13 Compatibility Facts About LIBRA – ARIES Relationship (Good & Bad) ?♎♈

libra aries

Libra Aries

LIBRA ARIES Love Compatibility

1. LIBRA ARIES Love Compatibility

Aries and Libra get along very well. They have a strong attraction between each other and complement each other very well. They have mutual respect and understanding for each other and have a lot of similarities too. This helps them bond well. It is not that their relationship is not without any conflict. For example, they both don’t like being controlled. They are free spirited individuals who want to love their life on their own terms.

Libra Aries

2. Libra Aries Connected By An Opposition

The sister signs in astrology are the signs connected by an opposition. There is something very special about these signs when coupled together, as they are opposite sides of the coin. With Libra and Aries, the differences are very obvious; Aries is brusque where Libra treads delicately. Aries flies forward while Libra hangs back. Libra’s fragile sense of self can become easily overwhelmed by Aries’ strong identity. That being said, a lot of Arians can suffer with identity issues as much as a Libra can. These signs really do understand the ‘love at first sight’ kind of attraction because they often experience it themselves. Especially for Libra, seeing your mirror image can be a very intense and even life-changing thing to see. For Aries, to see someone so different from them, so vibrant in their own way, is an adventure in itself. These are why there’s a very instant connection between the two.

libra should date aries

3. Libra – Aries : The Signs and Who They Should Date


Libra Aries Challenges in a Relationship

4. Libra Aries Challenges in a Relationship

Libra and Aries might face some challenges in their relationship. Libra requires balance in all areas of their life so they may find the Aries’ personality difficult to cope with. However, Libras also enjoy being humored and they are equally as passionate as Aries. On some levels, they are he perfect match but will it be enough to outweigh their differences? If the relationship does not last, then it will be an unforgettable experience anyway. Aries can often stick to their opinions and will not change their views. This is something that can irritate Libra and knock the scales off balance. Libra holds high expectations and this is something Aries will have to learn to live up to if the relationship is going to go anywhere. Aries will need to show Libra love and affection, not just the physical side of the relationship. These are small negatives that these two signs would be able to overcome.

Libra & Aries /  War & Peace

5. Libra & Aries /  War & Peace

Aries expresses the self forcefully, reckless and spontaneous. Libra forms bonds, soothing and patient.

Similarities and Differences between Libra and Aries

6. Libra & Aries: Zodiac Opposites

Differences between Libra and Aries: Aries has a more dominant nature than the harmonous Libra. Libra thinks things through and makes decisions slower than the impulsive Aries. Libra wants romantic efforts to be equal and fair; Aries is often the ‘chaser.’

Similarities between Libra and Aries: Both have that passionate, loving side when it comes to their partners and both are very big softies at heart.

Libra Aries

7. Libra Aries

The relationship between Libra and Aries will be based on strong emotional attraction. The laid back and quiet nature of the Libra will perfectly complement the lively personality of Aries, who is always looking for new ways of excitement and adventure. Libra might teach Aries the importance of patience and looking at least once before leaping. On the other hand, Aries will teach the Libra the importance of standing up for themselves and instill in them a sense of adventure. Though the two are unique in their own way, if small adjustments are made, their pair will be perfect.

Aries & Libra: They need constant stimulation.

8. Aries & Libra: They need constant stimulation.

Libra vs Aries

9. Libra vs Aries

Libra is ruled by Venus, and Aries is ruled by Mars. That in itself makes each of these signs 100 percent different. However, both Aries and Libra are cardinal signs, which makes them a lot more similar than you think. For starters, both of them are leaders.

How Aries Can Win Libra

10. How Aries Can Win Libra

Aries’ reckless ‘gotta win it all’ attitude can be their downfall in this relationship. While they can admire and respect the other very much, they have to learn to overcome their differences and learn from one another. Aries just has to learn to play fair and not go so far to aggravate Libra.

libra aries air sign fire sign together

11. Libra/ Aries

Libra (air sign) and Aries (fire sign) will give you hot air. Aries is astrologically opposite to Libra, and as we know, opposites attract. One of the biggest differences between these two zodiac signs is that Aries are decisive, while Libras are indecisive. This could prove to be an issue. Also, Aries only see things from one perspective while Libras see things from many different perspectives. The Aries may not be able to understand the Libra’s flexibility in discussions. However, Libra and Aries are still very similar. Both astrological signs are social and jump for adventures. The level of intimacy between these two signs is also very high. This relationship can work if both signs stay open minded to each other’s differences and if they respect each other on an equal level.

Aries Man Libra Woman Love Compatibility

12. Aries Man Libra Woman Love Compatibility

The combination of a well-balanced and charming Libra and an adorable and innocent Aries can be harmonious. They complement each other very well and can make a good couple. There is mutual agreement between the two and they have great admiration for each other. Even though there can be disagreements between the two at times, it is more about their individuality than any kind of conflict. They are like a perfect blend of fire and wind, the wind slowly keeping the flames burning.

Libra man Aries woman attraction

13. Libra Man Aries Woman Attraction

There is an instant attraction between the Libra man and Aries woman. Both of them emit a kind of vibe which forms the basis of their relationship, initially. It does not take much time for them to connect as they both are warm-hearted and expressive in nature.

The Libra man is drawn to her brave, kind and sensitive traits which makes him feel comfortable to take the matters ahead. The female Aries gets instantly pulled towards the the attractive and charming Libra man who she finds very empathetic and modest.