33+ MEMES About the GEMINI MAN – Funniest Gemini Meme Collection ♊♂️?

funny gemini man memes

Gemini Man Personality Traits – Funny Memes Version

1. God Making Gemini

God making Gemini

Gemini Ingredients: intellect, adaptability, kindness and forgiveness — inability to commit to literally anything.


2. Inside Gemini Man’s Brain

inside geminis brain funny meme

Rare footage of what’s inside the mind of a Gemini man.



gemini brain meme

What’s Inside a Gemini man’s head?
– curiosity
– the super cute dog video they saw earlier
– people they’re leading on to ghost later
– random useless knowledge
– complete indecision
– the MF tea
– projects they will literally never finish


4.Gemini! It’s the Gem in megem in me gemini meme

It’s the gem in me, double the trouble, double the fun. Learn how to love me… or learn how to run!


5. Gemini Men Are Fun

fun gemini man meme
I may be toxic but you can’t say you ain’t have fun.


6. Tupac is a Gemini

gemini meme - tupac im a gemini whats youre excuse

I’m a Gemini, what’s your excuse?


7. Multiple Personalities

gemini multiple personalities meme

When people say ‘ just be yourself’ but you have at least 8 different personalities that emerge depending on your mood… p.s. Johnny Depp is also a Gemini.


8. The Twins

gemini chuckie doll meme

Gemini Twins Meme – Chuckie Doll


9. Are Geminis Crazy?

gemini crazy meme

no, no, no , of course not…NOT.


10. Now You Know ? – Gemini Roll Safe Meme

roll safe think gemini meme

You won’t have to deal with Gemini’s 22 personalities if you act right the first time.


11. Why Gemini Is Single Meme

why are geminis single meme

Gemini can often correctly guess a person’s next move, but it’s always difficult to predict what a Gemini will do or say next.


12. Gemini & ADD

gemini add meme fry

Not sure if A.D.D. or just never learned self-disciple.


13. Gemini Concentrating

gemini and concetration meme


14. Gemini Be Like Meme

gemini be like dont distract me meme

Please don’t talk to me. I have no self control and will talk to you for two hours and get no work done.


15. Geminis and Tea

gemini funny meme about gossip

You ever hear rumors about yourself and wanna hear more? Like damn… what did I do next?



gemini talking funny meme

You know that thing inside that keeps you from saying stuff that you probably shouldn’t? Yeah.. mine’s broken.


17. Gemini Moods

gemini moods meme

– hot gossip
– talking at you
– constant need to have ‘fun’
– eating your leftovers
– idgaf attitude
– bored and ready to fight
– unread texts
– PBS documentaries
– specific playlists for even more specific moods


18. Gemini Traits

gemini man personality traits meme

– inability to commit to a decision
– insatiable desire to know everything and yes that includes your hot goss
– forgetting to listen
– getting anxious and hamming it up



gemini multitasking meme

He couldn’t fit all the crayons in one hand.


20. What Geminis Hate

talking to gemini after yelling at them not listening meme

Talking to Gemini after yelling at them. #notlistening


21. Gemini Distracted Boyfriend Meme

gemini distracted bf meme

Gemini: finishing an entire season of a Netflix show in one sitting vs. starting their paper that’s due at midnight.


22.  Geminis Don’t Trust Just Anything or Anybody

gemini ecard meme - astrology


23. Why Geminis are Depressed

gemini insulting meme famous gemini

‘Wish I lacked critical thinking skills. Ya’ll seem so happy.


24. Now You Know

gemini traits meme

Geminis won’t hold a grudge when you argue but he will die before he will say sorry.


25. Gemini in a Nutshell

Gemini in a nutshell meme

– ripped jeans
– does things out of spite
– in love with female villains
– do no harm but take no shit
– probably cries during sad movies but won’t admit it.
– sharp eyeliner



gemini hilarious meme

Geminis sharing their unwanted opinion even though nobody asked.


27. Can’t Help Being Gemini

your honor cant help being gemini meme

Simply can’t help being a #Gemini.


28. Gemini Man and Love

gemini man love meme

Gemini: I want to fall in love.
Also Gemini: But I’m bored of everyone I meet.


29. Do Geminis Even Care?

gemini dont care meme

You’re good at acting like you don’t care.
Gemini: That’s because I actually don’t care.


30. Venus in Gemini

venus in gemini meme

I don’t get all the hate on Venus in Gemini. I just want to be loyal to multiple people.


31. Friends With Benefits

gemini friends with benefits meme


32.When Gemini’s Tired of Ya’ll  ?

gemini mind meme

Gemini trying to figure out how they are gonna move to a new city, change their name, and never associate with anyone they currently know again.


33. Geminis Be Like

gemini be like smell bullshit from here meme


34. Gemini Drake Meme

gemini drake meme

Gemini is an intelligent and a great sign.


35. Gemini After A Day of Being Good

funny gemini meme - ben affleck meme


36. What’s With All The Gemini Hate? (Confused Guy Meme)

funny meme gemini hate

Gemini: *breathes*
The rest of the Zodiac: ?????


37. Funny Gemini Meme

gemini devil meme

When a demon comes to take your unfit soul but ya’ll end up having a lot in common.



famous gemini memes

Gemini: Oh, they don’t like me? — I don’t care.


39. Haters Gonna Hate

haters gonna hate meme