Scorpio Woman – Aries Man Relationships (Based on People’s Experiences)

scorpio woman aries man

Aries Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship Experiences ♏♈

I compiled comments posted on Facebook groups, online forums and some websites about the Scorpio woman – Aries man zodiac combination. Here are what people have said about Aries Man – Scorpio Woman Relationships.

scorpio woman aries man

  • Aries and Scorpio are generally a good match for each other in general, Because, Both signs are ruled by mars
    • Reply From a Scorpio woman: Not necessarily. I think us Scorps are too emotional for Aries. Like we can have a good time but it usually doesn’t last?
  • From a Scorpio woman on FB: Aries men are clingy.
    • Doesn’t last unless there’s a fixed placement in the man’s chart. Great sex. But not a long term lasting thing without something fixed or earth to help. Scorpio is fixed and won’t tolerate the constant change in Aries
  • From a Scorpio: Tried it and wouldn’t recommend lol Honestly, out of all guys I’ve ever hung out with, he and I were acquaintances for the shortest period (1 month) and in that time he told me he loved me. Clingy AF. As a Scorpio, I don’t like someone who gives me everything up front like that. I like mystery, duh and a guy who is independent
    • Comment Replies: exactly why I wasn’t down. I’m a scorpio stellium, and this aries was wayyy too forward & clingy…maaaajor turn off
    • yes!! When I broke things off…which after only one month of knowing each other (meeting and hanging out)…what was I really breaking off?  but he made it seem like this big deal.
    • dude same here! we literally hung out a total of 4 times and it was just way too much, had to break it to him, and even after that, still trying ??‍♀️ as a scorpio, i’m like…how the fuh? wheres yr self respect? hahahah. PLUTO
    • thats the thing! it totally coulda worked if he had toned it down…but this foo was talking to me like we were gonna get married n shit & I was just like…you don’t even know me…?
  • From an Aries woman: Idk but I was an Aries woman with a Scorpio man and the relationship was TRASH 0/10 do not recommend
  • A comment from a Scorpio woman in a forum: He is absolutely the most masculine man I’ve ever been with, totally unafraid of anything or anyone, very chivalrous, almost to the extreme …extremely talented at anything he likes doing, incredibly sexual  – in fact I would say the sex is a kind of sex I’ve always wanted and never thought possible…it’s unbelievable….anyway, he’s very intelligent, always keeps things interesting, and many other wonderful things. The only slight trouble we’ve come across would be jealousy (his and mine, but mainly mine)…we’ve only had one big fight since we began dating, and we always work things out super fast, so that’s good. But it’s definitely hard, each one preferring to control the other (lol) and whatnot. It takes a lot of maturity from each of us to keep a handle on that. I have noticed that also he’ll say or do things “in the heat of the moment” (and I don’t just mean sexually, sometimes if we’re drunk, or after sex, or what have you) that he later analyzes and feels the need to modify, which slightly annoys me…Im like, just say what you mean and leave it the way you said it, I liked it the first time. lol. He has recently hinted that he thinks I’m “the one”, and then always follows it up with, “so I’m ready. But I’m also scared”. Interesting…it’s the one area of life he will actually admit being scared about.
  • Comment from the same Scorpio woman about the same Aries man a few months later:
    We are over. He has totally destroyed me and broken my heart. If I recover someday I will post more about it.
  • I’m scorpio and husband is aries… Going on 17 years now together
  • From an Aries Man in a forum: I don’t actually know about relationships, but Scorpio friends have always been cool. Just remember most Aries men have a slight commitment issue and Scorpios can like commitment early on, be yourself but don’t show actions that may come across as possessive or jealous maybe. Just something to maybe think about. They can rush in, but then if it gets serious they can start to have doubts, and it just always has to be kept fun, that’s all. Your strength will be showing him you can hold an intelligent conversation and you are ambitious (talk about your goals), and be sexy. And I think Aries men like crazy women lol, they don’t like boring.
  • hey! M a scorpio girl and I just want to say be careful when dealing with an aries.. they like to play games with your mind.. I used to like this aries guy and he was clear that he will never like me more than just a friend… but he just didn’t want to let me go! He liked some one else haha so that was weird I stopped talking to him.. But if you are looking for just a friend they are great! Alot similar to u
  • I’m a Scorpio dating an aries and he sucks. TEMPER TANTRUMS
  • As a Libra, I say this with love, but my Aries Sun and Moon (Cap asc) little brother can ignite into anger like no one I’ve ever met in my 45 years. But then it’s over, in a flash. He’s brilliant and owns his pharmacy, but that anger is unreal.. it’s a big bang, and then it’s quickly over.
  • Another experience from an Aries woman with a Scorpio man: Best relationship ever with my Scorpio man. But I’m Aries woman. I don’t like Aries men, so I could see how it could fail between Aries man and Scorpio woman combo
  • Another comment: this is a common pairing, full of passion but a constant power struggle
  • My parents are Aries and Scorp, male and female respectively. They have these tales of a great start but in later years are quite incompatible.
  • Personally I think Aries and Scorpio are a GREAT match (as a Scorpio hehe), but it really depends on how compatible the other planets are, especially the moon, venus, and mars.


Mars in Astrology: Mars is the planet that rules our drive and passions

Venus in Astrology: Venus is the Planet of Love and Money. Venus is all about pleasure, especially pleasure shared with someone else.

Moon in Astrology: The Moon represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits and reactions, and our unconscious.

Venus in Scorpio and Venus in Aries Experiences:

  • The Venus in Aries would be fun, light, sparkly personality, while Scorpio Venus would want to be talking about serious depth psychology. ..there would need to be other factors changing the energies!
  • The sex is good though…not gonna lie…
  • Yeah I have Venus in aries and my ex in Scorpio. Plus I’m Taurus Sun so this was a good match!!
  • You would need to look at where the mars is
  • Venus in Scorpio here lol same degree as my Sun in 12th House and dating a Pisces Sun, Aries Venus. There is a bit of a disconnect sometimes but it’s actually really intense and passionate. I usually am attracted to Aries Suns but found that a relationship couldn’t work, and the sex was what held it together. So having someone with only Venus in Aries helps.
  • My first love was Venus in Aries, I was Venus in Scorpio, sex was amazing but we never knew how to express our feeling properly. It’s hot and steamy and we do get each other but we just can’t show it.
  • My sag husband has Venus in Scorpio while myself an Aries with a Venus in Aries. We get along brilliantly but I suppose that could be because of how compatible our sun signs are. Aries And Sag rock together!!

Mars in Scorpio and Mars in Aries Experiences

  • Mars in Scorpio brings an intense, focused and heavily emotional approach to sex whilst Mars in Aries natives take sex as a source of relaxation, playfulness and why not an exercise. Mars in Scorpio natives tend to exhibit a secretive and suspicious behaviour, usually taking lots of responsibility about what they say or do, and for such a behaviour they tend to be more anxious. Mars in Aries natives are a bit more instinctive, relaxed and endowned with a playful nature, usually not holding grudges, are much more talkative. In a relationship it depends on how those Marses relate to the Moons and Venuses. Some astrologers say incompatible Mars, which is the are unlikely to survive the long run.
  • Comment from someone with Aries Mars: You had me until you said Aries should follow that’s your first mistake Aries will never follow and that’s why Scorpio and Aries never match because Aries doesn’t take orders from anyone unless they really have to do as it is it’s be a power struggle but in the end Aries gets what they want or they burn things down I’m Aries sun and moon so yeah I’m a good candidate for this me and Scorpio have never got along because I refuse to listen and simply they are not superior to me but everything else you’re right I charge into things head first without a second thought but this quick action sometimes is better than planning it’s our thing Aries is the warrior

Moon in Scorpio Moon in Mars

  • I have a Scorpio sun and I am drawn like moth to flame to any fire sun….I fall for them all….. It never fails
  • There is a lot to say about this combination! An Aries Moon with a Scorpio Moon. We are drawn to eachother but we are NOT compatible.I don’t know how many times I’ve been intrigued by a person only to find out they have an Aries Moon. I have a Scorpio Moon. I was married to an Aries Moon for seven years. I used to search and search for information about this combination. I definitely started a thread here about it.It’s explosive, dramatic and often an all around big misunderstansing. I think we have a lot to learn from each other and lots of space to give to one another.

Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aries

  • Mars in Aries: Boldly pursues object of affection using a direct approach; actively demonstrates prowess in anything, acts adventurous, and is more than willing to compete for affection; arguing and/or physical fighting is instant foreplay; initiates a lot of right-now, anything-goes quickie sex
  • Venus in Scorpio: Love should be passionate, intense, life-altering; likes to associate with powerful people whose sexuality comes in contradictory layers (e.g., dresses provocatively but is a virgin, looks understated but moves like a stripper in private); expresses love by keeping a mate’s secrets, developing an emotional bond, and not wanting to share the partner’s affection; flirts through seduction; wants to have control and trust in a relationship; a strong sex drive, instant chemistry, intensity, and loyalty are aphrodisiacs.