10 Facts About ARIES-TAURUS Cusps ♈♉: The Cusp Of Power

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Aries Taurus Cusp Personality

Aries-Taurus Cusp Dates: April 17 – 23

Often times referred to as the as the “cusp of power,” the Aries Taurus cusp is one you do not want to fight against. I say this because you may never win; a fire-earth combination is never easy to beat. Aries is a fiery and impulsive sign. They charge forward even where angels fear to tread and have no problem doing what needs to be done to obtain their objective. The Taurus part of this combination grounds the impulsiveness and provides an air of practicality and endurance. It is like a tug of war and the feel of both involved is set in concrete.

The Aries-Taurus cusp is truly dominant and capable of being a force you cannot control. Make no doubt, they will be a leader wherever they end up being and you will do their bidding. At home or even at work, they are the established principal and do not like submitting to someone else’s authority. At the same time, all of this ‘being the alpha’ of the group can also overwhelm them causing them to lose their drive or ambition. They begin to question if it is worth all their effort and skill. But for as strong as these two signs are, they are also very, very dangerous.

They are the first signs of the zodiac as well as their element and quality. Like many first signs you will always have a fight for lead position. Aries – Taurus cusp is known to be strong yet sensitive and bold yet quiet and reserved. But they are also flirtation and humorous, dependable but aggressive and stubborn. This sign is quite the handful especially if you are in a relationship because for all their sensitivity they are moody and jealous to boot. But if you are in a relationship of any kind with someone who is a Taurus -Aries cusp, you are not a wilting flower in your own right either.

That is the way they want it, how they feel it should be. They surround themselves with people who are not afraid to go toe to toe with them and don’t mind going that extra mile. They enjoy a challenge and love to be intellectually stimulated. As someone who loves an Aries Taurus cusp, you will need to be patient with them as they can be quarrelsome and changeable at the best of times, especially if you have their heart. You will get the brunt end of many aggressions because again, they expect you to be able to take it. If you can remember that they are likely to follow their instincts rather than rules, it might help you two get along better.

As a person living within this cusp, you are a bundle of energy at the best of times. The Aries in you is ready to take on the world while the Taurus in you thinks great idea but let’s sit down and plan strategy before you attack. If you are unable to find your own personal balance you are left restless and stressed. Finding the proper balance takes time, trial and error. You have to find your own path, one where you can let your aggressive nature out to play while keeping certain things in life stable and relaxed. Yes, you want what you want when you want it but getting it can be a whole different ball game. Here are some Aries Taurus cusp personality traits:

Facts About Aries Taurus Cusps

  1. As a Taurus- Aries cusp, you can be patient but you are certainly hard working. This makes you eager to help others and enjoy that others want to depend on you. It is the same combination that makes others want to follow you.
  2. With your strength many times comes responsibility. Because you are dependable and caring you are often looked to as the leader, de facto or official. The Taurus Aries cusps are the one who takes the initiative and follows through.
  3. Thanks to your tie to an Earth element, your focus strengthens to meet your determination. There is so much you want to do which is influence of your fire sign but often times fire signs do not complete their tasks. Your tie to the grounding Earth element helps you finish what you start.
  4. Because eventually you find the balance between will and action, you will ultimately lead a rather happy and successful life. You will be satisfied with what you have accomplished and where you end up.
  5. In love, Aries Taurus cusps prefer relationships, whether it’s a partnership or a marriage. Even the Aries part likes the personal security of having someone special in their lives. The challenge is now in keeping that person happy.
  6. This combination is very passionate. Seduction is well thought out and finely executed. You will not invite just anyone into your bed and if you want to keep someone, that person is kept – quite happily I might add.
  7. Sex is also fantastic. Not only is this cusp sign naturally athletic but also very active. This makes what you do between the sheets, mind blowing.
  8. Because these two are the strongest signs the zodiac has to offer, be prepared for bold stubbornness. You may be wrong or you may be right but either way you will not budge from whatever conclusion you have drawn.
  9. You may not be creative but you appreciate the arts. Whatever the medium you support, whichever is your favorite, you will have an extensive collection of it.
  10. When it comes to problem solving, Aries Taurus cusps are really above the rest. You are cold and calculating as an Aries but yet you are prepared for the worse case scenario and then some because of your Taurus energy.

As far as compatibility goes, Libra is likely to be your best bet. It is directly opposite of Aries and while opposites attract in their own right, the Taurus influence will help that attraction run much more smoothly. It is also possible that fellow Taurus/Gemini cusps and Scorpio/Sagittarians are also great matches. If you can find someone who is in your position, it will work just as much as it will fall apart. Because these signs are the strongest you may be fighting each other just as much as you are making love. If you find and Aries/Taurus that is more of one sign than you, it is entirely possible you will be able to balance each other out without usurping each other’s highly regarded position.