10 Facts About PISCES-ARIES Cusps ♓♈: The Cusp Of Rebirth

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Pisces Aries Cusp Personality

Pisces – Aries Cusp Dates: March 17 – 23

For some reason, the Pisces Aries combination works on many levels that often defy common logic. This cusp is the unique combination of the alpha and omega of the zodiac, the pillars of the bridge that hold everyone else up. It is because of they share a common task that can work together. They represent the zodiac coming full circle which is why they are known as the “Cusp of Rebirth.

Yes, water and fire signs are the oil and vinegar of the Zodiac but this cusp is what happens when you shake that bottle up. For the brief moment they come together, they make magic. The Pisces in this equation dreams the dream and imagines greater things while the Aries appreciates and works to make those ideas a reality. This is kind of person that gets whatever they want through sheer persistence. This diligence can also make them impulsive as the Aries side of them has an “all or nothing” kind of attitude.

When it all comes together, the magic happens on many levels. They have a remarkable level of insight can be both clairvoyant and clairaudient. The Pisces-Aries cusp’s special abilities to see and hear can cause them to be a bit detached from others as most have not taken the time to properly deal with their gifts. Sometimes it is this lack of control that holds them back from truly getting to know people and other times it is because of they are extremely compassionate and loyal. They have been hurt and used so many times that they would rather not to chance the experience again.

They are not closed off by any means; they simply dictate just how far inside you get. Once you do get to know them you are in, for good. Like the Aries, you really have to really tear them apart for them to end their loyalty to you. Love and friendship are both very important to them but they will do without if they have to, even if it pains them. They are energetic and courageous; couple that with their impulsive streak and your weekends are never dull. The Pisces-Aries will play hard every chance they get.

If you were born under this cusp, you may often joke that you don’t know if you are coming or going. You are easy to be around because you adapt to your surroundings quite easily and appreciate a challenge. But you don’t like being told what to do or how to do it and you want what you want when you want it and not a moment less. Deep down inside you are a moody and rather secretive but you are really just overly practical and traditional, you like to get your way and when you don’t… you just make sure you do.

One of the things people admire most about you is how brave and assertive you are. Not only are you courageous but you do it with style and flare. If most people had to describe you, some would say you are enthusiastic and fascinating. Thanks to your Pisces side, you are rather creative so if there is some trouble to be involved in, you are getting the most out of it! Most of all people admire you because you are nurturing. You know where you are going but you don’t mind helping others reach their potential either.

You love to lust but love comes a little harder for you. When you do find someone that you want to be with for the long haul you are romantic and sweet but not very passionate. You would do well to date a Taurus/Gemini who understands you or a Libra/Scorpio who will bring out more of your Aries qualities. Which is really something you should consider embracing. With a little more of that fiery confidence, you can love better and do so much more than you allow yourself to do.

Facts About Pisces Aries Cusps

  1. Not only are Aries Pisces cusps spiritual but strongly intuitive and a bit empathetic. They use these skills alongside their clairvoyance and their clairaudience.
  2. Pisces-Aries cusps are usually the first one who offers to help you. In part because of the traits mentioned above. They may not be trained enough to know exactly what you need but they will be there to help you get it.
  3. A Pisces/Aries is rather loyal. They understand from an early age the power of love and friendship. Unless you have irrevocably hurt them, they are yours for life.
  4. Do not take advantage of this. Remember they are part Aries and those tendencies will not hesitate to become dominant. I would be scared if I were you.
  5. When Aries Pisces cusps love, they give their all but they lack the constant fiery passion of their Aries side. Those born of this cusp are quite romantic but very sweet and thoughtful. Their passion burns but it may be on special occasions.
  6. A Pisces-Aries dreams big dreams and envisions greatness, in part because they will attempt to and often succeed in achieving all they imagine.
  7. They are idealistic but that often times leads to pessimism. Even though they are adaptive and broad minded, they are annoyed when it doesn’t work the first time around though they expect it not to.
  8. Once an Aries-Pisces cusp starts something, they see it through. Their dreams are not so far-fetched that they are unobtainable and their dedication coupled with assertiveness makes them wonderful leaders.
  9. Their leadership qualities often lend to an inflated ego. They are overly confident when it comes to their abilities just not confident enough when it comes to love or friendly interaction.
  10. Pisces/Aries play as hard as they work if not more. They need an outlet for their natural aggression and emotional stress. Bedroom intimacy works just fine but they enjoy other athletics as well.

Need someone to help you move, bury a body or be with you when everything goes up in flames – the Pisces/Aries is the one for you. Need to get your dreams off the ground, need to accomplish a goal… your favorite Pisces/Aries will guide you to do just that. Want a lover who is relaxed and considerate, who will remember your birthday and your anniversary… your gorgeous Pisces/Aries is that person. All they would ask in return is that you understand they can be moody and horrifically stubborn as well as give them the space to allow their creativity to thrive. It is as simple as that.