CANCER SEASON MEMES – Top 21+ Memes for Zodiac Cancer Season

CANCER SEASON MEMES - zodiac sign meme

The Best Cancer Zodiac Season Memes

Welcome to Cancer season (June 21 to July 22), the season to access our feelings and emotions, the time to be nostalgic and to focus on our families and loved ones. Here are some Cancer Season Memes – compiled just for our beloved sensitive and intuitive Cancerians.

Waiting on Cancer Season


waiting on cancer season meme

Sitting here, waiting on Cancer season like… Did you know that Ariana Grande’s sun sign is Cancer? Her birthday is June 26, 1993.

Ariana Grande Tweet About Her Being Cancer:

“oooof do cancers have the ability to do anything other than feeeeeeeeel feel feeeeeeeel feel feeeeeel feel”


Cancer Season Lion King Meme

cancer season lion king horizon meme

Dad, what’s that on the horizon? That’s Cancer season son, they’re about to turn up!


Cancers on Deck

cancers on deck like
Cancer Season Meme – Youtube Star and Cancer Sun Lele Pons – born: June 25, 1996

Geminis, are you done?!


Cancer Season Creeping Up Like

cancer season creeping up like funny meme



Imma Let You Finish

imma let you finish but cancer season is the best of all
Cancerian Selena Gomez (22 July 22, 1992): Imma Let You Finish Meme

…but Cancer season is the best of all.


Cancer Season, Is That You Playa?!

Cancer Season, Is That You Playa?!

Did you know that Tesla and SpaceX’s Elon Musk’s zodiac sign is Cancer? He was born June 28, 1971.


Bow Down Cancer Season Has Arrived

bow down cancer season memes

Lana Del Ray made some Geminis “cry” (they thought she was a fellow Gemini) when she revealed on Twitter that she is actually a Cancer sun? She tweeted:  “I’m actually a cancer I was born at 4:47 PM…”


Cancer Season Drake Meme

Cancer Season Drake Meme

Other seasons vs Cancer Season


Cancer Gang

cancer gang pulling up to cancer season like
The Crab Zodiac Sign Meme

…pulling up to Cancer Season like


When Your Birthday is Finally Here

when you realize your birthday is finally here

Did you know that Tom Cruise’s zodiac sun sign is Cancer? He was born on July 3, 1962.


Baby Meme: #Cancerseason

baby meme cancer season my birthday season

It’s Cancer Season, my birthday season!


I Can’t Keep Calm

i cant keep calm its my birthday

It’s my birthday! #cancer



Yup it's cancer season

It’s Cancer season, you jealous?!



legends are born in june

Legends are born in June. #cancerseason



legends are born in july

Legends are born in July.


Mantras for Cancer Season

Mantras for Cancer Season

– I allow myself to feel vulnerable when changing.
– I am wise, I am loving, I am powerful.
– I am open to receiving guidance from my intuition.
– I give myself permission to feel.
– I am rooted in my feminine wisdom.


It’s Always Our Season

pre cancer season

Tom Hanks is another famous Cancer. He was born on July 9, 1956.


Funny Cancer Season Memes


funny crab meme


Swerve Beyotch

swerve cancer season rolling up on the scene dog meme



It’s Cancer Season

Robin slaps batman funny meme cancer season

Things to Remember During Cancer Season


Things to Remember During Cancer Season

– Be loyal to yourself.
– Work with your intuition.
– Sensitivity is a superpower.
– Compassion is bravery.
– Nurture your own body.
– Follow your own rythm.


Cancer Season Rituals

cancer season rituals

– Create a weekly self-care routine.
– Send someone a love letter.
– Spend time by the water.
– Meditate with selenite or rose quartz.