Virgo and Scorpio: Good or Bad (What Virgos are Saying)

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VIRGO- SCORPIO: What Virgos are Saying About Their Relationship with Scorpios

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Will Virgo Scorpio relationship work out? Here’s exactly what Virgos have to say based on their experiences with Scorpios:

  • Me and my boyfriend. I’m a virgo He’s a Scorpio. I will say if you access their full chart to go by that. But I think Virgo and Scorpio get along very well although both signs draw very powerful emotions and are very strong headed people and tend to suffer with mental health issues
  • totally agree ima Virgo August & he a November Scorpio he my twin flame as well & we balance each other but both of powerful & don’t budge so I def agree
  • interesting ! Thank you 😊
  • I’m a Aug Virgo and he’s a Nov Scorpio.
  • I’ve never been down the Scorpio road so I’m curious.
  • From my experience they (Scorpios) are very loving people who tend to be under appreciated and over looked very intense emotions
  • I’m an August Virgo and I been with my November Scorpio for 24 years and idk how we’ve made it. It’s not gonna be easy. My Scorpio is super emotional and you’d never know it but he’s sensitive af. The struggle is real!
  • Depends on how much you enjoy emotional abuse and constant -and I legitimately mean c o n s t a n t gaslighting🌈
    • mmmm gas light me once shame on you! Gas light me twice shame on me and imma flip 🀣🀦️
  • Never again!!
  • The most obsessed I’ve (Virgo) ever been. And for absolutely no reason. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
  • i (Virgo) had to let it go *in my elsa voice*
  • The best. I married my Scorpio. She is the best person in the world!!
  • It takes A LOT of patience but the chemistry is so intense. They intrigue your mind & add to your power. The love is definitely strong.
  • August Virgo & November Scorpio Match made in heaven for me!!!!
  • Best thing going right now … We so much alike in different way but we are so different on how we handle certain things … Shes my bestfriend .. Arguement be heated tho wen its on its on … When things are good it really cant get no better like a kid at the candy store w a million dollars 😍😍😘😘..
  • NO !!! RUN
  • My bff is a scorpio we’ve been friends 30yrs since we were 7
  • My current relationship…….to be continued
  • was with one for 6 years and I vowed NEVER AGAIN.. how I end up with another one is beyond me.. every week I question it.. never again fr after this tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«
  • I (Virgo) was married to a scorpio. We was different.
  • Love Scorpio men it’s a straight Yes for me #16yrs
  • My experience was horrible
  • My ex Scorpio had my back..He would cheat then take me to the other woman’s house and help me fight her Yeah that was real love
  • For me (Virgo) it’s always a trauma bond . It be fire though
  • Mannnnnnnn
  • Been with my scorpio for almost 20yrs
  • Oh Lord…
  • Oooooh my gawdπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ been dealing with the inconsistency for 5yrs but I’m done! They know it all and never wrong! They can be good other than that!
  • Good friends and partners but not in love …
  • 100% he’s my weakness.I’m a Sept V & he’s a Nov S. Love that man like no other.
  • Way too much dysfunction. πŸ¦‚
  • Great match and best relationship I have ever been in. We met 4 yrs ago, instantly clicked and have been inseparable ever since. They truly match our energy and are a great balance for us.
  • Me and mine… Omg the communication is so damn off. But I won’t lie the sex is good. Is it worth it? Nook he’s a mess.
  • And I thought it was my soulmate
  • Its an amazing match but they’ll (Scorpios) test you daily.
    • ohhh this should be interesting… will I meet my match 🀣 keep me on my toes and not get bored?
    • Mine does 😭 I love and hate him but I don’t want anyone else. I know he feels the same though because this mouth don’t stop.
  • I love my Scorpio I’m sept and he’s nov .. gotta have patience but once they love you they love you for life , sex is amazing , way more ups then downs .. and if we have downs we instantly fix it … been together for a year and 2 weeks now πŸ₯°