PISCES SNAKE: 10 Interesting Facts About Pisces – Snakes

pisces snake

pisces snake

Pisces – Snake: Western and Chinese Sign Combination

Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20
Year of the Snake: 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

Pisces Snake Personality Traits

1. Pisces Snakes are graceful, perceptive, intuitive, deep, magnetic, sensitive, secretive, wise, intelligent, friendly, kind, organized, ambitious, shrewd, adaptable, and creative.

2. They have profound and powerful intuition & sense of perception, which makes them good judges of character, great carers and natural psychologists.

3. They easily make friends and always touch the lives of people they encounter.

4. Their eloquence and grace earn them the respect of people around them.

5. Their people skills, organizational skills, intuition, and sharpness help them succeed in business.

6. People fall in love with Pisces Snakes easily. They are captivating and enchanting. Their elegance, eloquence, mysteriousness, kindness, sensitivity, and charisma make them very popular.

7. Pisces Snakes have high standards when it comes to looking for partners. They can see through you. To attract them, be at the least; kind, caring, understanding, responsible, adventurous, and supportive. They will return the favor and make sure you are happy in your relationship.

8. Pisces Snakes enjoy luxury and work hard to have a comfortable life. They also love to travel and explore new and wonderful experiences.

9. Even when they don’t show it, Pisces Snakes are very sensitive and can be easily hurt.

10. In love, they are understanding, sensible, supportive, impressionable, enchanting, and sensual.

Famous Pisces Snake Celebrities

Lily Collins, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Ji Sung, Chris Martin, Ronan Keating, Juha Helppi, James Van Der Beek, Becky Hammon, Kristin Herrera, Raymond Aron, Willie Stargell, Wilson Pickett