10 Facts About SAGITTARIUS-CAPRICORN Cusps ♐♑: Cusp of Prophecy

sagittarius capricorn cusp

Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp Personality

Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp Dates: December 18 – 24

You are the good girl, the Boy Scout… the nice guy that doesn’t finish last and the gorgeous girl next door. You are sure of yourself, sure of your surroundings and know just when enough is enough. Life flows both around you and through you. Your sensory perception is remarkable and you simply ‘know’ when the moment is right and which way to go. You are born under the “Cusp of Prophecy,” you always seem to know and always seem to be prepared.

But, and there always is a but, you are impatient and impulsive thanks to your fire element. The Sagittarian in you is quite powerful and often times restless. You would love to have company on your adventures or projects, the Sagittarian says the more the merrier but the Capricorn in you has no problem moving ahead on your own if no one shows interest.

You have no problem creating social relationships. You are loved and beloved but the difficulty lies in maintaining those connections. You can be moody and unchecked, those moods can control you. There are times, too many times in fact, where you get a pass with those you are close to, because they know how you are and simply accept it.

Hopefully over the course of your life you find your own personal balance between your happy go lucky Sagittarian side and your more formal Capricorn side. Getting caught up in all that seriousness could really hinder you in more ways than one. All the excitement that your fire element can give you would be sadly curbed by your more grounded taskmaster Capricorn side. You know what they say about all work and no play… exactly! You are much too wonderful of a person for that to happen to.

People love you; people want to learn from you, people want to just be around you. You are absolutely trust worthy and without any hidden agendas. You are loyal, responsible and optimistic so when your friends and loved ones need support or encouragement, you are there cheering them on. You are self reliant, practical and efficient; people wonder just how you can accomplish so much in so little time. Best of all, you are warm and funny as well as charming and romantic. You will make someone a fine spouse and likely enjoy a long and happy relationship.

Sagittarius Capricorn cusps have class and couth. While they are just as blunt as their Scorpio cusp counterparts, they deliver the dreadful news with compassion and optimism. They may know there is no silver lining, you may realistically know there is no silver lining but they will break the truth to you as nicely as they can.

They are always thinking, looking ahead and piecing it all together like a puzzle. This is likely why they are considered the prophets of the zodiac because of their ability to think in such a high functioning fashion. What may be unknown to the rest of us seems obvious to them by the clues left behind that obviously the rest of us missed. Their thinking also helps jump start others (and their own) creative ideas. They can bring dreams to fruition and goals to completion.

Those born under the Cap – Sag cusp do not fall in love easily. They have high expectations of what love should be and even higher standards on the person they connect with. They approach love like many Capricorns do, with a methodical frame of mind. They give their best to the one they feel is worthy and expect the same in return with complete faithfulness and devotion. Their retort is if they are capable, then you better be as well. There is an intensity to most everything Sag – Caps do and that certainly includes love. They love passion, revel in intimacy and bloom with companionship. Satisfy them and they will most certain satisfy you in return.

When it comes to friendship and everyday relationships, those born under this cusp can get along with virtually anyone. Romantically, water signs or even cusps combined with water signs, may prove challenging to a Sagittarian/ Capricorn. Water signs may be a bit too sensitive to the cusps blunt and aggressive nature. Because of its fire and earth combination, air signs or a combination of air/earth like Taurus/Gemini or another fire/earth like Leo/Virgo, may be better suited to the deal with the mood swings and carnal cravings of those born under this cusp.

Facts About Sagittarius Capricorn Cusps

In love with a Capricorn Sagittarius cusp? Want to better understand the one in your life? Here is a short list of facts about our shrewd and ambitious friend:

  1. Those born under this cusp are a very “come as you are” type of person. They will not judge you and they will not care to form an opinion unless you ask but they will take you as you are and respect you either way.
  2. Their level of confidence gives them the ability to relax and enjoy themselves. The Sag – Cap’s determination and efficiency help them see the job through quickly and completely.
  3. That same level of confidence coupled with their ambition and practicality make them quite successful in business. They are usually promoted quickly or operate a successful establishment.
  4. Sagittarius Capricorns love to learn and love to explore. They are thirsty for knowledge which sometimes gives them tunnel vision. So focused on one thing when they attempt to master it that they sometimes forget the world around them.
  5. In many ways they equate knowledge with freedom and power. They want to do what they want when they want and no qualms with doing it alone if need be. Sometimes Capricorn Sagittarius cusps plan things out but more often than not, a project or adventure is spur of the moment and by the seat of their pants.
  6. Sure there is a level of impulsiveness or restlessness but they are among the most traditional an responsible sign in the zodiac. They believe in tried and true and work within or slightly stretch those parameters to suit their needs.
  7. Traditional does not mean boring or lifeless. They will make the most of whatever it is they are doing, make it exciting and fun and still not go overboard.
  8. Sagittarius Capricorn cusps do love having a social life. They are enthusiastic and high spirited. They are the first ones with an idea of what to do for the night and the first one to start flirting with the most attractive person they see.
  9. Just because they flirt and enjoy your company, a Sagittarius-Capricorn is very selective with who romantically stays in their life. Intimacy is sacred to them and not everyone is worthy of more than an evening of their time.
  10. Trust is a two way street and absolutely important to them in both romance and friendship. Once that is lost, there is no telling if they will ever come back around once they have walked away from you.