15 Pisces Traits You Might Not Know About

pisces traits

A List of Pisces Personality Traits and Characteristics

Best Pisces Personality Traits

1. They have an innocent exterior, but they see a lot more than you think. Pisces have the strongest 6th sense among all the zodiac signs.

2. This water sign is concerned with subtle emotions and secret mystical depths.

3. Since Pisces reads and understands body language better than any other sign, don’t be surprised when they know more about you than what you’ve told. They are excellent at reading between the lines and looking at levels deeper than frivolous words, and therefore are gifted healers.

4. Pisceans are very charming, friendly and likeable. They have a way of talking that’s comforting.

5. They are also knowledge gatherers but they like to keep a low profile. They are unselfish and happy to stay out of the limelight. But sometimes, people take advantage of their trusting and caring nature.

6. Pisces are often brilliant in some way. With many displaying scientific or creative genius like fellow Pisceans Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein.

7. They are dreamy and hard to pinpoint.

8. An emotional chameleon, Pisces are very receptive to the energies around them, and often have trouble recognizing when they’re feeling their own emotions or sensing other people’s emotions. They unconsciously emulate the feelings of others, and might confuse themselves and others because of this.

9. They find it easy to get to know and understand people. They intuitively know the underlying reason why a person is the way that they are.

10. They have an artistic temperament which allows them to express feelings in genius, creative and innovative ways.

11. They appreciate hard truths more than the easy lies.

12. Pisces have a tendency to suffer from a greater depths of sadness than most, but they also feel intense joy when they are happy and involved. Their sensitivity can make them suffer from inner struggle, conflicting emotions and extremes of temperament. When things overwhelm them, they may try to escape and avoid situations instead of confronting them.

13. Pisceans easily adapt to new people and surroundings. They also like experiencing and exploring new philosophies, trends, people, culture and places.

14. They ultimately want to be able to love someone whole-heartedly and receive that love back in return.

15. Pisces are beautiful, magnetic, sexy, clever, rebellious, playful, sweet, dreamy, subtle, spontaneous, spiritual, creative, intuitive, visionary, imaginative, peace-loving, warm, compassionate, non-judgmental, intelligent, adventurous and mysterious.