Cancerian Woman Personality: 69+ Facts About the Female Cancer

Cancer Woman Personality Traits & Behavior ♋︎♀️

1. She has a heart of gold; beautiful inside and out.
2. The Cancer woman is a nurturer who takes great care of all those around her.
3. She is extremely responsible and trustworthy.
4. She is a homebody who views her home as her safe haven.
5. The Cancerian woman has this deep inner knowing and wisdom behind her.
6. She is strongly intuitive and expert at reading people.
7. Trust her when she can sense that something doesn’t feel right.
8. She is sympathetic and sensitive to others around her.
9. A Cancer woman is able to empathize with other people’s sensitivities.
10. She has strong feelings and is deeply emotional.
11. Cancer women are very loyal, honest, trustworthy, caring and generous.
12. These ladies are naturally creative especially when they are happy.
13. Every Cancer woman is family oriented, and protective of her loved ones.
14. She also loves to help others and is always great at giving people wise advice.
15. Among her friends, she is usually known as the ‘mother’ of the group.
16. At times, she is reserved and shy, but she can be an outgoing social butterfly when she is with people she trusts.
17. The Cancer woman enjoys the company of others but also needs her space.
18. Cancer women are sensitive, emotional, sentimental and moody; they can go from happy to sad, and back to happy in minutes.
19. She remembers everything. The Cancer woman is an over thinker.
20. Cancerian women are emotional first, but they are also extremely practical. They are great at business and managing money.
21. She’s a problem solver who knows how to manage difficult people and events.
22. She’s a great conversationalist, and listener. People often go to her for advice.

Understanding the Cancerian Woman:

23. She is happy when she is surrounded by her loved ones, friends and family.
24. The Cancerian woman doesn’t do well if things are out of balance in her home.
25. She is easily hurt and disappointed if she feels unappreciated or lied to.
24. Cancer women don’t give their heart away easily, but when they do, they love hard until the end.
25. When they know what they want, they go for it, and don’t stop until they get it.
26. She is easy to please, and appreciates the little things.
27. She is patient, but doesn’t take b.s. either.
28. Cancer women hate drama.
29. Her need for peace and privacy is the reason why she shares personal information on a need to know basis.
30. She has a fear of rejection. She is deeply sensitive and emotional; she feels emotional pain stronger than most people.
31. The Cancer woman is not at all interested in short term, casual relationships.

The Female Crab

32. Just like the crab, she has a tough outer shell but is fragile and soft on the inside.
33. Crabs carry their shell on their back so they can hide in it and be safe. Cancer females can be shy and need reassurance. What they are most afraid of is rejection. What they have to offer is a motherly, caring, comforting aura that can personify the word woman.

The Cancer Girl

beautiful cancer woman

34. Who’s that beautiful, sassy and yet reserved girl? Oh yeah, she’s a Cancer.

cancer girl

35. Cancer girls tend to be the perfect blend of shy and sweet, and on the other side wild and crazy.

Dating a Cancer Woman

dating cancer woman zodiac star sign

36. For the first few dates, you might get confused by a Cancerian woman. She may show frequent changes in behavior. At one time, she may appear very shy and fragile, but the next time, she may be dancing and yelling at you at the club. She may appear nervous, but then at the very next moment, she will be confident and humorous with you. Her real emotions are kept inside safely and you will have to unlock them by gaining her trust and love. This can be difficult at times as she will test you for worthiness.

what it's like to date a cancer woman

37. The cancer woman is a very sensual woman with deep emotions and passion brewing underneath the exterior. Be patient and tender with her.
38. Do not expect her to open up to you right away and jump into a relationship. She will not make the first move and will not be forward with you, you have to do the work.
39. Try not to lead her on because she is very in tune with people’s motivations and she will see right through you.
40. She knows how to use affection and attention to make her partner stay around.
41. She is gentle, caring, and believes in love wholeheartedly. She craves commitment.
42. Trust is the single most important thing to a Cancer woman. If you betray her trust, you might as well move on. She needs love and security.

Attract a Female Cancer

43. The female Cancer is quite complicated. She is vulnerable and emotional, but is not likely to quickly fall in love.
44. You will need to be sincere, direct and honest with them.
45. These women can smell bullsh*t from miles away, so if you are playing games with a Cancer woman, you will have no chance with them.
46. Always be kind and generous with her. Show her that you care about her.
47. Do not rush a Cancerian woman. Give her time to trust you.
48. Once her trust is earned, she will be passionate and loyal.
49. To lighten her mood, give her sincere compliments. Let her know that you are paying attention to her.
50. Remember that she is not interested in one night stands and she needs more than casual relationships.
51. What the female Cancer needs is a committed, loyal and faithful partner.
52. She responds well to a partner who is in tune with her unspoken feelings.
53. The Cancer woman is attracted to partners with layers to them. Someone who is sweet, and protective, with a sense of innocence yet tough and capable.
54. When she finds the perfect lover, she will completely and unconditionally surrender her soul to them.

cancer woman lover


Seducing a Cancerian Woman

55. In order to seduce a Cancer woman, be proactive and make the first move, but at the same time, respect her need to be treated like a lady.
56. Make subtle physical contacts and give her genuine affection.
57. Confide in her about some of your problems, and don’t hold back from openly expressing your feelings. She will appreciate your sensitivity and vulnerability. She will likely respond more positively if she thinks you’re in need of some loving care.
58. Ask her about her roots. A reliable way of getting a Cancer woman’s interest is to talk
to her about your family background and ask her to tell you about hers. Family is very important to this girl.
59. Be kind and caring.

What A Cancer Woman Wants in a Relationship

what female cancer wants in a relationship

60. The Cancer woman wants the kind of relationship that is sacred between both parties, where nobody is able to invade because neither will allow it.
61. She wants an attentive, caring partner because it’s no secret that she requires a lot of attention.
62. Cancer women want a deep connection with their partner. When things seem hostile, she wants that type of relationship where much doesn’t need to be said… a certain look will make things all better.
63. The Cancerian woman needs someone romantic who is ready to love her.
64. She needs constant reassurance that you are in love with her.
65. Cancers need security and stability in all forms.


Cancer Woman Likes

66. She likes places near bodies of water.
67. The Cancerian woman likes activities that help beautify her home such as interior design, collecting artworks and antiques.
68. She enjoys activities that you can do at home.
69. She likes sensitive people. Show her the softer side of your nature.

what cancer women like

Cancer Woman Dislikes

70. She doesn’t like insensitive people who are pretentious, thoughtless and harsh.
72. In the beginning, don’t come off too strong asking invasive and probing questions.
73. The cancer woman does not like people who are constantly criticizing her and indirectly reminding her of her downfalls.
74. Cancer women hate it when their lover “forgets” promises and important dates.
75. She doesn’t like feeling forgotten.
76. She also doesn’t like it when you make her feel unimportant by having to unnecessarily wait for your replies, calls or text messages.

Cancer Woman Romance & Sexuality

77. The Cancerian woman is sexy, sensual, and captivating.
78. She would love to be swept off her feet with romance, but do not try to lead her on because she will see right through you.

cancer woman romance and sexuality

79. She’s the first woman whose tender touch has kept you in bed long after the ardor has worn off and the candles have burned down. You’re surprised by the warmth in her eyes that somehow gentles your demanding hands to light caresses and squeezes. She makes you care for her, and something in the soft weight of her head on your chest brings out an urge to protect and provide. She is not weak. Far from it. But she is so wholesome good, and she tries so hard and loves so deep that you can’t help but despise anyone that would harm her. You touch her, and she is far more real than anything you have felt before…

80. The Cancer woman ay appear shy, but deep down, she is a marvelously sensual woman. She is a subtle flirt and love old fashioned romance. She is quite sentimental and devoted to her mate. In intimate relationships, she tends to be feminine, affectionate, and sweetly seductive.

sexuality of cancer female zodiac sign

81. Cancer women like to be kissed but their mouth lips isn’t the only pair they want your mouth on. Take a trip down south.

82. Cancer Woman in the Bedroom

cancer woman in the bedroom

Cancer Woman in Love

83. When a Cancer loves you, they will move mountains to see that you have everything that you need.
84. She’ll sacrifice a lot for those she loves.
85. She needs to have a deep connection with the person she loves. The kind of relationship where they understand each other with just ‘a look.’
86. A Cancer does not fall in love halfway; it’s either all or nothing.
87. In love, the Cancer woman takes care of her lover. She will do anything for them. In return, she needs a lot of reassurance and to feel wanted.