35+ CAPRICORN Personality Traits – Funny MEMES Edition ♑︎?

capricorn traits

Zodiac Memes: Capricorn Traits

I’ve compiled the best memes that showcase the typical Capricorn personality. It’s true that Capricorns are ambitious and success driven, but we shouldn’t forget that they also have some of the best senses of humor among the zodiac signs. Examples of famous comedians who are Capricorn are Betty White, Kate McKinnon, Jim Carrey, and Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean).

Capricorn Traits Meme 1:

capricorn personality traits funny memes

Capricorn: “I never was a child. As soon as I popped out of my mom, I was just in the know.”

Capricorn Personality Traits Meme 2:

Capricorn as a Baby

capricorn baby meme funny

Capricorn realizing it’s going to be years before they can start investing in their 401K.

Capricorn Meme 3:

Capricorn Independence

capricorn personality memes

Capricorn when they’re finally finished doing everything by themselves instead of simply asking for help.

Cap Meme 4:

Because they never want to be a “burden.”

capricorn man funny meme

“I don’t like to bother people,” says man who drove himself to the ER with a nail in his heart.

Capricorn Personality Meme 5:

Ruled by Saturn: Capricorn’s Childhood and Life Experiences

capricorn life meme

“I’ve been through hell and back. You wouldn’t survive a day in my shoes…”
Capricorn: ?

Capricorn Traits Meme 6:

Capricorn Culture

Capricorn Culture

Capricorn Keywords:
– on the grind
– always prepared
– basically born
– can be a major procrastinator
– “why was I programmed to feel pain”
– discipline
– (un)healthy coping mechanisms
– dark humor
– kind of a know it all on the dl
– parenting your parents
– dgaf attitude
– likes structure
– major sadness and madness
– “lock that in the trauma vault.”

Capricorn Personality Traits Meme 7:

Capricorn: Always Too Hard On Themselves

capricorn demanding perfectionist self meme

It’s okay NOT to achieve and cross out everything on your (unattainable) list. #bekindtoyourself

Cap Traits Meme 8:

Capricorn = Overthinkers

best capricorn personality memes

Capricorn Memes 9:

What Capricorn Basically Wants

what caps are thinking of

“I NEED A HUGe amount of money.”

Cap Meme 10:

Capricorn Quotes

capricorn quotes meme

Save money and money will save you.

Capricorn Personality Traits Meme 11:

Why Capricorn Is Working All The Time

capricorn personality meme funny

“You’re always working.”
Capricorn: “Okay?”????

Capricorn Traits Meme 12:

Capricorn Always Being the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)

capricorn goat being perfect

When the boss uses Capricorn as the good example.

Cap Traits Meme 13:

Capricorn Always Reaches the Top

goat meme downfall

When people are waiting on your downfall but you’re a goat.

Capricorn Personality Meme 14:

Capricorn: Baddest MFs

capricorn meme traits strong

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil because I am the baddes mf in the valley. – capricorn

Capricorn Memes 15:

That’s why you don’t mess with Capricorn

next time dont mess with capricorn meme

Cap Personality Traits Meme 16:

Capricorn and Their Poker Face

when capricorn gets mad

Capricorn Traits Meme 17:

How Capricorn Looks When They’re Feeling Happy

capricorn poker face meme

For Real LOL

Capricorn Memes 18:

funny zodiac meme capricorn

Capricorn being excited. #deadpanexpression

Cap Memes 19:

Why Capricorn Always Has an Inscrutable Expression

capricorn bob ross meme

Capricorns never want you to see them being vulnerable.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Traits Meme 20:

Capricorn on Showing Emotions

showing emotions bothering others meme

Capricorn Astro Traits Meme 21:

Capricorn: Allergic to Feelings

capricorn funny traits meme

Ew! are those feelings? Get that sh*t away from me.

Capricorn Astrological Traits Meme 22:

Capricorn Imma Head Out Spongebob Meme

Capricorn Feelings Meme

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Memes 23:

Capricorn thoughts meme

Capricorn: No one can hurt you if you detach yourself from everything and avoid becoming emotionally invested in anyone.

Capricorn Zodiac Personality Meme 24:

Capricorn When Someone Tries To Get Through Them

capricorn meme traits

“We are open, the door is just very heavy.”

Cap Meme 25:

Capricorn Trying to Open Up to People

capricorn trying to open up to people

NopeOpen #mixedmessages

Capricorn Traits Meme 26:

When You Have Capricorn in Your Chart

Zodiac Meme Capricorn

Please don’t allow anyone to help you or be close to you. #capricornthoughts

Capricorn Traits Meme 27:

capricorn kermit meme

Capricorn Personality Traits Meme 28:

Capricorn Be Like Funny Meme

Capricorn: Whoops, almost stepped into some sh*t, back to this money.

Capricorn Personality Meme 29:

How to Seduce a Capricorn

how to court a capricorn meme

Capricorn Memes 30:

If you like Capricorn…

Hilarious Meme Capricorn Funny Astro Memes

If you don’t like Capricorn, raise your standards.

Cap Memes 31:

Now You Know

why you dont like capricorn meme

Capricorn Zodiac Memes 32:

Capricorn Wonder woman Meme

capricorn wonderwoman meme

Capricorn deflects bullshit with ease.

Capricorn Astro Memes 33:

capricorn personality traits list meme

Capricorn Traits:
– hates when other people try and aboss them around/ tell them what to do
– usually being the person who will still show up to work even if they’ve gotten drunk the night before
– gets annoyed when people whine or complain about things that aren’t important
– being affectionate but only showing it to those who deserve it

Capricorn Traits Memes 34:

capricorn i dont always meme

Capricorn: “I dont always tolerate stupid people… but when I do, I’m probably at work.”

Capricorn Personality Traits Meme 35:

Capricorn Standards

funniest capricorn memes

*Random person making the teeniest, tiniest mistake*
Capricor: “It must be hard being that f**king stupid.

Capricorn Meme 36:

They’re (almost) Always Right

funny capricorn personality meme

Cap Meme 37:

capricorn funny work email meme

When you randomly remember this one email you haven’t replied to at 3am…

Capricorn Traits Meme 38:

Capricorn Thoughts

capricorn simpsons meme


Capricorn Personality Memes 39:

Capricorns Can Be Workaholics

capricorn meme workaholic

Capricorn Traits Meme 40:

what capricorn cant resist meme

What Capricorns Can’t Resist:
– telling the most disturbed joke at the most inappropriate time
– organizing and reorganizing shit to calm their nerves
– letting people know how and why they get them fu**ed up
– staying in relationships where the other person takes them for granted
– resting bi**h face
– the constant pressure that they should be doing more

Capricorn Personality Traits Meme 41:

You Gotta Schedule Ahead of Time #anxiety

capricorn space suit meme

Capricorn Meme 42:

Capricorn Sign

sign dollar meme funny

Hey Baby What’s Your Sign?
Capricorn: Dollar

Capricorn Traits Meme 43:

capricorn funny face meme