LIBRA MAN IN LOVE: How to Make Libra Men Fall in Love With You

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Libra Man in Love

Libra is the sign of balance and moderation. Being an air sign, such as Aquarius and Gemini, Libra’s is a mental and intellectual thinker. For air signs, majority of their decision making will be through their thought process rather than emotions for feelings like other signs.

His Zodiac symbol is the scales of justice so they are the sign of fairness and judgment. The Libra man is a natural charmer with a brilliant smile that can light up a room. He wants nothing more than life to be fair and just for everyone but as you know this is impossible so this can make him somewhat mopey and cranky but that’s just their nature.

What the Libra Man Wants in a Relationship

Libra’s main objective in any relationship is peace and this is true of a Libra man in love. When a he enters a relationship, he has to know that he has a mate whom he can escape the chaos of the world with. The Libra man needs to have a peaceful environment to retreat to. Libra values relationships and would rather be taken than single but because of this, they take their time when finding a mate and entering into a romantic relationship. They like to observe their potential mate to see if they embody those qualities that the Libra man is looking for in a mate.

If a Libra man takes interest in a potential mate, he will take as much time as it takes to know this person is the right one. It can be a tedious task but it’s worth it nevertheless.

When in love, Libra will give his mate complete understanding and an ear to listen to your every problem, just don’t drown them with too much emotional baggage and you can have a very peaceful and happy relationship.

What Libra Men Like

A Libra man wants a mate who is independent and autonomous but he does like for them to need him a little too. A little confusing right? But remember Libra is the sign of moderation so everything to him is manageable in doses. He doesn’t mind his mate having a weak moment every now and again but he also needs to know that when the time comes, you can pull it together and step up to the plate and get things done!

The Libra man has a tendency to give too much of himself in a relationship but that’s just his way of showing that he cares, but he should remember to take time for himself. He will give his mate freedom to do their own thing and of course he expects the same in return. A Libra man in love is a good friend that will show you love and appreciation. His sign is ruled by Venus, the sign of romance and everything beautiful. He enjoys taking his mate to different places involving art where they can marvel at the creations and beauty of the art.

What Libra Men Don’t Like

Libra men don’t care for the unnecessary dramas that can sometimes come with relationship so if you want to get a Libra’s attention, don’t come with any drama because they will sense it and walk away.

Since Libra is an air sign, the male Libra also needs a good amount of space and freedom in order to do what he wants to do because he lives by the motto that your happiness is self achieved – not given by others – so he needs his time to accomplish these goals and dreams that he has. This can make him seen distanced and aloof but his many good qualities will definitely make up for this bad one.

Just know that if he is in a relationship, he is always loyal and would love nothing more for you to share the benefits of his successes.

Zodiac Signs That Are A Good Match For the Libra Man

A Libra man will naturally get along well with other air element signs, Aquarius and Gemini because they understand his need for freedom and they are also intellectual signs so they can provide that mental stimulation that Libra needs.

A Libra and Aquarius can be a perfect match because they both have similar needs and wants from a relationship. These two signs will be able to strengthen their intellectual understanding of each other and the world. They will enjoy art and the culture of people together since they both are lovers of beauty and nature. Aquarius will bring uniqueness to the relationship that Libra adores and Libra will give Aquarius affection but not over-power the Aquarius need for individualism. These two signs will show how moderation can be beneficial to a lasting relationship.

Libra and Gemini can also make a perfect match because they too are mental signs and they will enjoy exploring each other’s mental intellect. Gemini will impress Libra with their wit and smarts and Libra will win Gemini over with his charm and lovable nature. These two signs together will enjoy the extreme highs of their relationship together and the beauty of art and nature. They both need a lot of space but they understand this and aren’t offended by each other’s request for that. Together, they can form a fun and light love affair with a lot of laughs and shared times.

Libra can also find a good mate in fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius because of their high energy and need for adventure. A Libra and Aries relationship can be ideal since they are opposite signs. The qualities the Aries lack, Libra has and vice versa. Because of this, they will have a great understanding of each other. Aries will bring the excitement in the relationship and Libra will bring the love and affection that Aries craves from their mate. Aries can be a little too possessive for Libra’s liking, but once they had a mutual balance between space and togetherness, this can be a very promising union.

A Libra can find an ideal match in Leo because they tend to balance each other well. Libra will calm Leo’s over activeness and Leo will give Libra that excitement and spice that naturally comes along with a Leo. These two signs are direct in their actions so they can enjoy a peaceful relationship where both will feel comfortable enough to open up and share their likes and dislikes. Like most air and fire sign relationships, they will feed off of each others energy to form a blissful relationship with spontaneity.

A Libra and Sagittarius can also form an ideal union since they both love to have fun! Sagittarius, being the philosopher of the Zodiac, will give Libra that mental stimulation they need from a relationship and Libra will provide Sagittarius with space and freedom which they need from a relationship. Together, they can enjoy playful times and adventures and have tons of fun memories to share with one another. This can be a very fun and playful relationship with the potential to last forever.