25+ SAGITTARIUS TRAITS – Meme Edition: Sag Personality Memes ♐

sagittarius traits

Sagittarius Memes – Personality Traits Edition

Sagittarians love memes, so what better way to show what they’re like than with memes. Here are some funny memes to show Sagittarius Personality Traits.

Sagittarius Traits Meme 1:

God Making Sagittarius
Sagittarius traits memes 1

Sag Ingredients: Generosity, ability to just go with the flow, strong sense of self, inability to sit still and focus.

Sagittarius Traits Meme 2:

Sagittarius – Always the Life of the Party

Sagittarius traits memes 2

When a Sagittarius finally shows up at the party.

Sagittarius Traits Meme 3

Sagittarius Be Like Meme

Sagittarius traits memes 3

Things Sags Might Say: “I can’t be worried about that sh*t. Life goes on, man…

Sagittarius Traits Meme 4

Sagittarius Google Search History

Sagittarius traits memes 4

What Sags Google:

– Commitment Phobia Quiz
– how to travel the world for a living
– motivational quotes not cheesy
– obsessive behavior disorder
– how to stop talking and start doing

Sagittarius Traits Meme 5

Sagittarius Palette

Sagittarius traits memes 5

About Sagittarius:

– What are you so upset for? I barely said a word!
– Optimistic
– Drunk and high
– Come to my house at 2 am we’re trappin!
– Knows Everyone
– Who are you again? I forgot.

Sagittarius Traits Meme 6

Sagittarius Women Quote

Sagittarius women traits memes

“I’m not a princess, I don’t need saving. I’m a queen, I got this sh*it handled!” – Sagittarius

Sagittarius Traits Meme 7

Sagittarius traits memes 7

Sagittarius on their 17th day of no sleep and 472nd energy drink.

Sagittarius Traits Meme 8

When Sagittarius Likes You

Sagittarius traits memes 8

– hangs out with you more
– always makes time for you
– do stupid things to entertain you
– the first date will turn into many more
– they listen to you rumble with no complaints

Sagittarius Traits Meme 9

Sagittarius Personality

Sagittarius traits memes 9

  • Radiates positive energy
  • Easily adapts to new situations
  • Incredibly generous and honest
  • Always talking about their sex life
  • Motivated to Succeed
  • Always keeps it real with you

Sagittarius Traits Meme 10

What Scares Sagittarius

Sagittarius traits memes 10

– getting used
– being trapped
– ignorance
– losing freedom
– being told ‘shhh’

Sagittarius Traits Meme 11

Sagittarius Brain Meme

Sagittarius traits memes 11

– forgotten hobbies
– overly blunt
– right joke; wrong time
– new jokes
– optimism
– long car rides
– is God real?
– “no strings attached”
– taking risks
– late night life talks

Sagittarius Traits Meme 12

Sagittarians: Fun and Smart

Sagittarius traits memes 12

Meme: Someone not taking you seriously because they think you can’t be fun AND smart.

Sagittarius Traits Meme 13

Sagittarius Hierarchy of Needs

Sagittarius traits memes 1 3

  1. Constant productivity.
  2. Never ever being involved in confrontation ever.
  3. Something, literally anything new daily.
  4. Spontaneous ideas.
  5. Creativity.

Sagittarius Traits Meme 14

Sagittarius Men Be Like

Sagittarius traits memes 1 4

“I’m not stubborn, my way is just better.”

Sagittarius Traits Meme 15

Sagittarius Girlfriend Traits

Sagittarius traits memes 15

– acts goofy and loves teasing you
– does everything with passion and always gives 100%
– wants to try everythingout with you at least once
– humor
– will give you enough space and expects the same from you

Sagittarius Traits Meme 16

Dating Sagittarius

Sagittarius traits memes 16

– best hugs ever
– worrying about where the money they’re spending even comes from
– almost dying
– realizing that you’ve never known what a REALLY GOOD COMPLIMENT feels like before now
– trying to convince them not to do something that will definitely get them arrested
– doing things that may get you arrested

Sagittarius Traits Meme 17

Sagittarius Dating Style

Sagittarius traits memes 17

– calling you stupid as a sign of affection
– getting really excited but then losing focus and deciding it’s more fulfilling to spend 6 months in Bali on a spiritual retreat
– “let’s take it day by day”
– going on a spontaneous trip on date #2
– roasting you = flirting

Sagittarius Traits Meme 18

Sagittarius Traits Meme

Sagittarius traits memes 18

– overreacting
– their way or the highway
– competitive af
– saying everything they’re feeling
– overly optimistic
– flakey

Sagittarius Traits Meme 19

Random Sag Things

Sagittarius traits memes 19

– telling it like it is because they’re a bad b**ch
– having faith in themselves no matter how bad things get
– their immaturity

Sagittarius Traits Meme 20

Evolved vs Unevolved Sagittarius

Sagittarius traits memes 20

Evolved Sagittarian Traits: Charming, confident, ready to take on the world. Knows what they want and execute with perfect precision. Loving and will make you feel like you can do anything with their support.

Unevolved Sagittarians: Insecure af, needing approval on their appearance before they gain any sort of confidence. Have great ideas and love to help people but get caught up in the process and what people will think of them if they put themselves out there.

Sagittarius Traits Meme 21

More SagTraits

Sagittarius traits meme 21

– supports your dreams
– will show you how to ….
– “let’s go somewhere together”
– “everything will be fine”

Sagittarius Traits Meme 22

What Sagittarius Stands For ?

Sagittarius personality memes 22

S – Sarcastic af
A – Always serving looks
G – Ghosting boring people
I – Immune to stupid remarks
T – Trust no bitch attitude
T – Taking jokes too far
A – Always down to party
R – Reckless and Impulsive
I – Inspiring Others
U – Unbothered af
S – Spontaneous to the core

Sagittarius Traits Meme 23

About Sagittarians

Sagittarius personality memes 23

– being really hot but not believing when people tell you that you are
– dating actual psychos
– covering up their insecurity by drinking alcohol and gaining liquid courage
– gladly going out of their way tomake your day a little bit better

Sagittarius Traits Meme 24

Sagittarius – Seriously,

Sagittarius traits memes 24

“I don’t get mad, I get distant.” – Sag

Sagittarius Traits Meme 25

Sagittarius Quote

Sagittarius quote 25

“You can be a good persona with a kind spirit, and still tell people to go f**k themselves when needed.” – Sagittarius

Sagittarius Traits Meme 26

A Day In The Life Of Sagittarius

Sagittarius zodiac memes personality traits

– making a joke and laughing about the said joke, repeatedly, throughout the day, alone, out loud.
– being right
– convincing everyone you’re right
– bouncing off problems
– planning trips you don’t have the money for but hey, that’s another problem we’ll bounce off
– listening to people for approximately 4.7 seconds
– making lists of things to do and never doing the things

Sagittarius Traits Meme 27

Sagittarius Personality

sagittarius personality traits meme

– doesn’t give a f**k
– lives in the moment
– pretty damn intelligent
– brutally honest
– fearless and desires to be recognized

Sagittarius Traits Meme 28

Funny Sagittarius Meme

She’s gone and she’s not coming back! LOL!!