SCORPIO – TAURUS Relationship Experiences: The Good and the Bad ♏♉


Are Taurus & Scorpio Compatible?

Scorpios and Taurus are opposites and are magnetically drawn and attracted to each other. But, they are also both fixed signs so they might be “too stubborn” for each other … Taurus and Scorpios are generally hit-or-miss. If they get along, they get along really well, and if not, they can’t stand each other’s guts.

I’ve compiled comments all over the internet and social media to see what people (mostly Scorpios and Taureans) have to say about their relationship experiences between Scorpios and Taurus.

scorpio taurus relationshipc compatibility experiences

Hit or Miss:

  • Fixed sign pairings are generally hit-or-miss. If they get along, they get along SUPER well, and if not, they hate each other’s guts. There’s no in-between. From the fixed sign pairings, I’ve found that the Taurus-Scorpio pairing is the most intense. It’s either a match made in heaven or, more often than not, an EXTREMELY toxic relationship.

The Good: Positive Experiences Between Taurus and Scorpio

  • Well on a sexual level I would say Taurus and Scorpio are compatible…
  • My parents have been married for 33 years. Dads a Scorpio sun and Leo moon while my mom is Taurus sun and Scorpio moon. Truly soul mates.
  • Scorpio-Taurus is a relationship so intense it will be like no other you’ve ever experience before, but only if both individuals are mature enough to understand and fully realise the potential of this complex and powerful bond. It is a yin-yang connection. Taurus-Scorpio is arguably the most energetic of the oppositions. I call it the opposition of intensity.
  • With a Scorpio. It was honestly THE BEST. Learned what I liked pretty fucking fast and always put my needs first like wow so generous
  • Omg I’m a Scorpio and I can honestly say this best sex I had was with a Taurus..
  • Hey guys I wanted to discuss some wild magnetic attraction I’ve always felt toward scorpio natives. Wanted to see if any brave scorpios are willing to share their side of their experiences with Tauruses. I’m my early 20s I fell face first for this Scorpio woman who seemingly made me feel like I was frozen in time every time I gazed at her. I’d get flooded with emotions that would literally last the entire day. Eventually we’d gravitate and begin to talk but it was evident that I was no more than a fling as she was emotionally manipulative. We never were official or long term but even to this day she’ll pop into my head. The attraction I felt was borderline uncomfortable and I honestly felt spellbound. Just trying to learn from my opposite’s perspective. I know not all scorpions are the same but I wonder how your experiences being one are similar in any capacity. (unfortunately nobody responded to this question).
  • from a Scorpio Woman: Hi everyone im a Scorpio woman and am interested in a Taurus male. We have known each other fir a year and have mutual friends. The second we met we had serious chemistry and i couldn’t stop thinking about him even though i was in a relationship
  • Reply to Scorpio Woman: He is probably taking his time or waiting for you to make a move. Go for it, he likes you, nothing to lose. I personally am a Scorpio and I have a Taurus best friend who I have known for 7 years (online, though). I am actually thinking of ending the friendship because I feel like I have failed. And beware: if you ever break his trust you’ll probably never get it again.
  • From a Taurus Male: I get to observe several Taurus / Scorpio Relationships in my circle. I noticed that the tauruses always end up calming down and nurturing the Scorpios, because they Scorpios typically get more worked up and emotional. They seem to go through a lot of internal struggles whereas the taurus is more pragmatic (it is what it is). I think that is because Taurus people are natural nurturers and dont think too much about complicated things. We love harmony so we deescalate immediately.I don`t think the Scorpios appreciate that as much as they should, I am not even sure if the Scorpios actually want that. Everybody wants something out of a relationship. We want harmony and affection.

The Bad: Negative Experiences Between Taurus and Scorpio

  • That’s me and my husband! Both very stubborn!
  • From a Scorpio: I really enjoyed my Taurus relationship. We lasted 8 months. I think what turned it unhealthy was when I got very bored with him. He was way too set in stone with everything and my creativity and different views on life didn’t mesh well, he turned more into father always trying to make me fit into his mold. So I rebelled a lot like a teenager. He broke up with me but I wasn’t sad for very long.
  • From Scorpio 2: Yes god Taurus r too stubborn to change and Scorpio gets tired of pointing out the bullshit.
  • reply to Scorpio 2: got one that’s not too onesided?
  • another reply to Scorpio 2: aren’t they both fixed signs?
  • Scorpio 2: yes but scorpios are constantly cycling to evolve and Taurus just tip toes along they make scorpios feel stable but if they’re opinions don’t line up its gunna blow up
  • reply: so it’s always Taurus fault?
  • Scorpio 2: no not always but they are the more unmovable out of the 2. I’ve had bad experiences with several Taurus
  • Another reply: I definitely see we that. I feel like Taureans just stay where they are when they don’t want to evolve and Scorpios manipulate to make you think they have evolved but they are just manipulating… But I’ve had pretty terrible experiences with Scorpios. My mom is a Scorpio sun and my sister is a scorpio moon and they are terrible ….And they are stuck in this horrible rut and refuse to get out of their own misery..
  • Scorpio 2: How were they manipulating?
    reply: they always made me feel guilty for them being miserable… Guilt has been a big one in our little scorpion family. So I eventually stopped being in their lives because they are so unhappy and refuse to do better. It made me miserable because I love them and it’s really easy for me to get stuck with them.
  • from a Taurus: my ex was a Scorpio and I was the only one willing to compromise, so wrong I also think that Taureans want to keep the peace. Whereas Scorpios want to win their argument no matter what. So Taureans give in and that leads to resentment.
  • Well I’m a Taurus and I just say no to that whole sign lol Scorpios act way to nonchalant about terrible situations smh
  • I’m a Taurus with Scorpio rising and from early experience it’s the manipulation that usually ruins it. Scorpio can’t help themselves doesn’t matter if it’s sun or rising cause I could keep up even being a Taurus. But I was the one who ghosted him?

scorpio taurus relationship

Topic: When does a Taurus – Scorpio relationship Turn unhealthy?

  • When they both find out they are sister signs and that they need to help each other evolve
  • Mine never did, still together after 11 years
  • From a Scorpio: Yes god Taurus r too stubborn to change and Scorpio gets tired of pointing out the bullshit
  • From a Taurus: When Taurus keeps quiet to maintain the peace and let’s Scorpio have their way, and when Scorpio refuses to say what they feel because they think everyone is psychic. This is unevolved and I’ve been there. Personally as a Taurus I’m good at compromise and I’m very intuitive. So I usually know when something is up, but it’s not my job to change for someone who won’t meet halfway, and it’s also not my job to read people’s minds. Those who are intuitive regardless of sign need to learn boundaries and one of them is making sure everyone holds themselves accountable, instead of expecting that we just know your feelings without communicating. I overlooked a lot of red flags in the past and now if someone shows even one red flag, I dump them. Also unevolved Scorpio wants to know all about you without sharing in return. Evolved Scorpio understands give and take.
  • O good question… I’m taurus and I had a Scorpio best friend for 15 yrs and she constantly would “be my friend” and the next day believe some lie she heard about me… But we always made up…until she put the last nail in the coffin by stealing from me and spreading lies.
  • I can’t understand Taureans no matter how hard I try. I need more evolved Taurus energy in my life.
  • When either 1. The Taurus finds that the Scorpio person isn’t worthy or valuable anymore OR 2. The Scorpio encounters the first plateau with the Taurus and aren’t in love with them yet.
  • It can just like any other relationship with other Signs, balance is key.
  • When Taurus becomes jealous and Scorpio becomes possessive.
  • When Scorpio starts to cheat and lie and Taurus decide not to talk w them and deal w their toxic, manipulative and dishonest ass anymore
  • When the Scorpio recognizes the Taurus can read their bullshit, they’ll go ghost, besides, barbs only work on thin skin, not on bulls
  • Adultery, infidelity, dirty rotten double crossing scoundrel business will f it up every time!
  • Depends on the synastry…
  • from a Taurus: Taurus allows Scorpio to possess them… Until it gets to be too much. Taurus will allow a Scorpio to get away with a lot of bs before they finally blow up.

Taurus – Scorpio According to Astrologers

  • When they really try, Taurus and Scorpio often get on well together, sometimes superbly.
    If the Moon Sign of one is conjunct, sextile or trine to the other’s Sun, they can chart new worlds of the mind or spirit, in space or on the ground. It can be a beautiful, lasting relationship in science, literature, the arts – or in simple human closeness. When they have a negative aspect between their Suns and Moons, they will remain opposed and powerful enemies, until one or both of them evolve to the concepts of tolerance, compassion and unselfishness.Scorpio and Taurus each sense in the other the missing qualities that would make him (or her) whole and complete.
    The magnetic polarity of their opposition on the astrological wheel tugs on them rather firmly – for good or evil. Scorpio is everything Taurus wants to be. And Taurus is everything Scorpio would like to be. (Linda Goodman – Love Signs)
  • Both of you are possessive and prone to jealously, so luckily you understand each other. Fidelity will be strong in this match because neither of you could bear telling your life stories to one stranger after another. Your good sex life will help sustain years of closeness, and your sensuous attitude will ensure that you continue to savor one another’s charms. This combination is a positive yes! (Susan Miller)

Taurus Venus Scorpio Mars Relationship:

  • Scorpio Venus here…if you lie and deceive us. You’re dead to us.
  • I think Scorpio mars can be a real big “yeah fuck this” placement..
  • Reply: Nah my (Scorpio) mars definitely makes me attached and clingy. Unless you do something to make me hate you….my mars is in the first
  • Scorpio Mars and Venus get over people quickly OR sometimes even break up with the person in their mind or wait till they hate the person so when the time comes to physically break up they are prepared

Scorpio Venus w/ Taurus Venus

  • this dudes been obsessed w me almost stalking for about two years. He lied about his
  • bday but from the chart I think is accurate he has a Taurus Venus. I have a Scorpio Venus but he’s the one who’s obsessive and crazy not me! Usually it’s me. Idk if he can just keep up or what? Why so crazy?
    • Replies:
    • Oh wow! I was expecting the Scorpio venus to be the obsessive one……that’s interesting.
    • Is his Venus opposed to Pluto or square Jupiter?
      – Reply: It does oppose Pluto! What does that mean?
      – Reply: It means that his Venus acts very similar to how it would if it actually were in Scorpio. Hard aspects to Pluto can show the tendency to obsess about the matters symbolized by the planet which Pluto aspects. With Venus, it shows the tendency to get powerfully attracted, sexually, and to be unwilling to let go of the situation, no matter what happens. And, if that Venus is in Taurus, to be very ‘bull-headed’ about the matter. Pluto is obsession. It can be very similar to Scorpio energy, except it cuts much deeper. In healthy relationships, it can be the source of a deep soul connection. In its unhealthy manifestations, it can be obsession, possessiveness and tunnel vision on the object of attraction- a “if I can’t have them, no one can” type of energy.
    • Maybe he has other hard Pluto aspects, or his Pluto on your Venus or some other personal planets of yours. Venus in Taurus when see someone that they like they won’t give up easy and it can pass years…basically he saw you and in his mind you are his now. Taurus wants to keep what he likes and own it, not in Scorpio way to suck his soul out but just to have this security that you are his for a long time, like it or not.
      • reply: lol wow it’s hard to our crazy a Scorpio Venus but he’s got me beat! Keeps tabs on me and all my friends from afar and remembers every detail