10 Best LOVE Traits of PISCES Zodiac Sign

pisces traits in love

Pisces Traits in Love & Relationships

pisces love personality traits

1. You might not know what love is, until you’ve been loved by a Pisces. The love that they have to offer is something you will only experience once in a lifetime.

2. Anyone that has ever loved a Pisces knows just how lucky they are. They are without a question, one of the best lovers among all zodiac signs.

3. A relationship with Pisces is best characterized by deep connection, sensitivity, tenderness, intimacy and romance. Of all the zodiac signs, Pisceans are the most romantic.

4. Pisces will make you feel like you’ve met your soulmate because they know instinctively how to please you.

5. Seducing a Pisces can bring a challenge since they aren’t really impressed by money, success, overt sexuality or vulgarity. They’re often attracted to domineering people, but they must also be sensitive and caring.

6. Pisces needs a lover who can make them feel safe and secure. Giving is something that Pisceans love to do, but they also run the risk of giving too much.

7. When a Pisces is highly interested in you, you become a book of study for them and they will do what they can to discover everything about you.

8. They can be the masters of seduction or submissive, however you want them to be. But with Pisces, they prefer it to be more than just a physical relationship. The more they know about you, and the closer they are to you, the greater their passion will be.

9. If you are looking for a casual fling, Pisces is not for you.

10. When happy in love, Pisces are intuitive, sensitive, kind, loyal, compassionate, loving, vulnerable, sympathetic, understanding, adaptable, selfless, nurturing, artistic, responsive, affectionate, submissive, and romantic.