About The Leo Woman: Sexy, Beautiful, Poised, Powerful and Confident ?♌

about the leo woman

The Truth About the Leo Woman

The Lioness

You would have to be a brave man to even think of taming the lioness. It’s no wonder she caught your eye, because she was trying to, and she always gets what she wants. But before you let that pride inflate, realize that she’s also trying to catch the eye of every other man in the room. What do you expect? She’s a Leo woman after all, attention is what she wants.

Beautiful, Remarkably Poised, Powerful and Confident

Even if she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, half of her appeal comes from her extraordinary confidence. She has a remarkably poised manner about her, and will be the personification of power. Her eyes are fiery, searing with a promise of bold passion, and if that lures you in, remember that if you treat her badly, that same passion will turn into a seething fury, and you won’t have any place to run. Tangle with the lioness and you won’t limp away just rubbing them, you’ll be counting them. She has a fearsome temper when wronged, and has a great deal of arrogance in her manner, but underneath it all she’s still a woman, feeling and sensitive.

About Leo Woman

Who A Leo Woman Wants

She wants someone who is her equal, who can match her boldness, and challenge her in the best possible way. She doesn’t want someone who’s spineless or insecure, but she also doesn’t want someone who tries to dominate her. She wants someone in between, preferably a tad bit submissive. Leo females often choose those that are less attractive than them, or have lower income jobs, just so that they can establish the balance of power in a relationship. The lioness will rarely go after a top supermodel, or shackle herself to the role of a trophy wife to some big shot.

About Leo Woman

Passionate, Adventurous and Bold

Leo women are notoriously passionate and adventurous in bed. This is a gal that will throw you down and work you till you’re left breathless, and she’ll do it with enviable composure. She’s graceful and elegant, and is not the kind of girl you’ll see stumbling, twisting her fingers shyly, or giggling incessantly. She’s not girly—womanly, yes, but not girly. Her boldness will be off-putting to some, and that’s too bad for them, because they’re missing out on one hell of a woman.

About the Leo Woman

Queen of the Family

Nothing means more to her than her role as the Queen in a family, and she won’t let anyone challenge her authority on that—not even you. If you haven’t been scared off, then we can get down to discuss her more rewarding attributes, chief amongst them her sense of passion.

Leo Woman as a Wife

She’s faithful as a wife, but to a point. She dictates her own sense of morality, and if she’s chosen you, then she’ll be faithful as long as she believes in your marriage. Treat her wrong, however, and she won’t just cheat you, but she’ll do everything she can to hurt you before she leaves.

Leo Woman as a Mother

She adores her children, her precious lion cubs, and will consider her their first parent, and you their second in command. Get used to it, because Leo women are fiercely possessive mothers. But in a funny twist, she’s also laid-back in her role as a parent. She won’t chase after them to make sure they’re eating right and doing their homework; she won’t fuss over them or worry if they’re late from school.

If someone so much as raises their voice to them, then she’ll charge out with a fierce roar. But until then, she’s perfectly happy letting them find themselves on their own. She’ll raise independent, self-sufficient children, and if she doesn’t have a water-sign ascendant, can actually inadvertently deprive them of affection. In such an event, you’ll have to compensate as the second parent.

Treat Her Well

She’s smart, she’s sexy, she’s bold and she’s charismatic. She can tie you down and make love to you, about as easily as she can hand you your teeth if you ever betray her. This zodiac sign is all woman, but she’s a lioness at heart; it’s in your best interest to treat her well.