10 Facts About AQUARIUS-PISCES Cusps ♒♓ The Cusp of Sensitivity

Aquarius Pisces cusp

Aquarius Pisces Cusp Personality

Aquarius – Pisces Cusp Dates: February 15-21

You are known as artistic and imaginative. They may say you are a dreamer and have peculiar tastes but everyone admires your talent and uniqueness. Are there times you are moody and aloof? Of course and so what if it is more often than not, your compassion and loyalty more than make up for it! You operate well within the negative spectrum and find solace in your pessimism. You would rather be wrong and over prepared than be right and taken by surprise. You’re practical that way!

Your emotions feed into your idealism and your impatience fuels your creativity. There is a spiritual depth to your insight and some even dare call you a natural psychic. You love to blur the lines of science and religion with a bit of mythology and don’t mind debating every bit of it. In the deep recesses of your mind lie the facts, you love to live in the moment but your needs always come second others. The Aquarius Pisces cusp is considered the “Cusp of Sensitivity,” they feel the needs of others and do all they can to help or not let people down. It is an exhausting existence but one with rewards.

Because of your sensitivity, you are more aware of every single thing around you. This includes your personal space, everyone else personal space and the universal space in between. It is easy for you to get lost in such vastness. Your mind dreams up the possibilities and lets those ideas fester for a while. It excites you unlike day to day life that you find boring and mundane. You want to experience life, but on your own terms. It is more of a challenge for you to live in the real world because your imagination gives you all you ever need.

You need help to find balance between the world you actually live in and the dream world that is so much better. You are uncomfortable in reality, it pales in comparison in so many ways but you do need to be present here. It is not surprising that you are shy, painfully so and you use music or other artistic endeavors to express yourself. This is how you deal with that is around you in real time and the world does thank you.

If you love, or even know an Aquarian – Pisces cusp, your world is much more colorful with them in it. You adore their sensuality and love when they drop their guard. They are surprisingly flirtatious and wonderfully romantic. When they want to show their affections it is often in a setting that you could only dream of, as if they read your mind. But you are irritated by their procrastination and the lack of organization. Sometimes they are so lost or distracted that they create their own problems. You understand that they cannot help it but it still aggravates you just the same.

Interested in an Aqua Pisces? Fellow Aquarians would do nicely but if you are from the Gemini/Cancer or Leo/Virgo cusps, you have an excellent change. Here is what you need to know:

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  1. Those born of this cusp are absolutely original, offbeat and eccentric, and breathtakingly original.
  2. Pisces Aquarius cusps have a rebellion that isn’t as straight forward as one would think. Their need to change the world is a spiritual one as they are sensitive to the changes around them.
  3. They are sensitive to everything around them. Pisces Aquarius cusps can feel what you feel, and what everyone or everything else feels as well.
  4. They are spiritually strong but that does not mean they are religious or shun religions. In fact they likely live their life by a doctrine that is comprised of scientific thought, spirituality, a few religious tidbits and a little mythology to round things out.
  5. Aqua Pisces cusps love to learn and seemly have their own type of logic. It is vast and very detail orientated. It may take a few extra steps but they reach the necessary conclusion. Besides the journey to the answer is just as important has knowing the answer.
  6. Like the Capricorn/Aquarian, they have a vision. It is a place much better than reality and would rather live there than here. They often do just that. While it annoys those around them, they can’t be bothered to give a damn. If you could see what they see, you would probably feel the same way.
  7. Their sensitivity paves way for their emotions to be front and center in their lives. Sadly, their wonderful compassion is often abused as they can be taken advantage of easily if they are not paying attention.
  8. While an Aquarian/ Pisces is rather tolerant, they are not oblivious to the evils of the world. In general they are out there fighting it but personally they shy away from it. Over time they warm up to you, showing you a little more into their world each time.
  9. They are shy first but underneath that is a very romantic and loving person. Piscean Aquarius cusps are sentimental so the little things and even the big events will be remembered and celebrated.
  10. To be in their life you must appreciate creativity, understand the need for escape and give them their freedom from time to time.

That last statement holds to keys to making an Aquarius – Pisces happy. Appreciate the wonderment of life and the creativity to decipher it and make it your own. Understand that reality really does suck and from time to time you need to escape in order to save your sanity and get a better grip on life itself. Though in order to achieve all of this… nirvana, for lack of better word, you must give yourself the freedom to explore the possibilities. The Aquarian/ Pisces understands that. You must live life, you must immerse yourself in life and you must breathe it in with every breath you take. There is so much out there to see, do and feel that they do not want to miss a moment of it. Being with them, you won’t.