How to ATTRACT a Leo Man: 5 Ways To Seduce a Male Leo ♌♂

how to attract a leo man

Attracting A Leo Man

React to Him

You are in a cafe, sipping your coffee and reading a newspaper. You may notice as he walks in the door or you may hear him order his drink, you can’t help but stare. A Leo man can make the room stop. A Leo man drips with power and confidence. He knows it, he wants you to know it and he wants you to react to it. You know you want to worship that gorgeous Leo man and he simply does not want to stop you from doing so.

Attract a Leo Man

Praise and Adoration

The lion is the king of jungle and the Leo can do nothing but agree. They play like they are in the jungle, working hard to excel at anything they can put their mind to. Leo men achieve their goals then step back and await the praise. “I am King, hear me roar!” Praise and adoration are not shallow ego boosters to a Leo. Praise and adoration is the food and water of the Leo. They appreciate your appreciation and are more than willing to thank you for it. But before you even think of approaching him, check yourself. They are not interested in cowards or weakness.

Attract a Leo Man

Take Care of Yourself

Just like their fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, a Leo male will mate with someone who is worthy of his affections. Yes the key word is worthy. It does not matter if you are too tall or even on the heavy side, if you take care of yourself and demand nothing but the best in your life, a Leo will take notice and like what he sees. Be goal orientated. You may be down now but what are your plans to raise yourself back up? Are you working to improve your status? If not then you should be improving yourself. Being complacent will earn you nothing in their eyes. Remember, Leos are usually heads of their pack. You need to be an alpha but know your role too.

Attract a Leo Man

Be Supportive

Your role, is by their side supporting them. As you may begin to gather from this series, each sign and some of their characteristics overlap each other a little. In this case, from the Cancer, the need to know they are still on top the game is a must. They want to rule the jungle and want the perfect mate to hunt with them. If you want a partner who is strong, determined and an animal in bed – the Leo is the one. Let it be known you want him and let him you are up for the challenge!

Attract a Leo Man

Be His Queen

Appearance is important. Look well, dress well and speak well. Take pride in yourself, keep in mind you are just as good as he is. You have more to offer than any of those sniffing at his crotch. You want to keep him around for longer than a night.

Make sure he knows that with you, he has his queen. On your date, make sure he knows your strength and determination. He should know that you do not need him but you want him. He is worthy of you. Hold yourself in the same high regards that he holds himself and he will know you are in it to win him.

Let him know why he is worthy of you from all that he has accomplished to all you want to accomplish with him. Throw in a few flirtations and bedroom scenarios to the mix. By the end of dinner, he will want you for dessert. No matter how pretty the plate, do not just give yourself over. You tell him you want to know just how well he can seduce you. The longer it takes to get his prey the longer he takes to devour it when he catches it. Now won’t that be fun 😉

Did I mention how much Leo men LOVE dessert? Whether it is mid-morning, late afternoon or all night after dinner, once they have a taste, they want nothing else. Sex is hard core with a Leo. He likes to try new things and is always thinking of ways to have fun between the sheets. The passion and fire that burns with his sign, burns hot in his bed. He is a leader in all the areas of his life. He will lead you to orgasms you could only imagine, the louder you are the better. Play games in the bedroom, let him chase you naked around the house. Let him continue to think, you are the grand prize in any game played.

A Leo man maybe in charge but his partner can gain control. So long as you make him think it was all his idea. Give him what he wants, the thrill and the chase but make him do it on your terms. While he loves his bedroom games he is more than just hours of scorching hot sexual fun.

The more time you spend with him outside of the bedroom, the more he starts to see you as his queen. You will see that while he is still the lion in the street, when he comes to you he is a like a cat curled up in your lap. You will be the one that knows the exact spot to make purr.

When you become his queen, it will be all you ever need. He loves and honor commitment. They love the pride and stability it brings. He will shower you with gifts and take care of your needs. To keep him for the long haul remember he loves to be adored, he loves to be made worthy, he loves being the center of someone’s universe.

Praise your Leo man, devote yourself to him and appreciate everything he gives you. If you end up with him for the long haul your children will be adored and never want for anything. The new family unit will mean everything. He will protect you and his family with pride and dignity. Once he has his Queen and his family, there will be nothing to stand in his way.