SCORPIO FEMALE TRAITS: 32 Personality Traits of a Female Scorpio

scorpio female personality traits

Scorpio Female Personality Traits

  1. The Scorpio female is passionate and mysterious.
  2. She’s emotional, dynamic, fearless and determined, she’s very intriguing.
  3. Not everyone can handle such an intense type of personality, but she’ll make a lot of people curious enough to try.
  4. If a female Scorpio likes you, she can be quite warm and extremely funny.
  5. Her humour will likely have a biting edge to it, especially when directed towards someone she doesn’t like, but her razor-sharp mind can really conjure up some quick, witty barbs that you may feel bad about laughing with…although they really are pretty funny, even if they are mean. Just be glad her humour isn’t directed at you.
  6. She’s got her own mind, and she knows how to use it. Ms. Scorpio is a unique type of individual, and she’s not going to bend for anyone. She is what she is, she is who she is, and anyone who wants to be a part of her life will have to take her as she is.
  7. If the Scorpio female can harness that energy and power in a positive way, she could probably run the world.
  8. When a Scorpio female’s interest is piqued, she can be quite passionate about it, and can push, prod and encourage others to feel the same way.
  9. She’s a great person to have on your side.
  10. While plenty of people may be attracted to the female Scorpio’s intensity and sarcastic humour, she’ll call only a handful of people her “friend”. If she does call one “friend”, then that friend will have found a fiercely loyal, lifelong pal who will have their back.

Female Scorpio in Love

  1. Scorpio ladies don’t fall in love for fun; they fall in love for real.
  2. These ladies with magnetic eyes are ridiculously passionate, and are just as jealous and possessive.
  3. If they can, they like to choose partners who will stand up to them…just a bit. Miss Scorpio is always in charge and prefers to “run” her partner.
  4. Rest assured, though, that if the female Scorpio falls in love, she will do her best to love and protect her partner for all time.
  5. You know those sweet, loving, submissive housewife types that are shown on old tv movies and shows? Ms. Scorpio doesn’t fall into that category.
  6. She’s loving and supportive, all right. Very ambitious for her mate and offspring. But no matter how sweet her smiles and gentle her manner, this intense lady is the boss. She runs the show. Just go with it. It’ll be easier.
  7. The female Scorpio will find a nearly ideal match with fellow water sign Cancer. Cancer’s gentle, sympathetic nature will help soothe Scorpio’s intensity.
  8. She’ll also find a complementary relationship with watery Pisces, who will understand the Scorpion quite well, and will appreciate her managing ways.
  9. Earthy Taurus and Scorpio will admire and manage to cope with each other, and may even learn the fine art of compromise together.
  10. Scorpio may find harmony with airy Libra, if Libra can learn to get along with the female Scorpio’s domineering ways.

Scorpio as a Mom

  1. A Scorpio mom is not a mom who lets her kids sit in their rooms all day long, playing mobile games.
  2. She can be a bit pushy and demanding, and is ambitious for the kids, but that comes from her being a very loving, supportive mom.
  3. The Scorpio female wants the best for her kids, and wants them to be their very best.
  4. She’ll be very proud of her kids, and be their number one fan, even if she does drive them a bit nuts on occasion.

Female Scorpios In The Workplace

  1. While the female Scorpio may be a bit difficult to work with, if one can harness her energies, then she’ll be one heck of a worker. A focused, intense and dynamic employee like that can definitely get things done.
  2. Her colleagues may find her a bit too intense, and may be uncomfortable with the barely-controlled emotions that seem to simmer below the surface, but if she’s working alone, she’ll accomplish wonders—if she wants to.
  3. As a boss, a Scorpio female may quickly become disillusioned with any employee who doesn’t immediately match up to her critical, exacting standards.
  4. She may be a bit too aggressive for some, and her sarcastic humour may piss some people off.
  5. If an employee is able to please the Scorpio boss however, she’ll back that employee to no end.

Scorpio Female Negative Traits

  1. On the negative side, the Scorpio lady is prone to insecurity and can be intolerant and very slow to trust.
  2. She can also be very critical and picky when she’s unhappy. And that temper! When provoked, she can fly into one heck of a rage, shred someone to ribbons with her sharp tongue, and hold a lifelong grudge.
  3. Scorpio females aren’t ones to mess with, that’s for sure. It takes a tolerant, understanding and accepting person with a lot of inner strength to handle this woman.

The female Scorpio is a powerful lady, and a handful. She will definitely make an impression…good or bad.