11+ Reasons why LEO is the BEST ZODIAC SIGN ♌?

Why Leo Is the Best Sign

leo best zodiac sign

1. Leos are brave and proud like the lion. They are born leaders and are very intelligent, broad minded, and charismatic.
2. Probably the most generous zodiac sign, Leo has a giving nature that’s enough to make you open up space in your heart for them.
3. Leos have no problem finding love; thanks to their magnetic energy, charm, self confidence and warmth.
4. Leos are sexy without even trying. They always look good and have a strong alluring pull over potential mates.
5. A Leo would do anything for you if they love you. They are extremely loving and very loyal.
6. This zodiac sign demands loyalty and respect and they will treat you back the same – perhaps even better. Leo is one of the few signs that will not cheat.
7. Leos are confident that if you don’t treat them right, you will get replaced; and trust that they always upgrade.
8. Leos command so much attention, it’ impossible to miss them in the room.
9. This sign can read other people’s intentions with accuracy.
10. Leos find the bright side of things with ease. Leos are so much fun to be around.
11. They are strong. It is hard for people to break Leos physically and mentally.
12. No one can stop a Leo when they are reaching for their goals. They are not easily intimidated and will persist (and succeed) even through the most daunting circumstances.