You know A SCORPIO LIKES YOU WHEN…(Answers by Actual Scorpios)

you know a scrorpio likes you when

Do you want to know if a Scorpio actually likes you? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. I’ve compiled the answers (by Scorpios) on how to find out… Here are the things they say or do when Scorpios are attracted to you and are into you.

does scorpio like you?

A Scorpio Likes You When…

  1. When there’s a million people in the room but they truly only have eyes for you. It’s like other people just don’t exist ♡.
  2. We act shy and awkward. (Scorpios may get anxiety trying to get the courage to talk to you).
  3. When they actually open up to u or become loyal to u.
  4. Scorpios like you when we think of you 24/7. We may get obsessive.
  5. When they let you in, Scorpios don’t waste time on people they don’t like.
  6. When all our attention is focused on you and we want to know about you. Your dreams, your goals, what makes you tick, what makes you smile, etc, etc.
  7. Scorpios like you when they stalk you lmao!
  8. Chances are you won’t know until we’re absolutely certain you like us back.
  9. Scorpios like you when they ask you deep personal questions about yourself that you would normally feel the uncomfortable answering.
  10. When we give you a lot of attention.
  11. Scorpio is attracted to you when they can’t stop looking at you.
  12. You are loyal and genuine to them❤✨.
  13. When I can look into your eyes and feel that the energy in the conversation is real and actually going to go somewhere.
  14. When sarcasm is heavily tossed into conversations.
  15. When scorpio open up to you emotionally, it means they like you and trust you.
  16. When we stop and acknowledge you!!
  17. When I can be Real with you and know I don’t have to square up..
  18. When the scorpio’s attention is on you and only you and nothing else matters to them.
  19. When you make me happy and free around you.
  20. Talk to u ahah.
  21. When I share with you things that nobody else knows about me.
  22. They stare at you when you are not looking.
  23. When they share something without you asking…
  24. U tell the truth U get all my attention.
  25. When I give my all, that’s all.. You know I love you..
  26. When I listen to what you have to say. ♏When I check in on you. ♏ When I make time for you. ♏ When I care to be near you. ♏ I engage you in a conversation. ♏
  27. We reach out to u for whatever reason.
  28. When they let you near.
  29. It’s only when I tell u even my stare won’t give that much away.
  30. Actually makes time for you.
  31. When I tell you so.
  32. Open up to them give all their attention and put them in their personal space.
  33. You won’t know till I tell you.
  34. We tell you our darkest secrets and inner emotions.
  35. “you are honest”
  36. I open up with you about myself.
  37. We actually give you the time of day.
  38. It’s the stare …the eyes tell all.
  39. When they get anxiety trying to get the courage to talk to you.
  40. We stare ,.. without any hesitation.
  41. you know a Scorpio likes you when they flirt with you.
  42. Scorpio likes you when When after they’ve observed your body language, attitude, eye talk, your facials and interactions for a couple of minutes, and there’s something.
  43. You don’t open to them very quickly.
  44. Even then,when no one likes you.
  45. Look you up and down and smirk.
  46. They talk to you first.
  47. A TRUE scorpio will always like you when You are Being the REAL you.
  48. I walk up to you of all people in the room..
  49. When they tell you more about themselves, respond to your text messages, call you back…‍♀️
  50. When I tell u how much I love u.
  51. When they make it apparent. I don’t beat around the bush…when I like someone, I let them know:)
  52. They talk to you and not act like the bitches we can be (it’s very rare that we talk to ppl other than our therapists lol).
  53. When you don’t have to ask that question.
  54. When we give you our heart, our all.
  55. when i spend time with you and never care about the others.
  56. They reveal their secrets.
  57. When we tell you any of our feelings.
  58. Stalk you cuz that’s what we do or stare.
  59. when ( i )we allow someone to know about us☺
  60. We when start sharing our food lol.
  61. When we open up a little to u. Be there 4 u.
  62. You know a Scorpio [male] likes you when I get there safely in the shower.
  63. They funny.
  64. When send you texts every half an hour.
  65. We let you in.
  66. When u hurt them and they are still caring for you.
  67. When and if they talk to you.
  68. Constantly ask you questions, wants to know why.
  69. They (I) ignore that person for fear of rejection.
  70. She won’t look you in the eye!!
  71. You show loyalty.
  72. Say hello
    Give you any chance..
    They let their guard down
    when we think of you 24/7
    When i want it to
    Your loyalty shows
  73. When you’ve betrayed them in some way (trust), and 1. You’re still alive and 2. They actually still speak to you. If they still speak… they must have loved you…
  74. Their wall breaks and allow you to connect to them emotionally. This connection, in their mind, can feel extremely strong. They then feel extremely passionate for you and everything you do.
  75. They touch you ….LOL
  76. shout to anyone who hurts you.
  77. When they keep world where it has to be …for you !!!
  78. Get drunk and confess but act like nothing was said when they sober up haha!
  79. yeayyy.. when u r LOYAL..
  80. They tell u something personal /secret.
  81. They aren’t a total asshole.
  82. Eyes connect for the first time! And you see the passion and the fire in their eyes.
  83. They share everything with you.
  84. They let you know♏.
  85. You’re loyal to us. Scorpios won’t like you if you are not loyal.
  86. You don’t get stung lol.
  87. If I cAnt keep my eyes off you ❤️.
  88. …they say so…we don’t BS when it comes around to who we like lol.
  89. They talk to you, they are usually pretty quiet and when they bug you a lot.
  90. When u are allowed to be with them scorpios.
  91. If I answer u in a full sentence I like u. If I give one word answers…..
  92. They started to share their secrets with u.
  93. They become possessive of u. . .
  94. U f**king real.
  95. You show compassion towards other people and you are Trustworthy.
  96. When you are honest and decent.
  97. When they trust you.
  98. You feel comfortable around them.
  99. When You are given more than ONE chance to POSSIBLY redeem urself .
  100. When You Treat them like a lifeline not like an option.
  101. They make a way to talk to you everyday.
  102. When they won’t leave you alone.
  103. When we do something for you that makes us go out of our way, with no benefit to us.
  104. When they give you their time and attention…
  105. They get jealous.
  106. When we share personal things with you.
  107. When they know all about you through Facebook stalking before you tell them anything about yourself.
  108. They reply to your texts and answer all your calls.
  109. They smile at you. When I Trust you, have acceptance, They tell you.
  110. Consistent..real…loyal..and most of all not with the bullshit.
  111. When we treat you like you’re someone we want in our hearts and souls.
  112. When they get comfortable!!! Sh*t’s about to get real weird… lol
  113. When we want to do things for you to make your life easier or more pleasant…things that most people wouldn’t do for you like rub your feet ….or mow your lawn etc lol
    Oh you just know it and that’s fu**ed
  114. When I want to include you in my world.
  115. When we talk to you, period ☆
    When they spend time with you
    When your not treated Worthless
    When I say so
    tries to talk with you alot…even though they try to avoid speaking with anyone lol
    We are 1 in a lifetime
  116. You’ll know by the way they look in your eyes right to your soul.
  117. WHEN… They keep you on their friends list.
  118. When they cant talk straight to u without smiling…..
  119. Scorpions r very sensitive n loyal.
  120. When They Give You Their Time. 2. When Sacrifices Are Made .3. When They ACTUALLY FUCKING LIKE YOU, BRUH!!!!!!4. OH, & Last, But Certainly Not Least, When They Can Tolerate TRYING To Trust You!!!
  121. Earn their trust 🙂
  122. When they ask for your opinion.
  123. We keep staring at you like psychopaths, usually to intimidate you. sometimes without controlling it.
  124. You’re real, no games and honesty.
  125. Unfortunately I tend to be a little shy around the women I really like. I need to develop more confidence
  126. When you make me feel awkward.
  127. You know a Scorpio likes you when they f**k you a lot.
  128. When I reply in less than 5 seconds even to the most ridiculous stories or jokes.
  129. Scorpio is into you if they go out of their way for you!
  130. We will give you the shirt off our back and expect nothing in return except your loyalty and honesty but if you screw that up you may as well be invisible!!
  131. Best sex Once you get them, you get their full undivided attention and heart.
  132. She gets tongue tied starts saying random words.
  133. When they engage you in conversation and They give YOU! their undivided attention.
  134. We answer your texts almost immediately. Otherwise we are really crappy about that lol ‍♀️
  135. When they look at you very attentively aka are watching you.
  136. Random kisses.
  137. When they allow you to stand close.
  138. We start doing random shit for you.
  139. When your day start and end with their calls.
  140. When we act weird around you….we get nervous around ppl we really like….it’s hard man.
  141. When they touch you. When they want to hug you more than they want to fxxx you haha
  142. They act nutty af over you…
  143. When u understand them
  144. When we want to be around u
    When they give you the time of day.
    When they don’t take a revenge for their shit done to us
  145. When you understand it’s all or nothing!!
  146. She doesn’t phone you a taxi straight away.
  147. Scorpios like you if we seek you out to hang out with again..
  148. When you get all of us!! …….very rare occasion!
  149. When you don’t lie to them, they can depend on you because that is very rare.
  150. You’d never know…because i as a scorpion treat everyone equally!
  151. When they reveal their real selves to you…
    When they trust you…
    your loyal to them