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FIXED SIGNS in Astrology – (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

fixed signs

Fixed Signs

Qualities of the Fixed Signs of the Zodiac: Steady, Stable, Consistent

The Fixed Signs of the Zodiac are steady and stable people. The fixed quality has a consistent energy which manifests in a rock-solid, reliable demeanor. These people can withstand great demands and are internally and externally powerful. However, they can’t handle change well. They can also be prone to being fanatical.

Fixed signs are generally dependable. They have an internal energy supply that helps them sustain immense power when involved in a subject (whether that be a person, task, idea, or even emotion). This also aids them in starting and finishing projects; they are fit to be involved in long term projects. Although they can be stubborn, fixed signs are able to consistently listen to orders and follow rules. They prefer a predictable and organized format when achieving their goals. Their persistence makes them successful in any field.

Fixed Sign: TAURUS (Earth)

Taurus birthdays: April 20-May 20

The Taurus fixed earth sign represents internal stability. A Taurus is known to be practical and consistent throughout life. These people don’t like change and are often times seen as “stubborn as a mule”. Taurus people are very fond of material possession which is why they end up accumulating wealth in their lifetime. They are determined individuals who appreciate and preserve family traditions.

Fixed Sign: LEO (Fire)

Leo birthdays: July 23 – August 22

The Leo fixed fire sign is aware of their purpose in life. They strongly dislike being told what to do. They appreciate self-expression and are capable of gaining personal control. This sign is single-minded and is characterized as a Lion sitting on his throne, ego and all. However, Leos are also warm and kind, lending a helping hand and contributing to the general community.

Fixed Sign: SCORPIO (Water)

Scorpio birthdays: October 23 – November 22

The Scorpio fixed water sign is deep with feelings and emotions. When these individuals “decide” their feelings about something or someone, it will be hard to change. It is hard for Scorpios to “unlove” something or someone. It is also hard for them to forgive and forget. The Scorpio fixed energy also allows Scorpios to have laser-like focus when finishing a task perfectly. This is why they make great surgeons, analysts, researchers and detectives.

Scorpio is thought to be cold-like-ice sometimes, signaling the water aspect, because of their solid characteristics. However, when Scorpio is able to get to know their fellow humans on an intimate or emotional level, they feel more comfortable to open up and be less of a closed individual.

Fixed Sign: AQUARIUS (Air)

Aquarius birthdays: January 20 – February 18

The Aquarius fixed air sign usually has strong opinions about possibly everything. They “just know.” They are intelligent and just bursting with ideas. They appreciate interacting with other people and have a great instinct on how to relate to other people. Their goals typically revolve around reform, and ultimately want to make the world a better place for themselves as well as human kind.

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