19 Aries Woman Love Traits – Understanding Aries Women

Aries Woman Love Traits

What It’s Like for an Aries Woman in Love?

Here’s a list of 19 Facts About Aries female personality when it comes to romance and love:

What Aries Women Want and Need:

1. The only 3 things an Aries woman wants from their partners are trust, loyalty and respect.

2. Aries women prefer a classy mate to make them feel proud. Aries have a healthy ego regarding status.

3. Aries women are actually sensitive; they take things to heart easily.

4. Never take an Aries for granted, they might disappear altogether and you will lose them forever.

5. An Aries woman wants to be told she is special and different from other women. If you don’t tell her that, she will find someone who will.

6. Aries women don’t need material things. Write her a poem or a love letter, and watch her light up with happiness.

What an Aries Woman Can Give You

7. Aries girls want to protect and nurture those they love. They have so much love to give.

8. The presence of an Aries woman can be felt when she enters a room.

9. An Aries woman is a mix of a wonder woman and a porn star.

10. Once you have sex with an Aries female, you will remember it forever.

11. Aries women just want to live in happy moments and keep their loved ones intact.

12. In a relationship, an Aries is loyal and doesn’t see themselves with anyone but their loved one.

How to Repel an Aries Woman

13. Nothing turns off an ‪‎Aries girls like clinging, grovelling, or excuses.

14. Dating an ‪Aries woman? Stand your ground. She doesn’t like the weak.

What Makes Dating an Aries Woman Special

15. An Aries woman is not afraid to go after who they want. Her love is loyal and her heart is passionate for the ones she truly cares for.

16. Aries females are fire or ice; either hot or cold and never in between.

17. An Aries woman is hard to get. If you are able to win the heart of a female Aries, count your self lucky.

18. Aries woman will find many ways to make you happy. Aries love seeing you smile.

19. Aries woman is both aggressive and tender. She is a leader, but might be willing to acquiesce if she really loves you.