SCORPIO Man – ARIES Woman (relationship experiences of Aries w/ Scorpios)

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 Scorpio Man with Aries Woman

Are Scorpio man and Aries woman good together? Are they compatible? Here’s a compilation of thoughts and experiences of both Scorpios and Aries based on their love relationship experiences. These are comments from Scorpio men and Aries women online.

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scorpio man – aries woman relationships

What Aries Women Say

  • Scorpio and Aries make great friends, but Scorpio can be too possessive for Aries sometimes.
  • Score! (Technicaly Astrology would say No. i like it.)
  • Didn’t work for me too many things left undone.. neither one of us “talked it out” it was always “swept under the rug”…
  • I’m Aries and my man is Scorpio, been together 5+ yrs.
  • be careful what you ask for? He was sun and I’m moon..wasn’t easy nor fulfilling though I did learn some valuable lessons.
  • scorpios like deep emotional fucking… I got my venus in Ashlesha pada 4 exalted in pisces in 29 degrees… I am down with emotionally deep mysterious sex
  • I think that was my mistake as well with the Scorpio I dated. I did not give him enough space and let him be alone, but there was also a miscommunication problem in that he never told me he needed it, he would just become mean to me. I find Scorpio men very bad at expressing their feelings in general, and elusive as hell. They never know what they want, and when they DO get what they want, they are not happy with too much happiness, they always have to instigate and agitate and make things go all messy. The Scorpio I dated was very immature, so maybe I am wrong, maybe there are Scorpio men out there who are grown up and ready to deal with an Aries woman, but I have doubts such a relationship would work. It did not for me, and we tried *everything*, short of counseling. We should have done that, but oh well….we were just too different.Also, one more note on Scorpio men: they are paranoid as hell, and very private. Mess with that and a nuclear holocaust is likely to ensue. I looked at my ex’s computer once, through his stuff, and he almost blew the roof when he saw me, and completely ignored me and treated me like a stranger for a week. They have a strong power to dissociate their feelings from their brain, so they can be objective and appear very cold when they want to. *sigh*…so glad I’m not with one anymore!!! I’m with a warm and loving Leo guy, and after the Scorpio, it really feels like a warm ray of sunshine after an icy deadly storm!
  • It all boils down to communication…. I know this for a fact! Ihad a huge wacked out moment with one of my bfs friends (who came on to me heavily), I told him everything over the phone – that his friend tried to seduce me and how I felt weird and awkward and a bunch of other stuff… I was a mess over the phone. Scorps adore honestly and I told him everything as I could calmly (he kept up well) and we ended up on a 3 hr convo on everything under the sun. It’s probably the longest convo we’ve ever had, honestly they appreciate honesty and think clearly as possible. It’s true we have difficulties in explaining ourselves, but think about it, Aries are very direct, we don’t hold out. Just try not to come on too strong and explain everything, even if it sounds dumb… it’s worth hearing…. surprisingly, he was fine and then cheered me up and is taking me on a little mini weekend getaway. Scorpios are wonderful people, just pull a madonna and express urself!
  • Run!!! Scorp guys and Aries girls are a lethal combination. While both are adventurous, spontaneous, love excitement, and are very passionate, that is where the similarities end. Dated several and one long term, all were different but in the end had the same problems. While he will initially be attracted to your strength, independence, and wildness, he will eventually grow suspicious of the same, despite the fact that we are too damn honest to be deceptive. His mind is sharp, but calculating and manipulative, and while the ego often hides Aries sensitivity, his emotions run deeper and more illogical than yours.
  • Normally the scorpio guy does the chasing….they are very close-knit and love being around you…especially if they really like you…I was with a scorpio guy for 5 years and he was all over me…that’s why we broke up…he wouldn’t let me breathe…..

Scorpio man with Aries woman

Thoughts of Scorpio Men

  • I’m a Scorpio and my gf is an Aries. Best match I’ve ever had, but I’m also an Aries rising and she is a Scorpio rising so that could definitely help.
  • one of the worst possible matches
    • replies to above comment: yes! Took me 12 yrs and a divorce to figure it out lol!
    • Gunna pretend I didnt see this comment lol
  • I feel like the sex would be bomb though just bc both are ruled by mars
  • Hi, I’m a Scorpio male dating an Aries female. I would just like to say that I can be a person who only sees black or white, it’s either everything or nothing for us. I can honestly say that when choosing who I wanted to be with, the woman I picked of many I narrowed it down to an Aries just because she was very honest and at the same time very sexy. I also felt wanted and needed as this Aries kept wanting, calling out for me sort of speak.. feeling she had to do whatever it took to have me…God knows she was persistent because it took at least 2years for me to give in,lol. Out of all the women I’ve talked to, I never met anyone to leave behind stereotypical woman behavior to just be who she was. Despite an Aries having problems in expressing her emotions, I felt cherishing this woman for her strengths was much more worth sticking through.. sexy,fun,childish,spontaneous.. I can only admire and try to adapt and learn this trait aries possess. It’s been 8 years since I met my aries girlfriend and despite the ups and downs, and fierce arguments, we tend to make up and build a stronger bond.. I’ve always been very open when the time called for it.. especially to let my aries woman know how I feel.. although it can be confusing when I try, words can’t seem to ever justify these feelings.. and the problem I must say I’ve always had was that I felt she didn’t love me as much as I loved her.. from the get go I guess we Scorpios test and keep testing hoping to get the right answers and reactions to enable us to really jump in to it wholeheartedly.
  • From a Scorpio Male: Our interest for a person come and go. One day I really want to talk to the person. The next day I need some space from them, but the person is doing something right if I keep coming back.
  • Aries and Scorpio have exhausting relationships. They communicate in complete opposite ways and have a tough time understanding each others language. I find it more draining for the scorpio as opposed to the aries. Im a scorpio, I have some close people around me who are Aries. And quite honestly, there are times I speak to them everyday. Then others, where I cant speak to them for weeks – because their language rubs off wrong to me. I know its not their intention, however it causes me to get some space to recompose and refocus myself so that I dont do something out of line.
  • Do a synastry test, there are free sites on the net. See if it matches or makes any sense. Find out his moon, venus, mars signs are; they offer quite a bit of info. See how his moon, mars & venus matches with yours. From your profile, I see fire & air mostly, I wonder how he matches up with you. I’m not saying signs mean everything but it can give an insight if you need it. My boyfriend is a Scorpio but he does have quite a few fire signs which seems to help. The bottom line is with us Aries people (men or women) we can’t help being ourselves, so do just that, be yourself. If he loves you for it. Great, if not, well, so be it.

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What Astrology Websites Say: Scorpio Men – Aries Women

  • The Aries and the Scorpio makes an exciting pair. Aries are known for enthusiasm and Scropio for commitment in the relationship. An Aries woman wants someone determined, someone who can be a real partner holding her interest and Scorpio man fits that bill nicely! A Scorpio man is a mixture of passion, intellect and a magnetic attraction that can be really challenging to avoid whereas Aries woman is typically confident ,bold , fiery and becomes the center of attraction very easily.
  • Scorpio man Aries woman compatibility is a perfect fit, as there is a possibility of a bright future together. This duo blend well together as both of them exhibit sensitive and sympathetic personas, along with the incredible trust that they have on each other. The Scorpio male is someone who can cope up with the fierce female Aries and cool her down to settle matters with her. Also, he likes her independent and carefree nature. The Aries female also likes his powerful, masculine and valor nature which gives her a sense of protection.
  • Aries can become addicted to carnal connections. Scorpio vibrates on this plain too because both signs share the ruling planet of Mars. Aries connects to the physical whereas Scorpio the emotional. What one sign lacks the other compensates for. When Aries becomes too heated, Scorpio has an uncanny way of cooling the ram down. When this happens, an emotional opening occurs that lets Scorpio deeply connect with the ram’s soul. This type of connection is magnetic and intoxicating for the ram, causing it to return again and again for intimacy.