22 Ways to Make an Aquarius Fall in Love With You

aquarius fall in love

How to Love an Aquarius:

1. To make an Aquarius fall in love with you, always give them space and freedom to be themselves.

2. Support their ideas and creative endeavors.

3. They are happiest when they get to learn and experience new things.

4. They are deep thinkers. Don’t criticize them. When you encourage Aquarians to take action on their inspiration, they will more likely fall for you.

5. Communication is key. You’ve got to be honest with Aquas at all times — they’ll know if you’re lying anyway.

6. You’ve got to be your own person with your own goals and dreams. Don’t expect Aquarius to validate you.

7. Having integrity and class are key to being close with an Aquarian, carry yourself like royalty. They find this attractive.

8. They love mystery. Seduce Aquarians by not giving it all away in one go.

9. You’ve got to be reliable, they must be able to trust you and rely on you.

10. Don’t try to convince them to change their mind and opinions. They’ll become even more stubborn just to annoy you.

11. They don’t like prejudiced and biased people. Ignorance about important things like this will turn off an Aquarius. They accept and are open to all kinds of people.

12. Don’t push them to get a reaction and response. You might not like the answer.

13. Never try to make Aquarius jealous. They will just let you go.

14. In order to hold the attention of an Aquarius, you’ll need to be an intellectual. They love those who can exchange knowledge and ideas with them.

15. Always keep your promises. They’re loyal to the very end (once you’ve proven you’re worth it.)

16. Aquarians need to be around optimistic people. They need positivity in their lives.

17. Always be open and ready for adventure.

18. Embrace your own individuality and eccentricity. Stand out without caring too much about what others think. Aquarius will be there for you.

19. Avoid being too demanding and pushy. It is better to be subtle so you won’t get any resistance.

20. Don’t try to manage them; they need to do things in their own way at their own pace.

21. Try to support their humanitarian endeavors. They are here to change the world.

22. Although Aquarians are great listeners, listen to them too and show that you care about their thoughts, feelings and opinions.