28 Aquarius Traits You Might Not Know About

aquarius traits

A List of Aquarius Personality Traits and Characteristics

1. Aquarians love exploring new, unchartered territories and are focused on growth and expansion for themselves and all others. They are true humanitarians.

2. Even though they are always referred to as the most detached, aloof sign, they are not lacking feelings. They are however the zodiac’s expert at concealing them. An Aquarius misery usually does not want company.

3. They are very kind and friendly by nature, but others may find them a bit anti-social because of how offbeat they can be.

4. Aquarians aren’t easily misled. They are able to tap into and read the energy of the situation and will use their intuition to interpret the energy they pick up on.

5. They want to always be seen as the collected and calm type. Aquarians hate losing their cool. They try not to let the actions of others get to them in a public way, so they may often close themselves off from the world in order to let themselves get over what’s bothering them.

6. They would like to share themselves but are afraid of losing who they are. They may never show it, but they usually wonder if those they care about feel the same way towards them and accepts them for who they are.

7. Aquarius people are usually liked by all, and are always surrounded by friends.

8. Aquarians are extremely observant. They are lifelong students of human nature, analyzing why people do what they do.

9. They are confident with their obsessions that they can literally make anything a trend.

10. When Aquarians learn something new, they will teach and spread the truth to as many people as they can.

11. When they are passionate about something, they become magnetic to others.

12. You can’t hide the truth from an Aquarian, so don’t even bother trying. They will find the truth no matter the cost.

13. Quiet and unassuming, Aquarius people will use unusual methods to achieve their goals. They will take up any cause and are honest, loyal and highly intelligent.

14. They have the resolve and patience to break through obstacles and achieve their dreams.

15. Aquarians have confidence in their mental capability and what they know.

16. They are rule breakers to a system that they didn’t create. They get excitement from doing the opposite of a rule they think is unnecessary.

17. Aquarius takes comfort in learning about the mystical and sharing about it.

18. Their views are stubborn but they are still open minded and willing to listen and understand people.

19. They don’t break, but they will fold. They are easy to get along with.

20. Aquarians have a rebellious nature, and are eccentric, spontaneous and original. They are forward thinking and innovative. Aquarius are logical, and confident in manner. They can appear to be emotionally detached, yet they truly value social contact and the spirit of humanity.

21. Most of the time, they are detached, as people perceive them to be, but it’s more that they don’t go around expressing their deepest emotions to everyone and anyone.

22. Aquarius believes that there is a time and a place for deep conversations and to be emotionally vulnerable.

23. They’re good at discerning which circumstances need a reaction and what’s not worth their emotional investment.

24. Just because they’re aloof, it doesn’t mean that Aquarians are incapable of connecting emotionally.

25. They are unconventional in the way they fulfill their needs and show vulnerability. They put a lot of thought when they are expressing their emotions.

26. Aquarians tend to grow up feeling different from everyone else. They’re sociable but are loners at heart and may develop strong defense mechanisms.

27. Their experiences give them compassion in that they will make a point of never leaving anybody on the outside.

28. Aquarius are friendly, honest, loyal, inventive, enigmatic, independent, eccentric, sweet, generous, one of a kind, rebellious, sociable, creative, observant, multi talented, tolerant, stubborn, aloof, altruistic, sensitive, proud, caring, confident, curious, quirky, clever, witty, detached, unpredictable intellectuals.