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10 Facts About LEO-VIRGO Cusps: The Cusp of Exposure ♌♍

Leo Virgo cusp

Leo Virgo Cusp Personality

Leo-Virgo Cusp Dates: August 19 – 25

Does James Bond have a birthday? I know what Wikipedia says but go with me on this one. Leos are extroverted, seductive and sensual but while a Virgo is also sensual, they are rather secretive and calculating. See, all the makings of a good spy… right? The Leo Virgo cusp is called the “Cusp of Exposure” and to me gives a whole new meaning to the “Spy that Loves Me”. Let us ponder this thought a moment. What is a secret? Something that was once hidden that is now revealed, right? But does it really need to be hidden in order to be revealed?

In our previous Fire/Earth combination, Taurus seems to really compliment Aries, more so than not. In this case it almost seems that the Virgo earthy energy brings down the Leos fiery passion. Leos like to be noticed and admired. Virgos do not mind being a face in the crowd. This combination makes it very hard for people to get to know them. It seems that the Virgo wins in instances like this and leaves their Leo energy pouting in the corner like the middle child it is. It really isn’t fair. The more you sequester a Leo the harder it will pounce once it is released from its cage.

That is something of a problem for a Virgo, letting others in. They are no better when they are caged either. Their feelings and emotions can turn them dark, not the cool kind of dark either. While being discriminating is an admirable trait, it often times leaves them skeptical. Couple these aspects with the Leos need to be perfect in every way and well, this can create even bigger problems than one can imagine. But when you really think about it, if not a spy then really this combination should be making more money than Warren Buffet. The Leo fire gives them drive and ambition while the Virgo gives them sensibility to focus in order to meet their goals. It is a brilliant combination to say the least.

While I am sure they like to gamble money, they won’t gamble in life or love. In life they tend to be very health conscious. Eat the right foods and get enough exercise is something that is woven into their being. In love, they are not as flirtatious as a Leo would be on their own but they will show their love by doing something that would be of significance to their partner. One thing about a Virgo, they are always paying attention to littlest of details. In their love life that can be a good thing, outside of that, well it all depends. Sure a Leo/Virgo cusp may become jealous at the tiniest of things but you would have to admit that they are very thoughtful and truly unique in their approach.

Back to my spy analogy a second… oh come on James Bond is really too damn cool! The Virgo Leo combination creates a person who is not only magnetic but very, very persuasive. They are tactful but most of all persistent. You may resist at first but soon enough you will be spilling your secrets to him or her. Their ability to pick up on the slightest detail coupled with their logic and natural presence can have them adapt to whoever you need them to be in order to confess. That is both amazing and creepy all at the same time. Be careful if you choose to lie to this sign, they WILL know. Here are few more traits for this combination:

Facts About Leo Virgo Cusps

  1. You are and odd mix of energy. There are times you are shy and nervous while other time you are very social and the life of the party. Over time it becomes easier for you to balance your extroverted with your introverted, far easier than any other cusp.
  2. The sooner you achieve you balance the more refined your perspective becomes. Leo is not as gung ho as an Aries but Virgos are not as tunnel-visioned as their Taurus counterpart. This leave plenty of room to see the broad view of a situation without missing the details you need to get whatever you want.
  3. Because of their methodical tendencies, their attention to detail and ability to not only finish a task but so do with finesse and an extra measure of effort makes you great in business, covert operations and the political arena.
  4. People trust you. If you say something, do something, be someone else or steal right in front of their face – not only will this other person believe all, he or she would be so inclined to share related information.
  5. Sometimes this combination lacks the mind-to-mouth filter. You are direct, stubborn and can be a bit ruthless if you push them a bit too far. You may forget your manners form time to time.
  6. Though Leo Virgo cusps can be skeptical of extravagant claims, they will not hesitate to be extravagant themselves.
  7. For as much as you love pushing the envelope and finding out any mystery, you are secretive and like to keep whatever was discovered to yourself. It is entirely possible you would keep secrets from yourself as well.
  8. Because of your fiery personality and attention to detail, creativity is natural to you. As a result you may be a painter or sculptor; basically any type of position where you can nurture something and give it life.
  9. Sadly the combination paves way for a void of emotion. You could very well be out of touch with your deeper emotions as well as those of others you encounter. Whether it is too much logic or the need to be perfect, there are times where you just lack the ability to feel.
  10. While Leo Virgo cusps want to be in the spotlight, they hide themselves away and become upset that no one notices them… You are noticed, and it is also noticed how you are not around either.

This cusp is a slippery one. It will take someone strong and compassionate to love this person properly. A person who is of one sign may not be the one. Someone with just as much strength and mystery is the one for you, Cusp of Exposure. Look towards the Cusp of Rebirth (Pisces/Aries) and the Cusp of Energy (Taurus/Gemini). They have the patience and time to wait for you to let them in and the spice to keep you wanting them around you. Both are sure to have many secrets you can get them to confess.

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