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15+ Facts About LIBRA – SCORPIO Relationships ♎♏❤️️

Libra Scorpio

1. Libra + Scorpio

libra + scorpio

This is a dynamic relationship when they’re not at each other’s throats arguing about something.

2. Libra Scorpio as a Couple

This is a couple that can get together and would find each other as everything they want to be in a relationship with. They are the type that will fall in love and become inseparable. When they become joined at the hip, they will find that they have a balanced and very loving relationship. It’s a highly compatible combination.

3. Love Compatibility Between Libra & Scorpio

Libra and Scorpio can make a satisfying union.

When Libra and Scorpio are in a love match, they tend to make an emotionally connected and mutually satisfying union. They are compatible because they have similar needs in a love relationship. Libra needs to be in a partnership and are happy when they are in a well-balanced, intimate relationship, and Scorpio thrives on emotional and sexual intimacy with their mate.

Though Scorpio is a brooder who can get lost in their emotions, Libra’s sense for balance and harmony can keep Scorpio levelled. Scorpio can return the favor with their ability to focus, a trait that Libra can lack.

Libra and Scorpio  both know how to seduce one another and take great pleasure in doing so. Their different styles may make them have trouble understanding one another, so they may need to pay close attention to their communication.

4. Similarities Between Libras and Scorpios

Libras and Scorpios have no problem working until the mission or project is done. Their stubbornness will not allow them to simply give up unless there is absolutely nothing left to work with.

Another similarity between Libras and Scorpios is their ability to suppress emotions. If they are not careful, they can turn cold and calculating.

Libra and Scorpio are both addictive in the romance department. They are lusty, seductive and scorching hot. You will feel a love that burns like 1000s suns and will never find yourself bored.

5. Air with Water: Libra – Scorpio

Libra (Air Sign) and Scorpio (Water Sign) will give you rain. This can prove to be a very dynamic and passionate relationship. The Scorpio will be drawn to the sensual Libra, and the Libra will know how to act to the Scorpio’s temper. One of the biggest issues that will arise is that Libra would prefer an easy going and open ended relationship, while the Scorpio would demand for a committed relationship. However, the Libra will be able to get close to the Scorpio on a level that many other people may not be able to get to. Overall, this relationship would need some work and effort in order for the two signs to get along well.

6. Random But It Works

Fixed Water Sign Scorpio and Cardinal Air Sign Libra:

Scorpio finds Libra unbelievably alluring and looks past their faults. Libra is very attracted to Scorpio and wants to do right by them. They have a magnetic, prosperous relationship.

7. Libra – Scorpio Romantic Relationship

Both Libra and Scorpio have romantic natures. This will be an intense relationship. Libra is balanced and will stabilize Scorpio’s possessiveness. There will be some fights about the objective nature of Libra and the passionate nature of Scorpio. Scorpio must control their jealousy and Libra must be more involved in the relationship. They won’t be afraid to show their affection and their relationship is likely to last.

Scorpios get to the heart of the matter with Libra. They have the intensity and emotional depth that Librans crave.

8. Libra Woman and Scorpio Man

The love between these two individuals is very soft and dynamic. They will never get bored and tired of each other. There is constant love and attraction between the two. They have similar expectations from love and relationship and understand each other very well. They are always there for each other at all times nurturing each other with their undying love. Sometimes, the persuasive nature of the Scorpio woman will tick off the Libra man but they will eventually make up. They need to communicate freely and openly to ensure that there are no hitches between them and no complications in their relationship.

9. Libra Man and Scorpio Woman

The easy going Libra man and the intensely emotional Scorpio woman will quickly notice each other immediately and be intrigued.

A Libra man is expressive in love and a Scorpio woman is often secretive in nature. This is a reason for conflict in the relationship. It is not an ideal match as both have a different outlook towards love and relationship in life.

10. Intense Couple

This is an intense couple in every way and their sexual relationship is something truly exciting and challenging at the same time. They are linked through their animalistic natures, ruled by planets that also rule their opposing signs. They are ruled by Venus (Libra) and Mars (Scorpio), as if they were made for each other.

Libra’s accumulated unexpressed sexual energy will  burst in Scorpio, making their relationship sexually and emotionally intense.

11. Libra Scorpio Relationship Challenges

If Scorpio cannot trust someone, it is Libra. How could they when there seems to be an obvious need in their Libra partner to show how attractive and sensual they are to the rest of the world. As if this wasn’t enough, that possessiveness of Scorpio is easily absorbed by Libra, and they will start acting in a similar way, obsessing about each time their partner wants to do anything alone.

The relationship of Libra and Scorpio is in no way easy and light. Both of these partners will have to face their dark sides through this bond, and although this can lead to an incredible and intense sex life, and emotions that no one else understands, it might lead them both to a depressive hole they won’t easily get out of.

12. Exasperating Relationship

As much as they would like to get along, this relationship just misses, unless of course harmonious placements elsewhere in their chart balance out. They make great friends, and can work well together, but as intimate partners, thee two may find that their essential differences outweigh the attraction between them.


13. Are Libra and Scorpio Compatible?

Libra and Scorpio make a deeply emotional and mutually satisfying pair. They are compatible in that they have similar needs in a relationship. To make Libra happy, they have to be in a well-balanced and intimate relationship. At the same time, Scorpio thrives on emotional and sexual intimacy with a partner.

They would be wise to take on projects together because their combined powers of emotion and intellect has great potential.

However, Libra and Scorpio need to work together to understand each other and to effectively communicate their feelings. Scorpio being overly emotional can dishearten and drag down Libra, and Libra can often make Scorpio flustered and irritated. Scorpio is also secretive and in tense, while Libra is usually open and upfront. All in all, they can find great power and loyalty in unity and can find deep happiness with each other.

14. Good Chance of Success

These two signs certainly have their differences. Libra can’t stand much negativity while Scorpio is more of a glass – half – empty kind of person. But despite their issues, Libra and Scorpio have been known to be drawn to one another. This partnership will be an emotional one with a good chance of success if both signs put in an effort to accommodate each other’s needs.

15. Libra and Scorpio Love Match

Libra and Scorpio aren’t exactly the most compatible, but occasionally it can work.

They make a badass team.

16. Libra and Scorpio in the Bedroom

Scorpio will appreciate the open minded impartial manner Libra has towards sex. Libra will appreciate the unpredictable adventurous manner that Scorpio has towards sex. In the bedroom, Libra will usually be the sexually submissive one, while Scorpio is the dominating one.

Libra may sometimes be too flirtatious for possessive Scorpio. Scorpio must learn to not be so possessive and Libra can try to not be so flirtatious. If they can do that, they can be compatible.

17.Working Together

Scorpio can provide Libra with strategy and focus for those scatterbrained ideas, while Libra can provide Scorpio with some fun and light relief from that emotional intensity. Libra is also very beneficial to Scorpio when it comes to providing balance for Scorpio’s turbulent emotions. For this love match to truly work, both partners must put in some effort. Otherwise, this water and air sign match is likely to simply evaporate rather than form a beautiful rainbow.

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