9 Reasons Why TAURUS is the BEST Zodiac Sign

Taurus best zodiac sign

Why Taurus is the Best Sign ♉?

taurus best sign

1. Taurus is unpretentious, trusting, reliable, respectful, peace loving, dependable, independent, strong willed, stable, patient, practical, industrious, intelligent, loyal, giving, warm-hearted, caring, consistent, sensuous, loving, and beautiful.

2. They are ruled by the planet Venus – the planet in astrology that rules love and money. Taurus is gifted at finding both.

3. The Bull is brave, determined and powerfully resilient. Nothing can bring them down. Adversity only makes them stronger.

4. They will do anything they can to get what they want, but they won’t hurt the people around them to get it.

5. A Taurus’ ability to see things from more than just one point of view, makes them great problem solvers and advice givers.

6. Taureans have a sixth-sense-like ability to tell when people are faking it.

7. They are respectful and polite, but will not take crap from anyone.

8. One of the best things about Taurus is that they never change, even when the people around them do. They bring consistency to your life.

9. They are one of the best looking, and one of the best lovers among the Zodiac signs.