Aries Facts: 29 Fun Facts about the Aries Personality

Aries Facts


Here’s a list of 29 Aries Facts – Personality Traits of the FIRST Zodiac Sign:

Aries Facts: Characteristics

1. Aries have low tolerance for bullshit. That’s a fact.

2. Aries has the balls to get stuff done and to say the things that everyone else wants to say.

3. Aries is an over-thinker, an over-feeler, and an over-lover.

4. Aries qualities‬: leadership, strength and power.

5. If you ask an ‪Aries for‬ advice, they will certainly give it to you but make sure you have a backbone.

6. Aries are assertive and strong willed. They get things done.

7. Aries have weaknesses, but that never stops them. That’s why they are successful.

8. Aries impulsiveness is part of who they are.

9. Aries people will work very hard to reach their goal. Nothing, and no one can stop them.

10. Aries people can be stubborn. They know what they want.

11. Aries have an ability to find the truth in any situation.

12. Aries enjoys trying new things.

Aries Facts: Aries with Other People

13. You may think you have fooled an Aries, but they are just feeding you a little more rope to hang yourself.

14. Aries are always one or two steps ahead of everyone else.

15. A big thing with an Aries is respect. Respect them and they will respect you. Bullshit them and well, you know the rest.

16. Aries are always the life of the party. You will always have a good time when you are with them.

17. Aries love everybody. Some they love to be around, some they love to avoid, and others they would love to punch in the face

18. Aries people have bad tempers, but a few minutes later, they are back to normal.

19. Aries is not crying because you hurt their feelings but because you made them angry enough they could hurt you.

Aries Facts: Aries in Love and Relationships

20. Aries needs love, and lots of it.

21. To love an ‪Aries, don’t leave anything on the table. Give them your ALL and total being.

22. Even if an Aries can be domineering, Aries are more likely to stay with a partner who can’t be easily dominated.

23. Aries can be mysterious. You will always wonder what they truly think and feel.

24. Aries are creative people and are never boring. They will always have something new in their box to surprise you.

25. Aries are doers. An Aries thinks that you should either improve a bad situation or just stop complaining about it.

26. They are bold, impulsive and straightforward in their speech. You will know where you stand.

27. Aries are super independent. They like doing things for themselves so they will need some breathing room in the relationship.

28. Aries are competitive and they love to win. This means they will fight to get you and will love the chase.

29. Aries will keep it real with you 100%.