Top 10+ Funniest CAPRICORN TWEETS – Yes You’ve Got Time for This!

capricorn tweets

Hilarious Tweets About and By Capricorns

Capricorn Tweets #1

Capricorn Is

capricorn best tweet

If you knew anything about astrology, you would know that the true kingpin of the zodiac is Capricorn. Suns. Moons, Rising. Creme de la creme.

Capricorn Tweet #2

It’s True Though

capricorn funny quote twitter

A Capricorn was probably the first person to say “I’m not mad, just disappointed.”

Capricorn Twitter Tweets #3

funny capricorn tweets

Yo I accidentally made my circle so small that it’s only me. #immybestcompany

Capricorn Twitter #4


twitter capricorn funny picture

When they think they’ve hurt me…

Capricorn Tweets #5

It Eez What It Eez

funny capricorn twitter tweets

Therapy: 90$/hr
Saying “it eez what it eez:” $0


Capricorn Tweets #6

How to Apologize to A Capricorn Idea

capricorn twitter funny tweets

One of my exs just randomly sent me $200 for “the trauma he caused me.” This is the only form of apology I will be accepting from now on.

Capricorn Tweet #7

When Your Manager is a Capricorn

capricorn manager tweet

Bro, my coworker starts crying bc her boyfriend broke up with her through text and my manager go say “that’s why we stay off our phones at work” LMAO

Capricorn Twitter Tweet #8

capricorn quarantine tweet

The funny thing about 2020 is every Capricorn I spoke to kept saying “I don’t really mind quarantine.”

Capricorn Tweets #9

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

people with capricorn placements tweet

People with strong Capricorn placements can be on the verge of a panic attack and check the time to see they have a meeting in 10 mins and the panic attack is just gonna have to wait until a spot opens in their schedule.

Capricorn Twitter #10

Get You A Capricorn

funny capricorn love tweet

Does anyone want to be in love so we can split rent?

Capricorn Tweets #11

On Compatibility

capricorn compatibility tweet

What sign are you most compatible with? -Dollar$.

Funny Capricorn on Twitter #12

Capricorn Health Tips

capricorn astrology twitter

A Capricorn’s life could be falling apart but they will be taking their vitamins.