Leo Facts – 29 Fun Facts About the Lion Zodiac Sign ♌

leo facts

Leo Fun Facts

Here’s a list of 29 Leo Facts – Personality Traits of the Royal Zodiac Sign:

1. Leos hide their emotional side beneath a layer of charisma.

2. It is hard for people to break Leos both mentally and physically.

3. You can always bet on a Leo. They are successful because they are are determined and talented.

4. They are highly self-conscious and are aware of how they appear to others.

5. Leo’s sensitive and kind heart is often masked underneath a thick layer of strength and pride.

6. They always try to help others and do the right thing. They are also good at giving sound advice.

7. Leos are faithful, caring, generous and loving.

8. They are sensitive. Their feelings are easily hurt, but they really appreciate kind words.

9. Leos are warm-hearted and action oriented. They are driven with the desire to be loved and admired so they often find themselves in the limelight.

10. People will either be astonished or be intimidated by Leos. They have a naturally strong personality.

11. Leo is the most generous sign of the zodiac.

12. They are creative and expressive, which makes them great performers and entertainers.

13. It is almost impossible to miss a Leo. You can feel their strong magnetic presence from a mile away.

14. Many Leos are shy, and would rather you approach them first. This will let them know that you like them in some way, making them more comfortable.

15. Leos love sincere praise and honest compliments. It boosts their self esteem and make them feel that you are paying attention.

16. This zodiac sign cannot help but be noticed because of their natural magnetism.

17. Leos bring luster and excitement anywhere they go.

18. Leo wants you, you will be their prey. Trust that they’ll get you.

19. In love, they require lots of attention because they like to feel wanted.

20. Leos don’t even try hard to get you laughing, they say some of the funniest things at the most random times.

21. They can be rebellious even though they are born to rule.

22. Leos secretly have a wild and sexy imagination.

23. A Leo has the ability to be cute and charming when they want, but can quickly unleash their fierceness at the blink of an eye.

24. They are very dangerous when provoked.

25. Leos are aware of others and how they come across to them. Their manner often demands attention and interest from others.

26. They are professional at reading people’s true intentions.

27. This zodiac sign has zero tolerance for betrayal.

28. Words can cut a Leo deeply and they never forget what’s been said, ever.

29. Don’t get on Leo’s bad side. They will drop you like it was nothing and move on to bigger and better things.