AQUARIUS SEASON MEMES: 15 Memes for #Aquarius SZN ♒

Aquarius season memes

Welcome to Aquarius Season – the season to honor your unique self and stop feeling restricted by the opinions and judgments of others.

Aquarius Season Dates: January 20 to February 18

Aquarius Season Memes #1 

waiting on aquarius season
Oprah is an Aquarius. Her birthday is on January 29.

Waiting On Aquarius Season Like

Aquarius Season Memes #2

aquarius season on the way it's handled
Aquarian Kerry Washington’s birthday is January 31.

Aquarius season on the way; It’s handled.

Aquarius Season Memes #3

Aquarius season mantra

Aquarius Season Mantra

I liberate myself and embrace my inner genius.

Aquarius Season Memes #4

what to do during aquarius season


What to Do During Aquarius Season?

– Honor your unique self.
– Connect, network, find your soul tribe.
– Open your mind.
– Get space when you need it.
– Set your intentions, think about your dreams and aspirations.

Affirmation For Aquarius Season: I honor my authenticity, and live out my soul purpose confidently.

Aquarius Season Memes #5

keep calm aquarius season

Keep Calm, it’s Aquarius Season

Aquarius Season Memes #6

I can't keep calm, It's my birthday #Aquarius

I can’t keep calm, It’s my birthday #Aquarius

Aquarius Season Memes #7

funny aquarius meme

It’s Aquarius Season!

Aquarius Season Memes #8

famous Aquarius

Famous Aquarius Celebrities

Aquarius Season Memes #9

legends are born in January Aquarius

Legends Are Born in January #aquarius

Aquarius Season Memes #10

legends are born in February Aquarius

Legends are Born in February #aquarius

Aquarius Season Memes #11

aquarius season time

Aquarius season is a time to embrace our friendships, hopes and dreams. There is an eccenric and brilliant energy in the air. It’s time to give more to others than we expect in return.

Aquarius Season Memes #12

crystals for Aquarius season

Crystals for Aquarius Season

  • Amazonite: Amazonite is the perfect stone for Aquarians as both are ruled by the energies of Uranus, the rule-breaker of the night sky.
  • Shattuckite: Shattuckite is known as the stone of the teacher. It vibrates with a supportive energy for sharing the wisdom of humanity.
  • Amethyst: Amethyst supports dream work and connecting to spirits. It is considered a lucky stone for Aquarius.

Aquarius Season Memes #13

Aquarius Season Rituals

Aquarius Season Rituals

  • Fight for a cause you believe in.
  • Watch a documentary.
  • Put new ideas into action.
  • Meditate and send love to the planet.
  • Change one habit that will help the world.

Aquarius Season Memes #14

aquarius season bitches

Aquarius Season Memes #15

aquarius season shadow work

Aquarius Season Shadow Work