I Asked Chatgpt To Write a Poem About Scorpios

chatgpt scorpio

POEM About Scorpios by Chatgpt

I asked chatgpt to write a poem about Scorpios and here’s what it came up with …

Mysterious Scorpio, so deep and so bold, With secrets and passions that never get old. Your penetrating stare, so intense and so true, Sees right through the lies to reveal what is new.

You are the sign of transformation and change, Embracing the darkness to bring in the light of the strange. With your bravery and loyalty, you inspire, And those who cross you, they’d better retire.

You have a magnetic charm that’s hard to ignore, And your passion and power leave others in awe. Your intensity can be a bit hard to bear, But those who truly know you, they’ll always be there.

Scorpio, you are the phoenix that rises from ash, And your resilience and strength, they’ll never be surpassed. You are the embodiment of life, death, and rebirth, And those who dare to love you will be forever in mirth.