23 Most Random Things about PISCES Zodiac Sign ♓ – Be Prepared to LOL!

Random Things About Pisces Zodiac Sign

Random Things about Pisces:

The most random things about Pisces ♓ (born February 19 – March 20), that I found on Tumblr and some other astrology sites on the internet. So this is what people think about Pisceans. Some are true, some are false, some are silly, and some are downright mean and offensive. Check it out!

  1. People love you because: You’re loving and kind.
  2. Pisces Lie: “I can walk it alone.”
  3. What Pisces are Insecure About: What people think of them.
  4. Piscean’s True Weakness: Daydreaming, always in their own world.
  5. Pisces’ Favorite Thing To Do: Netflix. Do arts and crafts.
  6. Pisces as soda: ginger Ale
  7. When The Fish (Pisces) Gets No Sleep: becomes moody
  8. How to Guess If Someone is Pisces: Gentle, always wants loads of friends.
  9. Pisces and Sexuality: Good Seducer.
  10. The most hypocritical aspects of Pisces: Doesn’t like it when people can’t adapt to change but will hold a grudge like no other.
  11. Pisces Dark Side: flaky, self-pitying.
  12. When you get to know Pisces: Truly kids, sensitive, kind. loves fashion.
  13. Pisces As a School Subject: Astrology
  14. Little Things I Love About Pisces: How they sound like a happy kid even if they’re like 75 years old.
  15. Pisces as a Pretty English Word: ethereal (adj) – extremely delicate, light. not of this world.
  16. Would Pisces Fall For A Fuck Boy?  Is a fuckboy.
  17. What Annoys a Random Tumblr User About Pisces: never deals with problems head on.
  18. You Know Shit’s Serious When: A PISCES starts plotting their revenge on you.
  19. According to top Google searches, Why is Pisces soo: quiet, special, attracted to Virgo.
  20. Rule about Pisces: Don’t be fake around a Pisces.
  21. Random Short Facts About Pisces: Loves to sleep a lot.
  22. Trust a Pisces: To know when you’re feeling off, to listen to your troubles.
  23. Pisces in 25 Words: Mysterious. Intuitive, Unfocused, Beautiful, Nurturing,Sensitive, Passive, Devoted, Dependent, Gullible, Compassionate,
    Loving, Adaptive, Lonely, Romantic, Dreamy, Introverted, Wild, Subtle, Different, Elusive, Artistic, Changeable. Sweet. Trusting.