What Aries Hates: Don’t Do These 13 Things

What Aries Hates

What Aries Hates:

The following are things that we don’t recommend you do when you want to get along with an Aries. Aries are amazing, but they can be impatient and have bad tempers if you get on their bad side. You have been warned LOL!

  1. Aries hate people that waste their time. They have important things to do!
  2. Don’t try to get in Aries’ way when they are on a mission.
  3. Aries dislikes it when people beat around the bush. Just get to the point – they won’t judge.
  4. Aries dislikes negative and overly cautious people. Don’t be a drag!
  5. Aries people don’t like to feel restricted. Let them be.
  6. Aries hates being judged because they themselves try to give everyone a fair chance.
  7. Aries hates sitting still. They have so much energy.
  8. Aries hate sneaky people. They respect people who are straight forward and honest.
  9. Aries hates to be put in a position where they feel like they can’t win.
  10. An Aries can deal with a lot of things, but they hate dealing with someone that’s constantly criticizing everything they do.
  11. Aries hates being told what to do and being told things that they already know.
  12. Aries hates revealing how they’re really feeling when they’ve been hurt. The last thing they want to do is cry in front of anyone or show what made them feel weak.
  13. Aries hates drama. They won’t entertain your drama so you can just sit there pouting and making a fuss, but they will be living their life.