Aquarius Dates: January 20 – February 18

Symbol: The Water Bearer
Ruling planet: Uranus, the planet of change, disruption, the unconventional, and the unexpected. It rules invention, aerodynamics, and modern science.
Glyph: The Aquarius glyph symbolizes the ridged unbroken lines that represent electric energy, universal thought, and the wisdom of the future.
Zodiac Element: Air (Air signs are intellectual and communicative)
Zodiac Quality: Fixed (Fixed signs are resistant to change)
Aquarius Lucky Numbers: 1 and 7
Aquarius Lucky Colors: Electric blue
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Countries: Russia, Sweden, and Ethiopia
Cities: Stockholm, Moscow, Buenos Aires, and Salzburg
Body Part Ruled by Aquarius: The circulatory system, shins and ankles
Animals Ruled by Aquarius: Large birds
Flower: Orchid
Trees: Fruit trees
Aquarius Birthstones: Amethyst, and also garnet, moss agate, opal sugilite, jasper and turquoise.


Aquarius Sign:

Aquarius is a masculine sign, which means, Aquarius people are more active than receptive. It is an Air sign, which means, Aquarians are communicative intellectuals. Lastly, Aquarius is a Fixed sign, meaning, they are finishers rather than initiatiors, and are resistant to change.

The Water Bearer

The symbol for Aquarius represents the water that flows from the vessel of the Water Bearer. The Water Bearer dispenses a gift that flows freely and equally to all. The water that the Water Bearer pours out symbolizes truth, knowledge, and humanity which Aquarians freely give out to the world.

Aquarius Personality

The most notable characteristics of Aquarius are originality, progressiveness, inventiveness, and friendliness.

Aquarius men and women are assertive, independent, caring, loyal, analytical, and have firm opinions. They are intellectuals and humanitarians.

Aquarius Astrology

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet that rules disruption, change, the unorthodox and the unexpected. It is the sign of hopes and dreams, friends and wishes.

The wave glyph for Aquarius symbolizes electric energy, universal thought, the wisdom of the future and also the 'water' that flows from the Water Bearer's vessel. Aquarians are crusaders for the good of mankind. They tend to be idealistic humanitarians who are concerned with collective growth and the larger issues of the world.

Aquarius Compatibility

Compatibility with Aquarius Chart: Table showing the compatibility rating of Aquarians with other Zodiac Signs.

Zodiac Sign Love with AQUARIUS Friendship with AQUARIUS Working with AQUARIUS AQUARIUS Parenting
Aries 93% 95% 92% 88%
Taurus 75% 76% 78% 80%
Gemini 88% 92% 91% 83%
Cancer 76% 77% 80% 87%
Leo 83% 84% 89% 86%
Virgo 78% 83% 85% 83%
Libra 91% 93% 95% 86%
Scorpio 83% 81% 82% 83%
Sagittarius 92% 94% 89% 85%
Capricorn 76% 80% 80% 81%
another Aquarius 82% 86% 84% 86%
Pisces 80% 85% 84% 82%

Aquarius Zodiac

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