29 Taurus Traits You Might Not Know About

Taurus Traits

A List of Taurus Personality Traits and Characteristics

1. Taurus has a backbone made of steel and a heart made of gold.

2. Taurus are highly determined. They rarely change their minds once made up.

3. Taureans can be ‘picky’, but it is because they have high standards and great taste.

4. As a Taurus, they are sensible and do not bother to speak unless they believe their words hold value.

5. They couldn’t ask for more if Taurus has good food, good people and a good place to enjoy them in. They are a creature of comfort, and to them, it’s quality over quantity.

6. The bull (Taurus) is the most stubborn sign of the zodiac.

7. Taurus are not keen on messing with something that’s tried and true.

8. They are the builders of the zodiac. Taurus will build and forge successful careers and they will amass wealth and they can do this all on their own, without anyone’s help.

9. With Taurus, there is a strong need to collect and not let go, even when it no longer serves a purpose in their life.

10. Taurus have good fashion sense. Even if they have ‘nothing to wear,’ they still make their outfit look amazing.

11. Taurus are persistent, kind, rational, dependable, romantic, appreciative, honest, gentle, possessive, tenacious, responsible, patient, tough, focused, sensual, realistic, steady, loyal, generous, friendly, loving, humble, artistic, warm and stubborn.

Taurus Emotional Traits

12. Taurus are cautious and doubtful of new and unusual situations.

13. Taurus do not easily express their feelings openly. They prefer to keep their inner self contained and concealed.

14. Taurus are immune to stupid remarks. They know what they know.

15. They always appear to be calm and steady even when they feel like punching you in the face.

16. Taurus are often mistaken for being cold due to the firm grasp they have on their emotions.

17. Taurus is one of the strongest signs in the zodiac. Your chances of winning against them are probably not worth the risk.

18. It takes a lot for a Taurus to show emotions. Only a few can get inside. This is true even if they are usually attentive of other people’s thoughts and emotions.

Taurus Traits with Other People

19. Taurus prefer genuine and authentic people. They can see through people and don’t like playing games.

20. Taurus make great friends and lovers. They have unquestionable loyalty and know how to make you feel special.

21. Sudden changes really freak out Taurus. They need people in their life who will be patient and understanding of their needs.

22. The bulls have the best insults and they can kill you with sarcasm. They are not to be messed with because they can beat you at your own game.

23. People under the sign of Taurus are very observant and they will know everything about another person within 5 minutes.

24. They are typically great listeners. Taurus may often feel like they are being used as a shoulder to lean on because of their strong sense of dependability and loyalty.

25. Taurus people are great at reading people’s true intentions. They are deeply sensitive.

26. Taurus needs their space. They dislike people who pester them and constantly disturb their peace.

27. When disappointed, Taurus gives the best silent treatment.

28. Taurus people form few, but close relationships.

29. They are calm and generous, but take advantage of a Taurus, and they become a whole different person.