Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Astrological Compatibility: Marriage or Break Up?

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Relationship Facts

  • The celebrity couple are 10 years old apart. Olivia Wilde is 10 years older than Harry Styles.
  • They met while Olivia Wilde was directing the film ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ an American psychological thriller where Harry Styles is one of the lead actors.
  • The rumor about their relationship was confirmed when Harry and Olivia were seen holding hands at his manager’s wedding on January 2, 2021.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Zodiac Signs

harry styles astrological signHarry Styles Bio olivia wilde astrological signOlivia Wilde Bio
Birthday: February 1, 1994
Birth Time: 12: 06 AM
Birth Place: Redditch, Worcestershire,
United Kingdom
Birthday: March 10, 1984
Birth Time: unknown
Birth Place: New York, United States
Harry Styles Zodiac Sign Olivia Wilde Zodiac Sign
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Moon Sign: Libra
Venus Sign: Aquarius
Mars Sign: Aquarius
Ascendant Sign: Libra
Chinese Sign: Roosterharry styles birth chart
Sun Sign: Pisces
Moon Sign: Gemini
Venus Sign: Aquarius
Mars Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Sign: Ratolivia wilde birth chart


Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde: Astrological Synastry Chart

Harry and Olivia Synastry Chart


Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Zodiac Relationship Compatibility


Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles are very attracted to each other

1. Harry’s Ascendant in Libra trines Olivia’s Venus in Aquarius

This aspect is similar to a conjunction and produces keenness and sexual attraction. Harry and Olivia feel excited in each other’s presence and they may often have friends in common.

2. Olivia’s Uranus in Sagittarius sextiles Harry’s Sun in Aquarius

In this aspect, Harry is fascinated by the multi-faceted experience that is revealed due to his contact with Olivia. It provides excitement, which he needs in his life. Harry becomes the source of inspiration for Olivia. This relationship can be interesting and progressive; both partners can change and grow next to each other. Olivia is attracted to Harry because of his sense of isolation, which Harry does not understand.


Harry and Olivia Have a Karmic Relationship

3. Harry’s Sun in Aquarius squares Olivia’s Saturn in Scorpio

This aspect creates a karmic relationship (that may be difficult). Harry tries to transcend the boundaries of his past, and subconsciously chooses this relationship with Olivia for this purpose.

Harry may see Olivia as an authoritative figure who embodies the limitations and traditions that he intends to overcome. Olivia may deprive herself of freedom in this relationship. Harry provides hope and optimism but there may be many hidden challenges. In the struggle, both parties attempt to support each other. Harry may eventually outgrow Olivia, but if it happens, Harry must help Olivia to strengthen her self-esteem.

4. Harry’s Saturn in Pisces squares Olivia’s Mars in Scorpio

With this karmic aspect, Harry and Olivia are attracted to each other due to mutual lessons they need to learn. Olivia tries to impress Harry and discovers that Harry’s standards are in conflict with her efforts. Harry may try to control and focus Olivia’s ego, which he considers too immature.

Harry’s demands seem unreasonably heavy for Olivia, as she calls into question the source of his wisdom. This is also an aspect of achievements. If each of the partners is able to understand the significance of the function of the other (though they vary significantly), the relationship can be built on a solid foundation.


Challenges within Harry and Olivia’s Relationship

What might cause Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde to break up?

5. Olivia’s Jupiter in Capricorn squares Harry’s Moon in Libra

This relationship aspect causes exaggerated feelings which may turn into unfounded judgments. Harry may develop a possessive attitude that would be at odds with Olivia’s need for freedom. However, Olivia’s free spirit is what propels Harry’s consciousness towards the truth. Therefore, there is a sort of contradictory conflict that can be resolved if Harry manages to raise his own level of consciousness.

6. Olivia’s Venus in Aquarius squares Harry’s Pluto in Scorpio

Olivia feels everything that Harry cannot see. It can be very difficult for Olivia to deal with this relationship because Harry’s intensity tends to knock her off balance. The more Olivia tries to help Harry to change, the more she loses herself. Spiritual growth may occur in this relationship, but there is too much confusion and upheaval that may make it difficult to sustain this long-term relationship or marriage.

7. Harry’s Mars in Aquarius squares Olivia’s Pluto in Scorpio

This is one of the most difficult aspects in their synastry. “The essence of survival” of each individual comes into conflict with the other because both partners try to stay in contact with their sense of “I”. Harry openly fights to defend his own independence, whereas Olivia does the same thing subconsciously. There may be many conflicts as they both try to win.


Harry Styles – Olivia Wilde Marriage Compatibility

Are Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde meant to be together forever? Here are their astrological aspects that will deepen and strengthen their relationship:

8. Olivia’s Mars in Scorpio conjuncts Harry’s Pluto in Scorpio

This aspect adds intensity and passion to their relationship. Their sexuality can be intense. Both partners act as a regenerating force for each other. Harry continues to get rid of the past, while Olivia is strongly committed to the future. Karmic patterns let them get rid of their past and move forward into the future. The past can resurface, disappear and be replaced by new, fresh and exciting future expectations.

9. Harry’s Ascendant in Libra conjuncts with Olivia’s Pluto in Scorpio

This is a good combination that indicates a deep and very physically intimate relationship. There is a strong sexual attraction between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles. They will encourage each other and strive for physical and spiritual self-improvement.

Harry will probably be strongly influenced by Olivia and will admire Olivia, but it can also be the other way around. If they positively influence each other, it can lead to better self-concept and self-image of both partners. Olivia in particular may start to feel more influential.

10. Harry’s Mercury in Aquarius conjuncts Olivia’s Venus in Aquarius

With this aspect, Harry’s mind complements Olivia’s tastes. Olivia’s ideas and creativity can be easily expressed by Harry. In this relationship, both Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde share a lot of common ground in terms of their ideals of love, romance, art, and beauty. Communication flows smoothly and makes for a very comfortable, mutually stimulating relationship.

11. Olivia’s sun in Pisces trines with Harry’s Jupiter in Scorpio

This aspect brings foresight and wisdom into the relationship. It also indicates an interest in travel and expansion. Harry can lead Olivia, dispensing truth and providing the kind of leadership that creates mutual respect and trust.

However, this aspect has elements of chance or unpredictability, which can lead to risky enterprises, wastefulness (especially concerning investments) and personal freedom requirements. Ultimately, these interests can work positively as factors that create an expansive and open relationship.

12. Harry’s Jupiter in Scorpio conjuncts with Olivia’s Saturn in Scorpio

Harry can see Olivia’s caution and discipline as limiting or unbearable, while Olivia sees Harry’s perceptive views and feelings as a weakness or fantasy. However, this relationship also can be beneficial because Olivia can provide Harry with the necessary material resources for the realization of projects, and Harry can bring hope and vision into Olivia’s shallow and possibly depressive life. They need to find and maintain a balance between these two opposing principles.

13. Harry’s Saturn in Pisces conjuncts with Olivia’s Venus in Aquarius

This karmic aspect makes Harry assume the role of a parent and provide a solid foundation for Olivia. Although at times Olivia considers Harry imperious and domineering, she, however, may give him a gentle affection and admiration, that his efforts deserve. Due to mutual respect and sincere concern, this aspect can generate long-term ties of love. There is a slow but steady growth, as sincere care becomes the dominant note of this relationship.

14. Olivia’s Sun in Pisces sextiles Harry’s Neptune in Capricorn

Here, the power of love and light are mixed into a soft aesthetic combination, comfortable and soothing for both Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles. This relationship usually has abundance of warmth, artistic creativity, and even a tacit understanding between couples. Olivia is in love with a dream, and Harry perceives himself as a part of her dream. Light, coming from Olivia, illuminates Harry’s imagination and strengthens his ego. This partnership includes silent participation, which is the essence of harmony.

15. Harry’s Neptune in Capricorn sextiles Olivia’s Mercury in Aquarius

With this aspect, Olivia’s mental capacity is connected with Harry’s intuition and inspiration. Harry’s dreams complement Olivia’s concrete reality. Harry can inspire and support her, because of beliefs and vision, which can teach Olivia that aesthetic natural beauty and spiritually uplift intellectual ability. Compatible harmony of this aspect includes understanding of music and arts.

16. Harry’s Mercury in Aquarius trines Olivia’s Pluto in Scorpio

This aspect brings more depth and wisdom into Olivia and Harry’s relationship. Exploring the origins of ideas, Harry learns to transform his thinking. And since Harry is what he thinks, he can change his whole existence. Olivia is a hidden “Angel of Light”, mysteriously giving secrets, which contain clues to Harry’s evolution. This is a powerful and dynamic relationship, as it paves the way to the harmony of Harry’s conscious thinking and Olivia’s subconscious emanations.

17. Olivia’s Mercury in Pisces sextiles Harry’s Uranus in Capricorn

This astrological aspect creates harmony between Olivia’s intelligence and the unusual or imaginative knowledge that Harry has collected. Through their “lower” mind, Olivia seeks to categorize and analyze all that is perceived. But in doing so, she can overlook a lot of things that could enrich her thinking. Through this relationship with Harry, Olivia becomes more inventive, original and gains a greater contact with the many existing opportunities, which otherwise might be overlooked. This relationship may have a touch of genius, if both Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde will work together towards a common goal.