CANCERIAN LOVE: 101 Facts About Cancer Zodiac Sign in Love, Dating, Compatibility, Sex, Attraction, Romance

cancerian in love facts

Those whose zodiac sun sign is Cancer are born in the months of June and July. Specifically, from June 21 to July 22. They make great relationship partners because they are loving, loyal, sweet, caring, sweet, romantic, sensitive and sentimental. There are so many reasons to date and marry a Cancer. Find out if you are compatible with them, and how you can attract them by seeing the list of Cancerian personality traits when they are in love.

Getting to Know Cancerians: Personality in Love Relationships

1. A Cancer is the whole package; beauty and brains.
2. This sign will make you fall in love at first sight.
3. Cancers are affectionate, relationship seekers.
4. They are very loving and protective of their loved ones.
5. Their heart is as deep as the ocean.  Cancers don’t demand much, just some love, sense of peace and comfort.
6. This star sign presents a tough exterior to the world in order to protect their feelings, which run very deep and tender.
7. Cancers are sensitive and caring by nature.
8. This zodiac sign overthinks, overcares, and overloves.

Getting to know cancer in love

9. They are mainly homebodies but love the occasional night out and feels it’s necessary
10. Cancers love late night convos about anything, it shows you care to stay up with them.
11. they love spending quality time with the people they love.
12. A Cancer has the heart of gold. They love to nurture others and be the shoulder to cry on.
13. They are emotionally sensitive and get hurt very easily.
14. This zodiac sign can be moody and have days where they become reclusive.
15. Cancers understand life through feelings and emotions.
16. Not many people will win the heart of a Cancer. When they pick a lover, it’s a special moment.

cancer pick someone special

Reasons to Date a Cancerian

17. If you are looking for love and loyalty, then look no further than Cancer.
18. This sign is probably the most loyal in relationships. If you are dating a Cancer, you’ll  never have to worry about cheating.
19. They have all the right qualities to make a great partner.
20. Cancers will keep you safe and make sure you are happy at all times.
21. They will enjoy taking care of you and focus on giving you all you need and desire.
22. Cancerians are naturally giving people. They will always make sure you are well taken care of.
23. They understand deep emotions and they are not afraid to show their feelings.

cancer zodiac sign understanding emotions and feelings

24. They are fantastic listeners.
25. Cancers are very supportive; great at being their soulmate’s number one cheerleader.
26. They have a great sense of humor and will never stop making their partner laugh.
27. They would sweet talk you for days, move mountains for you, listen to your feelings as long as you listen to theirs, will do the most, shower you with thoughtful gifts, look you in the eyes and tell you how much they love you and why.
28. They are romantic, but also very practical in matters to do with the home and raising a family.
29. Cancerians need to feel secure, which is why, they are financially independent and they know how to save money.
30. They are generous, wise, and naturally beautiful with beautiful souls.
31. They will make you feel like your love is from a movie.

cancer love and romance

CANCER LOVE COMPATIBILITY: Are You and Cancer a Match?

How a Cancerian Loves

32. You haven’t experienced true love until you date a Cancer.

true love cancer zodiac sign

33. When a Cancer loves you, they will move mountains to see that you have everything that you need.

how cancer zodiac sign loves

34. A Cancer does not fall in love halfway; it’s either all or nothing.

cancer sign all or nothing love

35. Cancers are not the biggest risk takers, except in love.. they see no boundaries or limits when in love.
36. When they fall, they fall hard – but they’re still cautious. When it comes to love, they are looking for a true partner.

 Cancer Behavior When in Love

37. Cancer is blessed with a unique intuition that helps guide them in their relationships.

cancerian intuition

38. They are usually pretty easy to please overall.
39. When Cancer really likes you, they will talk about you a lot.
40. When they are very attracted to you, they may act shy around you but they will stare at you constantly.
41. A Cancer will flirt the same way they joke with their friends, except with more excitement.
42. If you find yourself in a relationship with a Cancer, then you probably already know how much love they have to give just within the first couple of weeks of being with them.
43. They may smother you from time to time, but they’re just being protective.
44. They are keen observers and will remember the finest details about you and your wants and needs.
45. They are strongly intuitive and probably knows things you didn’t share with words.
46. When they care about you, they will care about how you are with them. They are very sensitive towards the things you will say or do for them.
47. Expect a very emotional relationship with a Cancer because they are more than ready to devote themselves.
48. All they really need from you is to feel secure and to feel loved.

what cancer needs in love relationships

Marriage Compatibility to A Cancer

49. You know you are a good match with your Cancer when they become comfortable around you – when being with you is just as relaxing to them (and you) as being alone. Cancers take relaxation very seriously, mostly because they feel so much that sometimes, relaxing seems impossible.

50. Cancerians are very emotional, so someone that can balance them out is important. If you are someone who calms them down better than they can calm themselves, then that’s a good sign you will be happy in your marriage to a Cancer.

51. They’re notoriously soft-hearted so showing off your sensitive side will make them feel close to you. They secretly love being babied, and love being pampered with a home-cooked meal. Romantic atmospheres appeal to their sensuality.

52. Security is important to them. They need loyal, loving and faithful spouses. They are highly attracted to bold people who carry their weight and are ambitious, driven and successful. This way, they will not have to worry too much and they can focus on creating a stable, happy and perfect home.

53. You Are Incompatible with A Cancer If:

youre incompatible with cancer if

    • deep emotions make you squeamish
    • you have an insensitive way of speaking and communicating
    • you require tons of personal space
    • you dislike sharing your deepest feelings
    • you don’t know how to show your love and care
    • you are not family oriented
    • you don’t enjoy being spoiled and being placed on a pedestal

ATTRACT A CANCERIAN: How to Make a Cancer Fall in Love with You

54. Cancers like romance; think roses, chocolate, and candlelight.
55. Their mood is directly affected by their surroundings; take them to calm, and intimate and/or nostalgic atmospheres.
56. Family is important to Cancers; ask them about their family and actually listen.
57. They love food; show them your cooking ability or appreciate theirs.
58. Make Cancerians feel secure; show them that one of your goals is also creating a happy, stable and secure family home and life.
59. They love people with a sense of humor; good laughs go a long way with a Cancer.
60. Show them emotional comfort and security. Let them know that you are going to be loving, loyal, and caring forever. (They will know if you mean it.)
61. Truly understand their sensitivity.

What Cancer Likes, Wants and Needs

62. Honest communication is important to them. A Cancer needs you to say what you mean, and mean what you say.
63. They like and want someone who remembers those special days or show their love for no reason at all.
64. To get on their good side, make them laugh especially when they need it.
65. They want to be protected and they also need to feel that they protect their partner.
66. They thrive on feeling secure.
67. Loyalty, protection, feeling totally safe in the arms of their lover is the best ‘coming home there is for Cancers.
68. They like relaxing near or in water, art, home-based hobbies, a good meal with friends, and helping loved ones.
69. They need someone who is confident, patient, and understanding of their strong feelingscancer zodiac sign funny meme mood swings

70. At the end of the day, Cancerians just want love that is solid, strong and undeniably genuine.

What Cancer Dislikes

71. Do not shut them out. Once they feel a level of distance, they begin to back away from you.
72. Cancerians are uncomfortable with strangers, revealing of personal life, criticism about people they love.
73. Don’t make a Cancer feel left out or neglected. They like to be included in what’s going on around them and with the people they care about.
74. Cancers don’t like feeling unsure of where they stand with you. They pay close attention to the vibes you give and act off of those vibes.
75. If your Cancer is acting jealous or possessive, remember this behavior means that they truly care about you. It is a sign that your Cancer really likes you and you just need to reassure them and remind them of your love and loyalty for them.
76. In return, they will show you and tell you that they love you with no mixed signals.
77. Do not take advantage of them because they will leave you in a heartbeat the minute they realize that you are only with them for something other than your love for them.
78. A Cancer usually distances themselves from people when their intuition tells them they might get hurt.

Cancerian Romance: Cancer in the Bedroom

79. For a Cancer, love and sex go together. They want to have at least some kind of emotional involvement.
80. If they feel comfortable with you, their reserve comes off and they become unrestricted sexually.
81. When Cancerians trust you, they will not be scared to be vulnerable around you.
82. Cancer love making style is intensely emotional and sentimental.
83. They want sex to be passionate, fulfilling and meaningful.
84. They are very affectionate and they tend to be sexually tireless in bed.
85. They find enjoyment giving and pleasing their partner as long as their partners are receptive to them.
86. Cancerians use sex as a way to connect if they feel disconnected with their partner.
87. They have many fantasies they want to act out.

88. Making Love: Cancer Lover

making love to a cancer zodiac sign


How A Cancer Reacts During Arguments

89. Cancers do not need words to know that something is not okay. They feel it with their whole being.
90. They need and prefer to solve disagreements and problems in a soft way, with a gentle tone and dialogue.
91. When a Cancer is upset, they distance themselves until they feel it’s time to talk.
92. If you manage to involve them in an argument, you can be sure that they will instill a powerful sense of guilt in you.
93. Cancers have a sixth sense about knowing when they’re right. It usually works out the way they said it would.
94. Sometimes a cancer will put up walls to see if the people who are supposed to know them best actually cares to knock them down.
95. They are good at using reverse psychology on you.
96. A Cancer’s expression of sadness: Isolation from everyone.
97. They are not easily fooled, Cancers are perceptive and intuitive, especially when it comes to changes in others.
98. Cancers are sweethearts with huge hearts but can turn ‘bad’ when pushed too far.
99. Don’t take the kindness of Cancer for granted. You will never have that level of good again.

100. Cancer Personality: Hurt & Anger

  • An Angry Cancer can be a dangerous one. They can cut deeply with their words.

hurt and angry cancer zodiac sign

  • Cancers give the silent treatment because they find it difficult to communicate what they’re feeling so they shut down all their emotional responses when hurt.
  • They also “use the silent treatment” when they feel that they cannot reason with you, or when they feel that they are not being heard.
  • Cancer lovers are very emotionally sensitive and can pick up the slightest changes in you like a little anger, doubt, pleasure, sadness or joy.
  • If they don’t feel valued, they may internalize their feelings instead of talking about them, harboring anger and resentment sometimes for years.
  • You know you have really hurt a Cancer when they run, cut you off, and disappear from your life all of a sudden.

Cancer Zodiac Sign and Heartbreak

Here comes the waterfalls. First of all, they fell hard for you and the fact that you didn’t appreciate their affection and love is ignorant. They’ll stay home and cry until they are completely over you. If you catch them half way getting over you, they will most likely get back with you. But when they lost their feelings for you, if you want to meet them, they’ll just give you a warm smile and a cold look – that’s when you know it’s over.

101. Cancer Zodiac Sign: The End of a Love Affair

  • It will take a lot for Cancer to stop caring, because they are never the type to just walk away from someone.
  • Once you lose a Cancer’s trust, it is nearly impossible to get it back. No amount of apologizing is going to make any difference.losing cancer zodiac sign
  • A Cancer will put up with a lot, but once they are pushed too far, it’s game over. They may just cut off all ties with you and you may never know exactly what you did wrong.