10 Facts About LIBRA-VIRGO Cusps: The Cusp Of Beauty

Facts About LIBRA-VIRGO Cusps

Libra Virgo Cusp Personality

Virgo Libra Cusp Birthdays: September 19 – 25

Aesthetics. The Libra Virgo cusp embodies all things artistic, precious and sensual. Those of this combination appreciate what is pleasing to the eye and if that means someone in particular, then that is all the better. They also have a great mind for details. Every little bit matters in general and matters to them. This is likely why they are known as “the cusp of beauty.”.

For those born of this combination, EVERYTHING is in the details. Love, sex, romance, lust, work, existence – every step must bring the appropriate amount of pleasure. Anything they do must look exceptional, or whatever other adjective you can think that would describe something beyond average. They operate in a level that rivals perfection. Though they lack emotion in some regards, they look good doing whatever it is they are doing. Being particular doesn’t stop at just their general life; their relationships must hold the same standard. Everything has to be just right and if it isn’t, expect to be on the sidewalk the next day.

If a Libra Virgo cusp person loves you, then make the pain-staking effort to make sure it is all that you or they hope the relationship would be. The Virgo-Libra cusp will rise to the challenge without a second thought. Lovemaking will always be sensual, you will be treated as if you are the most precious thing to them and they will always be kind and considerate of your needs… that is until you hurt or piss them off. The downside of all of this warmth and beauty is their lack of self confidence. Once that self confidence grows a vengeful tone, you should be prepared for a subtle and most definitely evil assault. You were an investment and now you are an investment gone bad. Good luck because now you are considered imperfect and must be disposed of.

Seems harsh? To the Virgo/Libra cusp, they have a set of rules or guidelines with specific parameters. Of course there is leeway, of course they are intelligent enough to know NO ONE is perfect but what is perfect to them is not up for negotiation. Either you are, or you are not. They are too devoted, too loyal and too loving to give themselves to anyone who does not fit their needs and desires. They have likely experienced, one too many times, how someone was pretty on the outside and seemed perfect only to find that over time, they were not the person they thought they were.

For those of you who fall under this sign, life is good. You are rather successful at your job; you know what you want and know what you are capable of. Keeping an eye on details is like second nature to you and people look to you to keep projects moving. You are responsible and quite sensible but people like you more because you try to be fair.

Whether you are debating about current events or just a regular conversation, you present a balanced opinion. But, you are a bit short sighted when it comes to aesthetics and bask in materialism. If you are looking to make a love match, Virgo-Libra cusps match very well with fellow cusp signs Capricorn-Aquarius and Aries-Taurus.

Facts About Virgo Libra Cusps

If you have a Virgo Libra cusp person in your life here are some things you might want to remember:

  1. This combination thrives on balance, not only with themselves but with everyone and all things around them. If they can help, if they can do and it is for a good cause, then it is done.
  2. Virgo Libras are inherently modest. Their beauty and skill is simply who they are and to them, it’s nothing special.
  3. If you need a mediator, someone fair and objective… find someone who is from the Virgo Libra cusp.
  4. Because they like balance, it is easy for someone of this cusp to see every angle of a situation and move or advise according to the better outcome. There will be times that they deter from their beliefs because a better or “right” way was found.
  5. Having a hard time getting a project or group effort off the ground? Find someone who is a Virgo Libra cusp and put them in charge. You will see that project turn around and succeed.
  6. Another reason why people of this cusp succeed is that they are very goal orientated. Many times their goals involve helping or the betterment of someone else, not just themselves.
  7. Their attention to detail makes them natural perfectionists. This often time works in their favor but when it doesn’t, it blows up badly in their face.
  8. Virgo/Libras are known to be reliable, practical, rational and very controlled. This is why you will likely find them in field of medicine, corporate business or any positions that are very stressful.
  9. A person born from this cusp will never be short of friends. Their natural charm and social attitude makes sure of that.
  10. When interacting with Libra/ Virgo at any level, make sure you are diplomatic, open minded and considerate. Though they rarely display anger, they will not hesitate to put you in your place if needed.

Their slight bit of detachment is a strength. If you, looking to associate or be deeper involved with a Virgo Libra, can make it through their exterior, you will find their heart a golden place. Be prepared for a relationship where you are treated just as well as you treat your lover, if not better. There is a level of affection and loyalty within them that many read in fairy tales that have no idea that it is real and tangible. You will have a true partner in life, one who is playful, very romantic and absolutely devoted… that is until you give them a reason not to be. They know their worth and are strong enough to not just give it away to every pretty face that they come across. If you are worthy, then by all means make the effort. If not, you might want to stay home.