits of TAURUS zodiac sign:

Taurus’ Keywords: I HAVE
Taurus is a • Feminine Sign • Fixed Sign • Earth Sign •
Taurus is Ruled by Venus and is Symbolized by the Bull.

Main Traits of Taurus:

Taurus is dependable, patient, warm-hearted, placid, loving, persistent, patient, stable, determined, needs security, , stubborn, and practical. Negative traits associated with Taurus are unwillingness to change or compromise, resentfulness and possessiveness.

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GEMINI Personality

Astro Traits - Gemini Zodiac SignAstrological Traits of GEMINI zodiac sign:

Gemini’s Keywords: I THINK
Gemini is a •  Masculine Sign • Mutable Sign • Air Sign •
Gemini is Ruled by Mercury and is Symbolized by the Twins.

Main Traits of Gemini:

Gemini is responsive, intelligent, versatile, witty, eloquent, lively, energetic, versatile, and lives primarily in the mind rather than the emotions. Negative traits associated with Gemini are being inconsistent, cunning and tense.

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CANCER Personality

Astro Traits - Cancer Zodiac SignAstrological Traits of CANCER zodiac sign:

Cancer’s Keywords: I FEEL
Cancer is a • Feminine Sign • Cardinal Sign • Water Sign •
Cancer is Ruled by the Moon and is Symbolized by the Crab.

Main Traits of Cancer:

Cancer is loyal, receptive, emotional, loving, sensitive, cautious, imaginative, intuitive, sympathetic, kind and protective. Negative traits associated with Cancer is hypersensitivity, clinginess and inability to let go.

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LEO Personality

Astro Traits - Leo Zodiac SignAstrological Traits of LEO zodiac sign:

Leo’s Keywords: I WILL
Leo is a • Masculine Sign • Fixed Sign • Fire Sign •
Leo is Ruled by the Sun and is Symbolized by the Lion.

Main Traits of Leo:

Leo is exuberant, extravagant, confident, generous, warmhearted, faithful, loving, enthusiastic, progressive, expansive, powerful, creative, and assertive. A negative trait associated with Leo is pompousness.

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VIRGO Personality

Astro Traits - Virgo Zodiac SignAstrological Traits of VIRGO zodiac sign:

Virgo’s Keywords: I ANALYZE
Virgo is a •  Feminine Sign • Mutable Sign • Earth Sign •
Virgo is Ruled by Mercury and is Symbolized by the Virgin.

Main Traits of Virgo:

Virgo is conscientious, analytical, reserved, diligent, methodical, organized, modest, practical, reliable, discriminating, and industrious. Virgos seek to know and understand. Negative traits associated with Virgo are having a high strung temperament and being overly critical.

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LIBRA Personality

Astro Traits - Libra Zodiac SignAstrological Traits of LIBRA zodiac sign:

Libra’s Keywords: I BALANCE
Libra is a •  Masculine Sign • Cardinal Sign • Air Sign •
Libra is Ruled by Venus and is Symbolized by the Scales.

Main Traits of Libra:

Libra is charming, diplomatic, sociable, sophisticated, artistic, idealistic, romantic, values beauty, peace and harmony. Negative traits associated with Libra are indecisiveness and self indulgence.

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SCORPIO Personality

Astro Traits - Scorpio Zodiac SignAstrological Traits of SCORPIO zodiac sign:

Scorpio’s Keywords: I DESIRE
Scorpio is a •  Feminine Sign • Fixed Sign • Water Sign •
Scorpio is Ruled by Pluto and Mars, and is Symbolized by the Scorpion.

Main Traits of Scorpio:

Scorpio is an idealist. They are perceptive, intuitive, imaginative, passionate, deep, mysterious, emotional, subtle, secretive, determined, intense, witty, magnetic, exciting, and powerful. Negative traits associated with Scorpio are suspiciousness, intensity and obsessiveness.

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Astro Traits - Sagittarius Zodiac SignAstrological Traits of SAGITTARIUS zodiac sign:

Sagittarius’ Keywords: I SEE
Sag •  Masculine Sign • Mutable Sign • Fire Sign •
Sagittarius is Ruled by Jupiter and is Symbolized by the Archer.

Main Traits of Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is energetic, ambitious, adventurous, optimistic, generous, good-humored, straightforward and philosophical. Sagittarians love freedom, seek knowledge and challenge, they are open to new ideas and they love to explore. Negative traits associated with Sagittarius are tactlessness and blind optimism.

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CAPRICORN Personality

Astro Traits - Capricorn Zodiac SignAstrological Traits of CAPRICORN zodiac sign:

Capricorn’s Keywords: I USE
Capricorn is a • Feminine Sign • Cardinal Sign • Earth Sign •
Capricorn is Ruled by Saturn and is Symbolized by the Goat.

Main Traits of Capricorn:

Capricorn is reserved, sensible, sentimental, humorous, steady, practical, ambitious, responsible, disciplined, determined and patient. Capricorn seeks security and uses their strategic skills to achieve their ambitious pursuits. A negative trait associated with Capricorn is being pessimistic.

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AQUARIUS Personality

Astro Traits - Aquarius Zodiac SignAstrological Traits of AQUARIUS zodiac sign:

Aquarius’ Keywords: I KNOW
Aquarius is a •  Masculine Sign • Fixed Sign • Air Sign •
Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and is Symbolized by the Water Bearer.

Main Traits of Aquarius:

Aquarius is original, progressive, assertive, independent, friendly, loyal, caring, analytical, inventive, and has firm opinions. Aquarians are intellectuals and humanitarians. Negative traits associated with Aquarius are being unpredictable and unemotional.

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PISCES Personality

Astro Traits - Pisces Zodiac SignAstrological Traits of PISCES zodiac sign:

Pisces’ Keywords: I BELIEVE
Pisces is a •  Feminine Sign • Mutable Sign • Water Sign •
Pisces is Ruled by Neptune and is Symbolized by the Two Fishes tied together and swimming in opposite directions.

Main Traits of Pisces:

Pisces is receptive, intuitive, mystical, otherworldly, romantic, loving, intuitive, sympathetic, kind, mysterious, adaptable, idealistic, emotional, imaginative, and creative. Negative traits associated with Pisces are escapism and being weak willed.

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