21+ Taurus Food Memes that even the Bull will find Hilarious

taurus food meme

Funny Memes About Taurus’ Relationship with Food ♉?


taurus smell hear food cute meme

Taurus when they smell food, see food or hear a bag of food being opened.


taurus food meme 1 cookie

How to Keep The Cookies All To Yourself. (It’s a good gift idea!)


taurus mad at taurus food memes

Taurus getting mad about Taurus food memes while they’re eating.


taurus money on food meme

Someone: “Where does all your money go?”


how to pick up taurus - taurus food meme

Dentist: “Open up.”
Taurus:  “No you have to take me out to dinner first.”


New Taurus Expression

taurus snaccident meme

Snaccident: eating a jumbo size bar of chocolate entirely by mistake


silly taurus meme

Wanna see me look like a snack? — I’m a sundae!


when taurus hears food meme

When Taurus hears someone mention food.


taurus food meme pizza

When your plan is cancelled and you can stay home all night.

Food – The Best Part of Disney
taurus food trio disneyland

Taurus family planning for a trip to Disneyland.


taurus food meme sharing chips

When people assume the chips are to share.

Taurus Dilemma

taurus dilemma funny - hungry

I’m hungry but I’d hate to move.

Always Ready

taurus go get food meme always

When someone asks Taurus if they wanna go get food.

Taurus in their Feels

taurus in their feels meme

Taurus in their Feels: My burrito slowly fell apart.

How Taurus Apologizes

how taurus apologize meme food

Stop being mad, I’m starving… Chinese tonight?


How Taurus Spends Their Day

whats on taurus mind

Snacking, thinking about dinner, Dinner


taurus all you can eat meme

Taurus – all you can eat breakfast buffet.

Taurus Be Like

taurus be like meme on food

We said she couldn’t have more bacon.


taurus by food sexual

I’m buysexual. Buy me food and I become sexual.

Taurus Trying to Flirt

how taurus flirts silly meme

So how do you feel about bread?

It’s Kinda True

taurus simpsons meme eating

You left a hole in my heart that could never be filled so I filled it with food.


How Astrology Describes Taurus vs. How They Actually Are

taurus food meme - how taurus is portrayed in astrology