LEO MAN TRAITS: 14 Facts to Know About The Personality of Leo Males ♂♌

leo man traits

Personality Traits of the Leo Man


1. The Leo man doesn’t give up – like a lion chasing its prey until he gets it.

2. He is magnetic, tends to be generous, and attracted to beauty in all forms.

3. Leo males are strong, ambitious, confident and determined.

4. He gives great advice and likes seeing other people’s reactions to the things he says and does.


Leo Man Traits in Love

5. He’s a sweet talker with a charming sense of humor.

6. This zodiac sign is also romantic, affectionate and has a good sexual appetite.

7. The Leo man can be quite flirty and likes to keep his romantic options open in the beginning, but when he is in love, he becomes perfectly loyal.


What Leo Males are Attracted To

8. You know that a Leo man is interested in you when he gives you a lot of attention and makes you feel special.

9. The type of person who attracts a Leo man is one that he can be proud to be seen with.

10. He is turned on by someone who is smart, poised and aloof.

11. Leo men loves being adored and acknowledged.


What Leo Men Need

12. He needs someone who is grounded and in tune with the realities of life so they can help him keep his feet on the ground.

13. The Leo man needs adoration and approval and if he receives this, he reciprocates and will treat his partner with love and affection.

14. In order to keep a Leo man happy, you will need to support his passions and his ego.