23 Most Random Things about SAGITTARIUS Zodiac Sign ♐ – Be Prepared to LOL!

Random Things About Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Random Things about Sagittarius

The most random things about Sagittarius ♐ (born November 23 – December 21), that I found on Tumblr and some other astrology sites on the internet. So this is what people think about Sagittarians. Some are true, some are false, some are silly, and some are downright mean and offensive. Have fun! ?

  1. People love you because: You’re funny and open-minded.
  2. Sagittarius Lie: “I’m over it.”
  3. What Sagittarius are Insecure About: Their personality.
  4. True Weakness of Sagittarius: The dark. feeling trapped, clumsiness.
  5. Sagittarius’ Favorite Thing To Do: Argue
  6. Sagittarius As A Soda: Fanta Grape
  7. When Sagittarius Gets No Sleep: Time for a nap.
  8. How to Guess If Someone is Sagittarius: Believers in anything, experience new things, shouts loud and clear (meaning they’ll say anything).
  9. Sagittarius and Sexuality: Make U Tapout fast.
  10. The most hypocritical aspects of Sagittarius: Likes to be the -chill- one but gets really upset over the strangest and most random things.
  11. Sagittarius Dark Side: Sneaky, haughty, unreliable.
  12. When You Get to Know Sagittarius: Actually loyal, kind, unique, fun, secretive.
  13. Sagittarius As school Subject: Tourism
  14. Little Things I Love About Sagittarius: Their vision of life and romance.
  15. Sagittarius as a Pretty English Word: hiraeth (n) – a homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.
  16. Would Sagittarians Fall For A Fuck Boy? yupyupyupehyupyup
  17. What annoys a random tumblr user about Sagittarius: Never thinks things through before making a decision.
  18. You Know Shit’s Serious When: A SAGITTARIUS doesn’t want to control shit anymore.
  19. According to top Google searches, Why is Sagittarius sooo: mean, so cold, attractive, a fire sign.
  20. Rule about is Saggs: Don’t stress out a Sagittarius.
  21. Random Short facts about Sagittarius: Night owls.
  22. Trust Sagittarius To: Teach you to never look back. to move forward.
  23. Sagittarius in 25 Words: Optimistic, Charming, Spiritual, Impulsive, Versatile, Lucky, Extroverted, Trustworthy, Enchanting, Eager, Independent,  Caring, Intuitive,  Gullible, Funny, Blunt,  Capable, Artistic,  Uninhibited, Explorer,  Intelligent, Musical, Adventurous, Active, Honest.