Taurus Woman Quotes: 12 Instagram-Worthy Quotes Describing Taurus Women

Taurus Woman Quotes

Quotes About Taurus Women:

Taurus Woman Quote

1. The Taurus woman is quite a handful but such a beautiful handful. Therefore, weak people need not apply. These women carry themselves quite well throughout their lives through tough times as well as good. They need someone strong like themselves.

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2. Taurus is self sufficient and would prefer to get things done herself. She likes her own space and quiet time to rejuvenate. She always has a wall up to protect herself from the big bad world. She’s not harsh, she’s realistic. She follows her own path in life, and knows when to act. She will only love you if she can trust you..

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3. The Taurus Woman is a Walking Contradiction;
She is placid yet passionate,
She is shy yet talkative,
She is quiet yet outspoken,
She is calm yet fiesty,
She is sensitive yet tough,
She is wholesome yet sexy.

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4. The Taurus woman has unmatchable strength when it comes to handling even the most severe emotional problems.

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5. The Taurus woman will not lead you and will not follow you. She will stand alone. She follows her own path in life. She is self sufficient and would prefer to get things done herself. Give her space and let her have her quiet time.

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6. This is probably the most feminine, comfortable, tender sign of the zodiac, ruled by Venus while exalting the moon. There is nothing mysterious about her once you get to know her. Although she will keep her distance for a long time, once she decides to open up, she will become someone clear, stable, and compassionate – your lifelong friend and a partner in crime. It is often said that Taurus likes things nice and is boring, but in fact, they are ready to deal with anything ugly, for as long as it is shared with someone they love. And, they are in constant need for excitement as Venus has to be.

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7. She was a fighter. She really was. I’ve watched people tear her down and then ask for her help, and she would help them. She would spend hours helping them… I’ve always admired and hated that part of her.

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8. She’s it…. She’s the best of both worlds. She’s a boss. She can handle her own. And she’s as alpha as they come. At the same time, she knows where to draw the line. She has a soft submissive side, with a heart of gold. She’s affectionate, passionate, and extremely sexual. She knows how to take care of you. She’s spiritual, selfless, and understands the definition of unconditional love. Whoever God decides to send her, will be the luckiest person alive.

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9. You are erotic. You have a magnetic personality that attract admirers towards you. You have a unique but wild sex appeal. Your kisses are hot and steamy, your eyes are expressive, your moves are graceful. You are affectionate, sweet, and spoiling your lover is an absolute must.

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10. The Taurus woman knows her limitations in many aspects of life. She’ll become uneasy when out of her comfort zone. She can be judgmental, but you will not know it. She has a strong sense of entitlement because she knows what she deserves.


11.TAURUS WOMEN: Strong women don’t have attitudes. They have standards.

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12. Taurus females are placid and sensous. They are among the loveliest in the zodiac. But you better have your act together when you come courting. Taurus women have a no-nonsense policy when it comes to personal entanglements.