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15 Personality Traits of Cancer – Leo Cusps (The Cusp of Oscillation) ♋♌

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Cancer – Leo Cusp: The Cusp of Oscillation

In Astrology, Fire and Water elements do not mix well… The fire within the Leo is often quelled if not completely decimated by the water of Cancer. Sometimes they do not know if they are coming or going, turned on or turned off. This is probably why many refer to this combination as the cusp of “oscillation”. By definition this cusp is always in a state of fluctuation.

Cancer Leo Cusps Birthdate:  July 19 – July 25
Leo Cancer Cusps Birthdate:  July 19 – July 25

Personality Traits of Leo – Cancer Cusps

1. Being that Cancer- Leo cusps represent both the sun (Leo) and the moon (Cancer), night and day — they have this unbelievable way of understanding life. They see so much in the details that many people overlook.

2. They are spontaneous, graceful and passionate. They have so much life within them. Their passion is unmatched and their generosity can not be beat. They are fair, fiercely loyal and the one person everyone needs in their corner.

3. Leo – Cancer cusps can be rather sensitive so watch what you say to them, and how you treat them.

4. These people care deeply about their circle. They are both the mother hen and the lion defending their pride. You cannot hurt their loved ones on their watch.

5. Cancer – Leo cusps love their friends, family and anyone they deem worthy enough to let close. They may depend on them to help keep them centered.

6. Leo/ Cancer cusp energy is bubbly and forceful, it is challenging yet pleasurable.

7. They like tradition. Cancer/ Leo cusps have a lot of pride for their ancestral past. They like to know where they came from so that they know where they will be going.

8. The Cancer energy in them agrees with their Leo energy when it comes to family. They are nurturing, and there is a lot of love and care in their inner circle.

9. They have an excellent sense of organization and are very independent. If they are working on something, they will always see it through to completion. This sign’s work ethic is inspiring.

10. Though Leo – Cancers are emotional, that is thanks to their Cancer energy and its affinity with the moon. They should always remember that they are also part Leo, so the sun shines brightly on them.

11. People born within the Leo Cancer cusp are good people, but sometimes, they are hard to understand or even keep up with. Their mood swings faster than the speed of light and could very well get volatile in extremes.

12. Pleasure is something they find very important. Sex is awesome, shopping is good and looking in the mirror is even better.

13. They like fantasy, and imagine themselves wearing the many hats of life. Their imagination is strengthened by their cancer energy; and their Leo energy fuels their drive and gives them that boost to explore all life has to offer. These people are the ones that jump head first into anything worthwhile.

15. The Cancer – Leo combination can always top the charts in romance, generosity, creativity and devotion.

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